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Every year medical tourism is gaining more and more popularity. People move around the world, the development of the Internet makes it possible for the patient to communicate with doctors from all over the world, learn about new methods of treatment and diagnostics. Medicine is developing rapidly, and some states are ahead of the entire planet in the treatment of the most serious pathologists - it is to them that patients rush for help. Treatment of gastritis abroad is the topic of the next article on gastritinform. u.

Medical tourism is a direction that provides a patient with comprehensive support in finding a specialist abroad, clinics, rehabilitation and diagnostic centers, and also takes care of issues related to obtaining visas and living in another country. All legal issues and clinics for the treatment of gastritis will be selected by Medtur, the patient can focus exclusively on his health.

Medical tourism and gastritis treatment abroad

People go abroad to treat a variety of diseases - gastrointestinal tract pathologies, oncology, cardiovascular diseases, liver and lung diseases, to cure diseases of the skin and nervous system. There are cases when people seek to undergo plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures abroad, to undergo a course of recovery or rehabilitation. The best gastroenterologists, surgeons of all directions, pediatricians, otolaryngologists, dermatologists, cardiologists, phlebologists, neurologists, orthopedists, hematologists are waiting for their patients and are ready to provide them with qualified assistance.

The treatment of gastritis abroad is also becoming more and more common, doctors from around the world are using new effective technologies that have already shown excellent results.

Most often, patients choose Germany, Israel, Italy, Ukraine, Turkey, Spain for the treatment of gastritis

This can be done by patients of any age - children, adults, retirees. Treatment of gastritis abroad is suitable for everyone, without exception, for patients who cannot move independently, it is possible to arrange transportation.

The most popular countries for gastritis treatment abroad

Medical tourism is popular in almost all countries of the world. Of course, each country has its own characteristics and success in one direction or another. Treatment of gastritis abroad is also widespread, most often patients go for treatment to Germany, Israel, Italy, Ukraine, Turkey, Spain, Czech Republic. World-renowned clinics are ready to receive their patients and provide them with a full range of services. Do not worry about the language barrier, in high-class clinics, doctors, as a rule, know several languages, or the clinic has its own translators on staff.

Medtour will open all the possibilities of medical tourism to you. It's great to be healthy!

The rapid progress in the development of medicine in Western Europe and Israel contributes to the growing popularity of medical tourism as an industry that allows patients to receive high-quality medical services abroad in the best world-famous clinics. The website "Treatment Abroad" - we provide the necessary information about the leading medical centers in Israel and Europe and organize treatment abroad for you. By filling out an application on the website "Treatment Abroad", you will receive a free preliminary consultation on the modern methods of diagnostics and therapy you are interested in, as well as assistance in filling out an application for treatment in Israel and Europe.

What caused the choice of treatment abroad?

There are a number of reasons why patients prefer to contact foreign specialists to solve medical problems. Among the main factors contributing to the development of medical tourism are the following:

  • Low level of medical care at the patient's place of residence. Unfortunately, the level of development of medicine in a number of countries does not allow effective application of the latest scientific developments in the field of diagnostics and treatment. The impossibility of obtaining qualified and modern medical care is the main reason for patients to apply to clinics abroad
  • The high professional level of medical centers in Israel and Europe meets the highest standards of quality and safety. Excellent training of specialists and the technological base of leading clinics allow us to immediately introduce modern highly effective methods of diagnosis and treatment, providing assistance to patients suffering from previously considered incurable diseases
  • Expansion of indications for surgical procedures. The widespread use of endoscopic and minimally invasive surgical techniques in leading foreign clinics makes it possible to carry out procedures for patients suffering from severe chronic and concomitant diseases, the effective treatment of which is impossible in the country of residence
  • The cost of treatment in Israel and Europe is significantly lower than in the United States, with the fact that the level of medicine meets international standards and even surpasses American clinics in some areas. That is why medical tourism to Israel and Europe is popular not only among Russian-speaking patients, but also among citizens of the USA, Canada, South America, Africa and Asia

What are the leading clinics in Israel and Europe characterized by?

The high level of treatment abroad in the best foreign medical centers is due to a number of reasons that must be taken into account when choosing a particular clinic:

  • Specialization of the medical institution. Medical services in Israel and Europe are provided within the framework of multidisciplinary medical institutions or clinics specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of a certain type of disease. The staff of the Treatment Abroad website has complete information about the experience, specialization and treatment methods of each clinic, allowing you to choose the option most suitable for the patient.
  • The professional level of the clinic staff. Israel and Western Europe have strict criteria for the selection of medical personnel to work in clinics and medical centers. Medical tourism departments work with leading experts in each industry, providing patients with complete information about their specialization and clinical practice
  • The equipment and technological level of clinics are regulated by quality and safety standards and meet all necessary requirements. The excellent technological base of modern foreign hospitals allows for all types of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures known today
  • Hospitalization conditions play an important role in the recovery process. Modern clinics provide patients with excellent conditions, characterized by a high level of comfort and service. The humane and respectful attitude of the medical staff is also important, creating an atmosphere of support that both the patient and accompanying family members need.

The main directions of modern medicine abroad

Medicine in developed countries can successfully cope with the vast majority of diseases and functional disorders. Among the main directions of diagnostics and treatment in clinics in Israel and Europe, it is important to note the following:

    • Diagnostics of internal diseases, as well as oncology in Israel and Europe is based on the use of modern and high-precision fluoroscopic, visual, isotopic and endoscopic techniques. Effective treatment is impossible without first clarifying the causes and nature of the disease, therefore, modern medicine pays special attention to diagnostics
    • Laboratory tests, including complete and high-precision blood tests, biochemical tests, genetic studies, determination of the level of tumor markers, as well as diagnostics of hormonal balance of the body
    • Treatment of oncology in clinics in Israel and Europe, including oncohematological diseases requiring bone marrow transplantation. The outstanding success of the leading oncological clinics in the conservative and surgical treatment of cancer has made it possible to completely change the understanding of the prognosis of malignant diseases
    • Treatment of heart and vascular diseases using modern endoscopic and minimally invasive techniques that have reduced the need for open heart surgery
    • Orthopedic surgery, allowing to restore the functions of the musculoskeletal system after traumatic or severe age-related changes, preventing the development of disabilities, including surgery of the spine and large joints
    • Treatment of gynecological diseases, including benign and malignant neoplasms, as well as hormonal dysfunction and infertility. Leading clinics in Israel and Europe are known for their impressive success in preserving and restoring reproductive function, including methods of artificial insemination
    • Cavity operations on the organs of the chest and abdominal cavity using innovative techniques of endoscopic (closed) surgery. Endoscopic operations (laparoscopy, thoracoscopy) allow achieving high precision in surgical procedures, significantly reducing the risk of complications and shortening the recovery period, significantly reducing the risk of complications and shortening the recovery period
    • Neurosurgical operations and minimally invasive interventions on the brain and spinal cord

Specialists-consultants of the website "Treatment Abroad" will provide detailed information about the above and many other methods of diagnosis and treatment, successfully practiced by specialists from medical centers in Israel and Europe.

Organization of medical treatment abroad

After filling out the application on the website "Treatment Abroad", the patient is provided with detailed information about medical centers specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of a particular disease, as well as leading specialists in this field. The site staff provides direct communication with the departments of the clinics of interest to the patient. After collecting the necessary information about the patient's condition, preliminary programs are developed.

Treatment abroad has become much more affordable for foreign citizens. The active development of medical tourism makes it possible to receive first-class medical services far from the country of residence. Many advanced techniques, including those from the field of oncology, were first used abroad. That is why foreign citizens prefer to carry out examination and treatment in European clinics.

Abroad, they treat both common and fairly rare diseases, in particular - erosive bulbitis (learn more). The disease requires a separate approach. Nutritional correction alone is not enough, especially when a H. pylori infection is detected.

Benefits of treatment abroad

Treatment abroad (. u /) is a combination of cutting-edge technologies with a special responsible attitude to the selection of medical personnel. A doctor receives admission to practice after many years of training and residency, confirmation of qualifications and certain knowledge and skills. This minimizes the risk of "accidental" specialists getting into the clinic.

The main benefits of treatment abroad:

The cost of medical services is not as high as the public thinks. Often it is even lower than being treated in domestic clinics. At the same time, the level of assistance abroad is a priori higher.

Foreign specialists have extensive experience in fighting diseases, they are in better technical conditions. Patients are handled not by one specific doctor, but by a team of professionals, which is most important when choosing medical tactics for malignant neoplasms.

Main directions of treatment

You can get medical services in all directions abroad. Comfortable conditions for treatment and hospital stay have been created for foreign citizens. After recovery, you can immediately undergo rehabilitation.

The following are considered the most common medical areas:

There are many specialized clinics, hospitals, and university-type medical institutions abroad. The most in demand is the treatment of malignant tumors. An arsenal of techniques and tools is used to fight cancer abroad. Some methods of treatment are still being used only abroad.

Citizens of many countries of the world choose treatment abroad when domestic medicine does not bring the desired treatment result. Some medical tourists want to radically solve the problem with a minimum investment of time and money. At the same time, it is not only residents of the CIS countries who are sent to restore their health abroad, whose medicine every year more and more lags behind world standards. Treatment in Russia and abroad differs significantly in terms of the equipment of clinics, medical professionalism and the effectiveness of methods. US citizens, who are faced with insurance problems, and Europeans, in search of lower prices for high-quality medical services, also resort to treatment in foreign clinics.

What diseases do foreign citizens treat abroad

Usually, patients with severe damage to organs and systems who have not received results in the treatment of pathology at home turn to clinics abroad. Often, such diseases are accompanied by severe disability or pose a serious threat to the patient's life. Most often, people who are suffering are sent abroad for treatment:

  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system (injuries of the spine and joints, wounds in the war, large-scale burns);
  • heart ailments, including valvular defects and diseases of the coronary vessels;
  • tumors (malignant and benign) of various localization;
  • ophthalmic pathology;
  • congenital malformations in children;
  • psychiatric diseases and pathology CNS (drug addiction, cerebral palsy, Parkinson's disease);
  • infertility.

Send inquiries to multiple clinics

Plastic surgery abroad is also quite popular. Elimination of post-traumatic defects in appearance, rejuvenation, and the fight against obesity - all of this occupies its own niche in the field of medical tourism.

Selecting a country for treatment

First of all, the patient must decide on the country in which he wants to undergo a treatment course or diagnostic examination. In world medicine, a list of states - leaders in the field of medical tourism has been formed. They all have their own characteristics in terms of providing treatment services.

Approximate prices for some treatment procedures in different countries (US $):

GermaniyaAvstriyaIzrailYuzhnaya KoreyaEndoprotezirovanie hip sustava18000260002000013000Mastektomiyaot 700015000ot 120008000Operatsiya with intervertebral gryzhe160001600080007000Aortokoronarnoe shuntirovanie36000380003200027000Neyrohirurgicheskoe intervention at the head of the bone mozge30000300003200012000Transplantatsiya mozga143000ot 18000014000080000Korrektsiya congenital heart disease in rebenka18000250002300013000 <

Medical tourism in recent years from a luxury available only to a select few, has turned into a way to improve health, available to the widest layers of society. Some people choose medical tourism to take advantage of treatments that are not available in their home country. Others travel to countries where the cost of therapy is lower than at home. Finally, someone prefers to be treated in a place where you can also relax at the same time.

According to some estimates, the medical tourism economic sector will grow by 25% annually over the next ten years. Today, about 11-16 million medical tourists around the world prefer to be treated in other countries.

Leading clinics in Israel

Some statistics

When asked where to go to rest and get medical treatment, everyone answers himself. Traditionally popular destinations are Thailand, USA, Israel, India, Turkey, Mexico, Brazil.

Benefits of medical treatment abroad

Of course, each country has its own characteristics, but if you try to make a list of the advantages that attract medical tourists, you get something like the following.

  • Quality of treatment - one's own health is traditionally at the top of the pyramid of requests of any patient. After all, this is the most important thing. Therefore, high-quality medical services, experienced doctors and modern, efficient and safe medical equipment play a decisive role in choosing a country. As a rule, the best quality treatment can be obtained in industrialized countries - Great Britain, the United States, Israel, Canada, etc.
  • The cost of treatment is in second place in importance. No matter how effective and modern a medical procedure is, if you cannot pay for it, it is completely useless for you. Many medical tourists travel to countries where the cost of medical services is much cheaper than at home. For example, we can compare the United States and Israel - the cost of the overwhelming majority of medical procedures in Israeli clinics is 30-45% cheaper, so many Americans choose Israel as a country where you can relax and get medical treatment inexpensively.
  • The desire to relax - medical tourism traditionally combines the opportunity to receive quality treatment and at the same time visit another country, use its tourist infrastructure, visit cultural monuments, and recuperate in a warm climate.

Leading Israeli Oncologists

Dr. Victoria Vishnevskaya-Dai

Where to get better treatment

The choice of the country where to rest and receive medical treatment is determined by the set of necessary medical services, financial capabilities and geography of the patient. Let's describe the most popular destinations.

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