TOP 5 countries in 2020 for treatment abroad

TOP 5 countries in 2020 for treatment abroad

The level of medicine in the country is largely responsible for the quality of life, physical health and a psychological feeling of calmness and security. And if in some countries it is simply scary to get sick, in others medicine is presented at such a high level that the health of all residents is under reliable control and protection. There is even a special rating of countries with the highest level of medicine, and, consequently, the best health of citizens.

Criteria by which the level of medicine in the country is determined

Health professionals, scientists, researchers and other luminaries of the world rank the countries with the best and worst medicine, based on the following criteria:

  • life expectancy of the population;
  • the level of infant mortality;
  • the availability of medical services for the population;
  • the cost of paid medical services;
  • the quantity and quality of provided free medical services;
  • the quality of medical equipment;
  • the level of education and qualifications of medical specialists;
  • the equipment health points;
  • the number of public and private sector medical facilities;
  • the range of services provided by the public and private health sector;
  • the quality and availability of medicines;
  • frequency of epidemics, speed of effective fight against them, etc.

countries with the highest level of medicine

location - Hong Kong

It is Hong Kong that is officially recognized as the region with the highest level of medicine. This statement is supported primarily by the high life expectancy rate, it is 84 years for women and 78 years for men.

Only 7 million people live in this special administrative district of the PRC, who receive modern medical care of the highest level in public and private medical institutions.

The following facts speak in favor of the decision to award Hong Kong the status of a place with the best medicine:

  • extremely low infant mortality;
  • municipal medicine at the heart of the entire healthcare system;
  • municipal hospitals;
  • an amazing level of training of specialists, strict selection of health workers, regular professional development;
  • 90% of the cost of medical care from the state budget;
  • affordable cost of private medicine for those who wish (approximately $ 100 for service in a private clinic).

location - Singapore

Singapore is ranked third in life expectancy with an average of 83 years, and second in medicine. Medical care here is represented by the public and private sector. Government agencies conduct examinations, treat and guarantee operations. The cost of all services is 50-80% covered by the state, but only for permanent residents of Singapore.

In 2019, medical tourism has gained considerable momentum, and this pace does not decrease in 2020. Destinations such as Turkey, Spain, South Korea, Israel and the Czech Republic are in demand among foreign patients. Why do people come here for diagnostics and treatment, as well as which clinics do they choose and how much do the services cost in such medical centers? The answers to these questions and not only can be found in our article.


Turkey launches MediGlobus rating “TOP-5 countries for treatment abroad in 2020”. Among medical tourists, this state is one of the most popular. More than 800,000 foreigners come here annually for diagnosis and treatment.

The number of people wishing to visit Turkey for medical purposes is steadily growing. This is due to the fact that the country has an impeccable ratio of price and quality of services provided.

For example, the cost of surgery here is at least 2 times cheaper than in Israel or Germany, and the level of service is no different.

The leading areas of Turkish medicine are considered: oncology, transplantology, plastic surgery, cardiac surgery, as well as orthopedics and traumatology. The doctors who work in the above areas have international recognition and many years of experience in successful patient management.

Among the top doctors in Turkey stand out: Professor Turnch Oktenolu (world famous neurosurgeon specializing in radiosurgery using the Cyber-Knife device), Professor Bulent Cihantimur (a plastic surgeon who is one of the 50 best specialists in the world), Professor Merdan Faida (Chief Radiation Oncologist at Liv Hospital) and others.

There are 46 clinics in the country that have the prestigious JCI accreditation, which testifies to the impeccable quality of service and the safety of patient treatment. It is important that there are only 10 such medical institutions in Germany. At the same time, the following hospitals are especially popular among foreign citizens:

Memorial Medical Center;

Koç University Hospital;

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