Treatment in Beijing: the best clinics

Treatment in Beijing: the best clinics

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In recent years, China's medicine has been a serious competitor to Germany and Israel in the field of medical tourism. Another indisputable advantage of medicine in this country is the widespread use of traditional Chinese treatment methods. It allows you to get maximum results with the minimum intake of drugs.

Today's life is very intense, so we try to use our time as efficiently as possible. Many people try during their holidays not only to have fun and relax, but also to improve their health: to undergo a course of diagnostics or treatment of chronic diseases. In this regard, treatment tours deserve attention - prices for medical tours to China from Vladivostok, Moscow, Khabarovsk →. Combining rest and treatment will not be difficult, since China is an amazing, exotic country for us. Its picturesque nature, ancient history and its special philosophy leave no one indifferent.

Everything here is filled with the wisdom of ancestors, but there is always a place for something new, which organically intertwines with traditions, disposes to establish balance, to inner peace. The Chinese consider positive emotions to be one of the most important components of successful treatment. Therefore, the medical staff here are courteous and caring. In large medical institutions there are enough Russian-speaking workers, since quite a lot of patients from Russia and the CIS countries apply there. Chinese clinics are equipped with the latest technology, while using traditional techniques to the full. The result is a wonderful tandem of tradition and modernity, which bears positive results thanks to the efforts of Chinese doctors ..

Parents take them to local medical centers in the hope of getting rid of scoliosis, immune disorders, and helping to cope with stress disorders. Significant advances in pediatrics and cerebral palsy treatment in China. The main goal of treatment for Chinese medicine is to stimulate the body to self-regulate. Therefore, the Chinese assign an important role in the treatment of human communication with nature. Sanatoriums located in the most picturesque corners of this country offer a variety of health and wellness programs. Sanatorium treatment in China allows you to get a good rest and gives you a boost of health for a long time. Medical centers located in Beijing, Urumqi, and Dalian are very popular.

When traveling, you can devote a few days to sightseeing, visiting interesting events. It will take one to two days if you want to diagnose. In Chinese medical and diagnostic centers, everything is organized in such a way that examinations take place without queues and fuss. If treatment is necessary, then it is worth considering that more time will be needed and the excursion program should not be intense. To save yourself the trouble, you can contact a travel company that will select a medical institution and organize a tour for treatment to China, as well as paperwork and purchase of tickets.

Among the most famous and reputable medical centers in China are the International Center for Traditional Medicine HMG in Beijing, the Seaside Military Hospital in Dalian. Treatment is prescribed after a thorough diagnosis, which allows you to identify the cause of the disease. Chinese doctors successfully use the traditional method of pulse diagnosis, which is confirmed by the research of modern medicine. Sanatorium treatment in China can be taken in various parts of this country. Resorts are usually located far from noisy cities. The thermal spas of the Hainan Island have become very famous.

In 2006, the National Tourism Bureau of the People's Republic of China named Dalian the best city for recreation and treatment. Treatment in Dalian is multidisciplinary and the medical center is one of the best in the country for the quality of equipment and specialists. Find out in our article on the link what is being treated in Dalian and the cost of treatment in China → It is located in the southern part of China, there is a warm tropical climate, a magnificent landscape. Hot springs help with diseases of the organs of movement, nervous system, gynecological, skin problems. The whole family can undergo treatment at a sanatorium on Hainan Island called the Garden of Longevity. Treatment here is complex, using the most famous traditional Chinese methods.

In China, treatment even in the most famous medical centers is inexpensive, for example: The cost of treatment in China is much more affordable than in many other countries. Sometimes it turns out to be cheaper to go to a Chinese medical center, spending money on the road, than to be treated in Russian clinics. For example, a family trip to Hainan Island costs $ 2,600: 2 adults and 2 children, with treatment and rest, meals 3 times a day and accommodation in a five-star hotel. Although the prices for treatment in China are not the determining reason for contacting the specialists of this country. It is often heard that many diseases that cannot be cured in Europe quickly disappear in China.

Chinese medicine infertility

Chinese medicine for hormonal imbalance and infertility

If a married couple has been actively trying to get pregnant during the year without using contraceptives, and they remain unsuccessful, most likely one of the spouses will be diagnosed with infertility.

Infertility in women is divided into several types, depending on the reasons leading to this condition:

  • Primary, in which a woman has never been pregnant, despite numerous attempts.
  • Secondary, in which the woman was already in a state of pregnancy, which ended with the birth of a child or interruption.

There are many reasons for infertility, but one of the main ones is hormonal imbalance. Moreover, it is not always possible to suspect hormonal dysfunction on a hormonal background, without appropriate examinations. In order to understand whether there is hormonal infertility, a woman needs to undergo appropriate tests, namely blood for hormones. A blood test at a certain period of the menstrual cycle, and the specialist will tell you which hormones to pass in each particular phase, will allow diagnosing the presence or absence of hormonal imbalance in the patient's body. Based on the data obtained, the specialist determines the treatment, prescribes the appropriate drugs to restore and normalize the amount of hormones.

Chinese medicine has been successfully treating male and female infertility for decades.

The main methods of getting rid in Chinese are:

Herbal therapy. With the help of individually selected herbs, Chinese tampons, Chinese capsules and tablets are made, which are used for administration or ingestion, as well as with the help of herbs, they carry out the douching procedure.

A specialist in traditional Chinese medicine, after studying the specific cause of infertility, will select the Chinese herbs necessary for treatment for both partners, affecting one or another cause of the ailment. It is thanks to Chinese herbs that thyroid hormones can be normalized, the disorders of which are a direct cause of infertility and miscarriage in women.

Acupuncture technique. This includes acupuncture, massages, electrical stimulation, moxibustion. This technique allows not only to restore and normalize the work of many organs, but also to reduce the stress hormone in the blood, which acts depressingly on the work of the ovaries, which leads to disruptions in ovulation.

Chinese diet food. The special conditions of human nutrition in the presence of a diagnosis, contribute to the replenishment of the body's energy, which is responsible for the functioning of the reproductive systems and organs.

Tips and tricks

Foreigners traveling abroad in search of quality and affordable treatment are the backbone of a new, thriving economic sector for several developed Asian countries, and China is among them.

China has occupied a prominent place in world medical tourism in recent years.

Worldwide medical tourism is estimated at $ 40 billion a year, and China is looking to attract a significant proportion of tourists to its clinics.

China pleases thousands of foreign patients with affordable prices for treatment, high-quality training of doctors, modern technologies and multilingual medical personnel.

Medical tourists travel to China for cancer treatments, cardiac surgery, orthopedics, stem cell therapy and, of course, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), an alternative system based on acupuncture and ancient phytotherapeutic formulations.

Despite the popularity of ancient methods, the Chinese health care system is one of the most progressive on the planet, and local scientists have made great strides in cardiology, neurosurgery, traumatology, oncology, as well as in the study of stem cells.

China's potential as a destination for medical tourism can hardly be overestimated, because in addition to advanced medical infrastructure, this country has many unique places and historical sites.

It is not surprising that Western tourists go to the Middle Kingdom on a kind of "medical vacation" - to heal, relax, and at the same time enjoy the local beauty.

Why treatment in China?

It is also a rapidly developing country, with one of its most prosperous areas being health care, which, along with an open policy in recent years, has led to a significant increase in the flow of medical tourists. Patients from the West, as well as from other Asian countries, flock to China to combine a wonderful vacation with quality and inexpensive treatment.

Why consider China as a good place for treatment and relaxation?

This country has six important advantages at once:

Low cost of treatment

According to official statistics, every year more and more citizens of Russia and other CIS countries prefer dental treatment in China. This is due to high-quality medical care, the presence of a long-term guarantee for the services provided by specialists, as well as the democratic pricing policy of Chinese dental clinics. Even people with an average income can afford dental treatment in the PRC (People's Republic of China).

Chinese Dentistry Directions

A key feature that distinguishes dentistry in China is that it does not favor tooth extraction. Doctors of local clinics, whenever possible, try to restore the natural health and beauty of the dental row, eliminating both congenital and acquired dental defects.

And only if it is impossible to do this, specialists are accepted for the removal of a damaged tooth and its prosthetics.

An extensive network of public and private dental medical institutions operates on the territory of the PRC. Their employees provide services in the field of:

  • Therapeutic dentistry: treatment of diseases of the oral mucosa, dental diseases of a non-carious nature, the fight against caries and its complications.
  • Surgical dentistry: treatment of inflammatory diseases, operations to remove teeth and tumors of the oral cavity, plastic surgery on the jaws, preparation for further dental prosthetics.
  • Aesthetic dentistry: teeth augmentation in case of cracks and chips, restoration of the shape and restoration of teeth color, whitening, installation of lumineers, veneers and other overhead elements, decorating teeth with Swarovski stones, crystals.
  • Prosthetic dentistry: installation of removable and fixed prostheses.
  • Periodontics: treatment of diseases of the periodontal tissues.
  • Orthodontics: elimination of dentoalveolar anomalies, occlusion correction by installing retainers, braces.
  • Implantology: implantation of artificial implants into the dental bone.
  • Pediatric dentistry: treatment of dental diseases in children of different ages.

When answering the question why it is better to treat teeth in China, it should be pointed out that a huge advantage of local clinics is the use of the latest equipment from Norway, Spain, USA, France, Germany, South Korea.

Among the employees of dental medical institutions in the PRC are not only ordinary dentists-practitioners, but also scientists (including doctors of science). In their work, they use modern materials, the quality of which meets international standards.

Chinese dental clinics provide a guarantee for services on average from 2 to 20 years. Some medical institutions provide treatment on credit.

In many clinics, you can pay for services not only in yuan, but also in foreign currency.

Diagnostic and preventive procedures

For the diagnosis of diseases of the oral cavity in general and the dentition in particular, you should contact your dentist-therapist. A specialist of this profile will also perform:

  • treatment of diseases of the oral mucosa (infectious, traumatic, symptomatic, specific stomatitis, glossitis, cheilitis);
  • treatment of caries and its consequences - pulpitis, periodontitis, periostitis;
  • treatment of diseases not associated with caries - hypoplasia and enamel fluorosis, hypersensitivity of teeth, necrosis of hard tissues and others.

China is an unusual country for a Western person, where the latest technical achievements and traditions that have their roots so long ago that no one will ever say when they appeared, are surprisingly intertwined. The Chinese are not thrown from side to side, they do not tend to make sharp movements, in their minds the present does not at all contradict the past, but successfully complements it. This is the main peculiarity of Chinese culture: things that are mutually exclusive for our understanding coexist in it.

Features of Chinese Medicine

All of the above is also true for Chinese medicine, which, having a rich tradition of treatment with so-called traditional methods, including acupuncture, herbal medicine and various homeopathy, uses them in conjunction with modern medical methods. The effectiveness of the established practice in China of influencing certain points of the body in order to influence pathological processes has been confirmed by many patients who have experienced these practices on themselves.

Skeptics may note that traditional treatments are not cures in the full sense of the word. And they will be partly right, because miracles do not happen. But the atmosphere created thanks to oriental wisdom in the form of various scents, decoctions, massage and other body procedures plays a huge role in the formation of a positive attitude towards recovery, allows you to relax, rest and restore health much more successfully than in similar clinics of the western model.

Treatment in Dalian

The city of Dalian is located on a small peninsula in northeastern China, close to Vladivostok and the Russian border. Dalian has a large coastline and healthy sea air. A temperate climate with not too cold winters, not very hot summers.

Historically, the resort and health sector began to develop in this place, so there are many health care institutions in Dalian, both private and public.

Dalian health centers can treat a wide range of diseases, including diseases:

  • Musculoskeletal system.
  • Cardiovascular system.
  • Respiratory organs.
  • Gastrointestinal tract.
  • Oncological diseases.

Dental services are provided at a high level.

Spine Treatment in Dalian

Spine treatment in China is showing its fantastic effectiveness. When European doctors offer surgery, Dalian doctors use traditional techniques of massage, spinal stretching, heating, scraping, and herbal treatment. The use of millennial secrets of acupuncture or traditional acupuncture gives its effect even in cases with a negative prognosis of the disease.

Chinese statistics claim that 96% of patients with hernial pathology of the spine up to 1.5 cm in size, after undergoing a course of therapeutic techniques, demonstrate an improvement in the well-being and condition of the spine, even in the presence of compression and protrusion.

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