Treatment abroad programs: an overview of countries for choosing a treatment site

TOP 10 countries with the best medicine

Statistics show that more than 8 million people annually go abroad for the purpose of treatment and recovery. Medical tourism has become a special area of ​​the tourism industry, and experts have compiled a rating of the most developed countries in this area.

Find out in which countries you can get medical treatment, and in which medical industry they are doing well.


Oncology, transplantation, plastic surgery, urology.

Germany is one of the most accessible countries for the treatment of Russians. The close territorial location, reasonable prices and opportunities to overcome the language barrier - all this contributes to the fact that there are many people who want to be treated here.

Germany has excelled in the field of cancer treatment, and patients who have little chance of recovery often find hope here. There are two clinics in Munich, Neuperlach and Schwabing, which specialize in the treatment of complex cancers. However, in this country, almost all clinics have a high level. "German Accuracy" plus the latest equipment give excellent results not only in treatment, but also in transplantation - organ transplantation, joint replacement.

Germany is also famous for its cosmetology clinics - whole sanatoriums operate here, offering a variety of services - not only operations, but also detox programs for comprehensive health improvement. Plus, there is impeccable service in Germany.


Oncology, microsurgery, cosmetology, pathology of the musculoskeletal system, dentistry.

In Israel, medical tourism is controlled at the state level. Here are the world's best oncology clinics, where doctors work miracles. The most famous medical centers - Assuta Clinic in Tel Aviv and Sheba Medical Center - treat rare types of cancer and are engaged in stem cell and bone marrow transplants.

Overview of the countries where Russians go for treatment Pros and cons

In order to receive quality medical care and improve their health, many people leave for other cities and sometimes countries to receive qualified services.

Surprisingly, the demand for such services has increased several times with the onset of the global economic crisis. According to research conducted, about 100,000 Russian citizens flock abroad to solve health problems.

When it comes to the total financial benefit that countries with the latest medical innovations get, we can talk about US $ 1,000,000,000.

Today, Germany and Israel are the leading countries in the field of medical development, so the “bigger piece of the pie” goes to them. The share of each state is about 65% of the total income of all countries that provide such services.

In addition to these directions, people often leave for treatment in Korea and the Baltic countries. Turkey is rightfully ranked third in popularity, despite the fact that it is not safe to be on the territory of the state today.

The concept of medical tourism is considered a novelty, as it began to actively develop over the past fifteen years. If we talk about which nation is most used by the medical services of overseas experts, then so far the citizens of the United States simply have no equal. After all, their indicator does not fall below 75%. This is about 1,500,000 people.

Russian tourists are rapidly gaining momentum. For example, the demand of Russians for the use of German clinics has increased sevenfold. According to many analysts, the increased interest in foreign medicine has led to the fact that this industry in Russia has long ceased to inspire confidence.

It is also important to know that in Russia, compared to other countries, carrying out a specialized operation or treatment, the cost is much higher, which is beyond the means of most people. Of course, everyone wants to live, so medical tourism is a popular area that continues to actively grow and develop.

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Where are they going for treatment?

Perhaps the resort town of Solonniki is worth noting, where in any medical center you can undergo a full universal examination of the body for only 50 euros. If a person has been identified with a number of health problems, then he is assigned recommendations from doctors who solve the problem from the inside, and not superficially.

More than 50% of people who contact us regarding immigration to Europe are interested in the cost of medical care in certain countries. Most often, interest is associated with the possibility of providing quality medical services to elderly parents. Many compare before moving, where is the best medicine? In this article we will try to answer the pressing questions.

The best medicine in Europe: the leaders of the ratings

France and Italy are leaders in medical tourism

Several European countries are featured in various rankings of countries with the best health care from year to year. Of course, the regular hit in various "tops" is not an accident, but a pattern due to the high quality of services.

According to the World Health Organization, France and Italy are leading among European countries in terms of health efficiency and accessibility. It is extremely difficult to obtain a French or Italian passport (or even residence permit status), which gives the right to treatment at a reduced cost, due to strict quotas.

However, these states widely practice medical tourism, providing high-class services to citizens of other EU countries. And from this point of view, in order to undergo treatment in France, it is not at all necessary to receive any official status in this country. It is enough to have a residence permit or citizenship of the European country that provides favorable conditions for obtaining it.

You can apply for a residence permit or even a second citizenship in Hungary, Greece, Portugal, and undergo treatment in French or Italian clinics. It is much easier and more profitable than resorting to medical tourism when coming from Russia for treatment.

However, the most beneficial treatment will be if you obtain official status in the country where you intend to use medical services.

Medicine in Europe: Malta, Spain - the best systems

Let us draw your attention to the fact that the top ten European countries with the best medical care, according to WHO, are Malta and Spain. They are also present in the “top” compiled in 2015 by the authoritative Serbian company Numbeo, which publishes medical reports based on interviews, surveys and statistics.

These countries have attractive programs for obtaining a residence permit for investment. By taking part in them, you guarantee yourself and your family the maximum availability of European medicine.

Diseases almost never pass by. And everyone wants to receive quality treatment for themselves and their loved ones.

Research firms are conducting research to identify the best medicine in the world. And a ranking of countries in terms of life expectancy and funds spent on treatment has already been formed.

Top Countries with Best Health Scores

According to analysts, 10 best countries have been selected where the development of medicine is proceeding with advanced methods.


A European country where medicine is practically free. According to the study, residents receive 97% of medical services free of charge; they will have to pay only for dental care. Medicine here is at the highest level, qualified doctors are ready to provide assistance using modern equipment.

Important! Citizens under the age of 19 can use the services of dentists free of charge.

Sweden is distinguished by a high level of health care and a clean environment, which reduces the incidence of diseases of citizens by 2 times and increases their life expectancy.

No more than 100 euros is charged per patient per year for the provided medical care. The patient pays one doctor from 15 to 30 euros. For this amount, the patient has the right to receive the following services:

  • Initial inspection.
  • An extract of the necessary papers (prescriptions for medicines, certificates, certificates of incapacity for work, referrals for research and to specialists of a narrow profile).
  • Conducting laboratory research.
  • Visit the right specialists.

Comparison of health spending by country

Thanks to such a high level of medicine, an increase in life expectancy is observed every year.

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