Tourism in Latvia

Latvia 2021 - what it is

The infrastructure for tourists in Latvia corresponds to the level that exists in Europe. Hotels range from not very expensive and comfortable private guest houses to five-star hotels. There are many cafes, small restaurants along the highways and in cities. All this will allow those who love car travel and tourism in Latvia to feel comfortable.

What is tourism in Latvia

In addition to tourism by car, the direction of sea tourism in the form of cruises on the Baltic Sea, recreation and recreation in the Baltic, as well as tours to cities such as Riga and Liepaja continues to develop with activity in Latvia. Those who love ecological tourism in Latvia are offered to visit the territory of the Latvian National Parks, the most popular of which is the Gauja River Valley.

Latvian Resorts

Latvian resorts are very popular. The amazingly picturesque beaches have long attracted tourists for their healing properties, luxury hotels and excellent service. In particular, the famous resorts of Jurmala are the resorts of Latvia for young people - Majori and Bulduri, where the Blue Flag of the European Union is being developed. Here you can rent motorcycles for riding on the water, relax in comfortable cafes, play football and volleyball on the beach.

Ski resorts in Latvia

Currently, ski resorts in Latvia are rapidly developing. There are thirty-five of them, and this despite the fact that Latvia is not considered a mountainous country. The height of the mountains varies from thirty-five to ninety meters. On average, ski slopes have a length of one hundred and fifty to seven hundred meters. Each track is illuminated at night, has snow cannons, and is undergoing retraction restoration.

Also on any track there is a cafe and sports equipment can be rented. More trails run between pine and fir trees, which are covered with sparkling snow, which makes the descent more attractive.

Health resorts in Latvia

The mildness of the Baltic seaside climate, the presence of coniferous forests and sandy beaches attract many people from Europe and the CIS every year. All this has contributed to the fact that health resorts in Latvia are also in demand.

The sanatoriums of Jurmala, a city with natural and mineral springs, are especially popular. The main advantage of the latter is the different composition of mineral waters, which makes it possible to treat the widest range of diseases.

Along with balneotherapy, other health improvement methods are used in Latvian health resorts. Of these, first of all, it is necessary to highlight the treatment with mud with the help of healing mud from peat, for which the Druskininkai sanatoriums are especially famous. Health resort patients can take advantage of diet therapy, various types of massage, acupuncture therapy, paraffin therapy, modern physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, individual and group physiotherapy exercises.

Tours of Latvia


E Gulbja Laboratorija

The largest clinical laboratory in Latvia with an extensive network of reception centers throughout the country.


Providing a full range of measures for the identification and treatment of diseases of the digestive system for over 10 years.

The first and unique private clinic in the Baltic States.

Medical Clinic ARS

ARS Medical Center was founded in 1988 as the first private medical institution in Latvia.

Mikrocentrs Goldeneye

The Goldeneye Modern Micropigmentation Center is the only one in the Baltics.

The latest technologies allow you to correct your vision in just a few seconds!

Diseases and problems of the musculoskeletal system - from consultations and diagnostics to operations and rehabilitation.

Latvia is a Baltic country between Lithuania and Estonia. This is the calmest country - here, as before, no one is in a hurry, everyone observes the traffic rules and tries to behave as European as possible.

The state language is Latvian, but at the same time it is the most Russified country in the Baltic. Russian tourists feel comfortable here.

Latvia is also the most "maritime" Baltic country in terms of beach holidays - the shores of the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Riga are ideal for summer holidays for locals and tourists, and the entire length of the coast is 500 km.

Urban residents account for% of the population

By nationality, most of the inhabitants are Latvians (60%), Russians about 30%, Belarusians (about 4%), Ukrainians (2.8%), etc.

The population of Riga is 627.5 thousand people, in Daugavpils - 82 thousand people, in Liepaja - 68.5 thousand people, in Jelgava - 56 thousand people, about 50 thousand people live in Jurmala, other cities small.

There is democracy in Latvia, there is the Seim (unicameral parliament), the President and the government (the cabinet of ministers).

The President is elected by the Seimas for 4 years no more than 2 times in a row and has mainly representative powers.

People in Latvia are very loyal to the religion of a person

35% of residents consider themselves to be atheists, 24% Lutherans, 18% Catholics, 15% Orthodox, 8% other religions. There are a lot of Protestant communities in the country, more than 200 churches, about 120 churches, there are Jewish communities and other religious organizations.

Amber Coast

The sanatorium is located on the seashore. This is a calm and comfortable outdoor recreation.


Resort Rehabilitation Center "Jaunkemeri" is located in Jurmala, 35 km from Riga, in a pine forest near the dune zone of the Gulf of Riga.

Soviet party in the sanatorium "Yantarny Bereg"

Theatrical excursions to the once closed State dacha №2 - Jurmala dacha of General Secretary L. ... Brezhnev.


One of the first large buildings in Latvia. It is popularly called the "White Ship".


The largest medical institution in the field of rehabilitation in Latvia. It is located in the most beautiful place on the coast of Jurmala (100 meters from the seashore).

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