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Treatment in clinics in India

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Indian medicine science is well known around the world for it`s efficiency as well for use of natural medications to fight different diseases. Ayurveda is it`s foundation. (Science of life and longevity from Sanskrit) Ancient treatises written by Nakula, Shalihotra and Parashara, are kept intact since the olden days.

A lot of USA and European tourists embark to this far away land - India not only to take a break at a splendid resorts, but also for a treatment, to cure different diseases. Ayurveda science studies the basis of human nature, natural state of the body and reasons for misbalance. There are different systems of procedures available for treatment. This ancient science now goes through a true Renaissance, being supported by government and is well accepted worldwide.

Medical centers in India

There are a lot of clinics and medical centers in the country of universal importance, such as:

  • Ashvinidhama. The clinic is situated near city of Gokarna, Karnataka State. Body detox and revitalizing procedures are offered here. Patients are provided with vegetarian food and locally produced medications.
  • Ayushakti. Situated in South Goa, renown for its ancient treatment methods. People coming to treat serious illnesses and for body detox.
  • Wild Woods SPA, A natural resort, surrounded by mountains, forests and rivers. Tourists will be able to benefit from massage, invigorating and revitalizing procedures.
  • Svastha. This fine clinic is situated near Gokarna, Karnataka. Visitors are facilitated with intense detox, health and general state improvement programs.
  • Thonza. This center offers both classic panchakarma procedures and naturopathy panchakarma. The treatment is facilitated with a special diet, simple yoga exercises, and breathing exercise (pranayama)

Features of medical tourism

This traditional methods are based on the five elements doctrine. Both Ayurveda and official medical science concludes that a human being has 5 world-perceiving sense organs. In order to restore the balance you have to take special natural medicines and receive procedures. At first diagnostics is performed to individually prescribe a certain course for each patient.

The treatment is done with:

  • Therapy (water healing, massages, natural medicines)
  • Diets (day regimen and diet)
  • Prevention (system of body detox , strengthening and care procedures)

A lot of attention is given to patients pulse, its vibration and changes. By interpreting the results of an ancient method of pulse measurement the same amount of information can be received as from a traditional medical scans.

Ayurvedic approach for treatment and life is based on learning to “hear” your body and consider its needs. It is the only way to keep emotional equilibrium and progress spiritually and morally.

Here you will find the most technologically advanced clinics in India

Primus Super Specialty Hospital New Delhi

Medical tourism in India is a developed and progressive field that is popular among residents of Western countries, the CIS, Russia and Ukraine. The reason for this is the high level of development of diagnostics, the pharmaceutical industry, as well as the use of modern surgical equipment at fairly affordable prices.

Thus, the cost of treating orthopedic, cardiological and other pathologies is 20-30% of the price of similar procedures in Germany, Israel or the United States. An important place in the development of medical tourism in India is occupied by the presence of private medical centers equipped with modern equipment for carrying out diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

Hospitals in India are well-established public and private clinics employing highly qualified specialists who are educated in Europe and practice in leading medical clinics in the world.


Top clinics in India offer a wide range of diagnostic services including:

  • MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) - examination of internal organs and tissues using nuclear magnetic resonance.
  • Two-photon emission tomography (PET-CT) is an innovative method for diagnosing cancer, combining the capabilities of positron emission tomography and computed tomography.
  • Mammography - examination of the mammary glands in order to identify neoplasms of a malignant and benign nature.
  • CT (computed tomography) is a tomographic diagnostic method using X-ray radiation. Diagnostics in India is carried out on modern third and fourth generation CT machines.
  • Echocardiography is a method of ultrasound of the heart, which determines the thickness of the myocardial walls, the state of the valves and the contractile function of the heart. Ultrasound is used to assess the speed and other characteristics of blood flow in the atria and ventricles.
  • Angiography is a method of studying the functional state of blood vessels, it is used to diagnose injuries and malformations of the vascular system.

Other innovative diagnostic methods are used to identify any abnormalities in the body.

Foreign tourists are offered the "Check-up" program - a comprehensive examination, which can be basic (general diagnostics of the body) or specialized (diagnostics of certain organs and systems).

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