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Clinic Ichilov (Sourasky)

More and more patients choose the Promised Land for treatment and diagnosis. They offer a high level of medical care, modern diagnostic and therapeutic protocols, as well as loyal prices, which are about 30% lower than European ones.

Treatment in Israeli clinics has a number of advantages, among them the following should be noted:

  • Highly qualified doctors. Israeli specialists are among the best in the world. The system of training medical personnel in this country is very tough. In Israeli universities, medical students study for seven years, and then they will have many years of internships and advanced training, including abroad.
  • Modern medical equipment. Israeli clinics are medical facilities with high-quality equipment. Both state and private centers monitor the equipment, purchasing the latest devices and installations.
  • Excellent comfort. In Israeli clinics, the organization of treatment and diagnosis of foreign patients is carried out at the highest level. You do not have to wait in line for an appointment with your doctor or a diagnosis. All procedures are fast and appointments are pre-planned with all doctors and healthcare professionals.
  • Russian-speaking staff. For citizens of the countries of the former USSR, Israel is also attractive because many Russian-speaking doctors and medical workers work in local clinics. The absence of a language barrier is an important element in the treatment that cannot be neglected. But if the doctor does not know the Russian language, then each guest is provided with a personal curator who accompanies the patient at all stages, and also acts as an interpreter.

General information about the clinic

Ichilov Hospital (Sourasky Medical Center) is a government agency located in the city of Tel Aviv. It was built back in 1914 with funds from the Hadassah Foundation, but then the clinic was repeatedly moved and rebuilt. Due to the Second World War and the Israeli War of Independence, construction was often postponed, and it was not until 1961 that the Ichilov multidisciplinary hospital was officially opened in Tel Aviv, which later changed its name to become the Sourasky Medical Center.

Today the Ichilov clinic in Israel is a huge complex of different buildings. The hospital has 60 specialized departments and can accommodate over a thousand hospitalized patients.

Every year the Ichilov Medical Center receives about 700 thousand patients in inpatient departments and over half a million people on an outpatient basis. In the surgical departments of the clinic, up to 40 thousand operations are performed annually, the vast majority of which are minimally invasive or robotic. The clinic employs more than 1,100 doctors.

Sourasky Medical Center consists of five structural units:

  • Central Clinic.
  • Dana Pediatric Clinic.
  • Lis Women's Clinic.
  • Ida Rehabilitation Center.
  • Sami Ofer Heart Center.

The clinic is located 40 minutes from the Ben-Gurion International Airport, which is quite convenient for foreign patients.

Israel is one of the largest centers of medical tourism in the world, annually about 60 thousand tourists come to Israel for treatment, while the country's population is about 8 million people. For comparison, about 70 thousand tourists come to Germany for treatment, while the country's population is more than 80 million people.

Israel occupies one of the leading positions in the field of medical tourism, and this is not surprising, since this country provides high-level medical services, and many patients from different countries choose Israel. Indeed, what other country can boast an overall cancer patient survival rate of more than 65%? In Russia, for example, only 20% of patients survive, and it is not surprising that people make their choice in favor of more effective medicine. Recovery after oncological pathologies in Israel is 30% higher than in the CIS countries and is about 85% in the treatment of cancer in the early stages of development. The country holds the leading position in the survival rate of patients with many oncological pathologies. Israel is the leader in the effectiveness of IVF - about 40% of couples leave our country, having achieved their goal.

Many people, faced with serious illnesses, should understand that quality treatment is expensive, and there is no need to rely on free medical services for cancer treatment. Yes, treatment in Israel for many people from the former CIS countries seems expensive, but you have to pay for high-quality medicine, and more and more often there are situations when prices in the best medical institutions in Russia are similar to the cost of treatment in Israel.

The Israeli state clinic Ichilov specializes in the treatment of various diseases, in particular, quite often patients turn to the clinic for cancer treatment. The oncohematological department of the Ichilov clinic is considered one of the most advanced and strongest in Israel; both adult patients and children are treated here.

Many foreign tourists dream of visiting a well-known Israeli specialist, and we can help organize your treatment with the doctor of your choice. The Best-Ichilov Coordination Center will help to resolve organizational issues related to treatment in Israel - to agree on the time of visiting the clinic, help in choosing a profile doctor and arrange a consultation with a leading specialist. Most Israelis are treated by ordinary doctors, since the queue for consultations with leading specialists can reach several months. When you contact our coordination center, you will undergo treatment in Israel with a leading profile doctor, without having to wait in queues. In addition, before the patient leaves for Israel, we can provide a preliminary treatment program based on the latest extracts from the medical history.

The price level for all types of diagnostic and treatment procedures is controlled by the state, and there is no advance payment for treatment in Israel. Patients pay directly to the clinic's cashier. The only exception is the treatment of pediatric oncopathologies, where the clinic makes the necessary deposit for the treatment of the child.

Why do patients choose treatment in Israel?

Israeli medicine is known far beyond the borders of the country, and when choosing treatment abroad, many patients opt for Israel. What is the reason?

  • Firstly, the cost of treatment in Israel is an order of magnitude lower than the price of treatment in the best clinics in the USA and Germany. But this in no way affects the quality of the medicine.
  • Secondly, Israel has a visa-free regime with many countries of the former CIS, so it is very easy for citizens of Russia, Georgia and Ukraine to quickly organize treatment in Israel.
  • Thirdly, Israeli medical institutions are equipped with all the necessary and modern equipment for carrying out all kinds of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.
  • Fourthly, the key to successful treatment is undoubtedly experienced and professional doctors who practice in Israel in the largest public and private medical institutions.
  • Fifth, treatment in Israel is designed to help the patient cope with his problem as quickly as possible and using advanced treatment methods.

What should patients pay attention to when treating in Israel?

Order a call from the clinic

Ichilov Clinic (Sourasky) is the largest state medical center in Israel, founded in 1963.

The clinic has departments of cardiology, neurosurgery, gynecology, orthopedics and many others. Particularly successful is the Oncology Department, whose doctors demonstrate one of the highest levels of work efficiency in the world - up to 98% of patients, depending on the disease, are completely cured or go into long-term remission. All departments are equipped with the latest medical technology, doctors have at their disposal a huge arsenal of treatment methods, from classical to innovative, developed in Israel and not used anywhere else in the world.

And in 2014, the Ichilov clinic received accreditation from the JCI - the Joint International Commission. Only a few hundred clinics in the world have JCI accreditation, which confirms the unprecedented high standards of quality and safety of the medical services provided in the clinic. This is a complex and painstaking process, which involved checking more than 1300 standards, which the Sourasky (Ichilov) clinic fully complies with. In particular, the panel assessed a range of clinical and management standards that directly affect the effectiveness of health care delivery. Therefore, Ichilov deserved his position in the "top" category by right, meeting all the most demanding criteria of modern medicine.


Clinic doctors

The international department of the Ichilov clinic was created so that foreign patients who arrived for treatment feel at home. The department completely organizes the patient's arrival in Israel, his accommodation in Tel Aviv, appointments to doctors and other organizational issues, up to sending him home. Each patient receives a personal curator who speaks his native language, whose duty is not only to act as an interpreter during the communication between the patient and the medical staff, but also to solve everyday problems that a foreigner may have while living in Israel. The curator, provided by the Ichilov clinic, accompanies the patient everywhere, helps him to get comfortable in an unusual environment, monitors his comfort, organizes an entertainment program at the patient's request and does everything possible to make the patient feel in Israel not a stranger, but a welcome guest.

Separately, it should be noted that no less effort is made to ensure the patient's comfort and medical personnel. Ichilov Hospital offers patients the services of the best specialists in Israel with vast experience and knowledge, professionals recognized all over the world, leading scientific research and teaching at the medical faculties of leading universities in Israel and the world. The requirements for the training of nurses and junior medical personnel are also among the highest in the world and often do not yield to the requirements that are put forward for doctors in the CIS countries.

The methods of diagnosis and treatment used by the Sourasky Clinic deserve no less attention. The equipment used for diagnostics in the clinic is the best in the world, developed taking into account all the advanced achievements of modern science and technology. A number of diagnostic methods are a unique Israeli development and are currently not used anywhere else in the world. These methods include, for example, PET MRI - a more effective and modern analogue of the widely used and proven effectiveness of PET CT. The Ichilov clinic in Israel is the first medical center in the world to have installed and started practical use of a PET MRI machine. The vast experience of specialists performing diagnostics and the latest generation equipment provide 100% accurate diagnoses even at the earliest stages of the development of the disease, which is especially important for patients of the oncology department.

The same applies to the treatment methods used by the Sourasky Clinic. Israeli doctors are actively working on improving classical methods and developing innovative ones, which are introduced into practice immediately after the completion of the tests. Many of the methods that the Ichilov Center uses for treatment are unparalleled developments of the same doctors who carry out the treatment. A huge arsenal of techniques for any, even the most rare and difficult cases, allows the doctors of the Ichilov hospital to take on even those patients who have been recognized as hopeless in other countries, and to achieve positive dynamics.

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