Thermal and medical tourism of Turkey in August will be presented in Yekaterinburg and Tyumen

Thermal and medical tourism of Turkey in August will be presented in Yekaterinburg and Tyumen

Turkey has begun to stimulate the development of medical tourism. Russian tour operators believe that treatment in Turkey, with proper positioning and an affordable price, will be in demand. With details - "Vestnik ATOR".

Turkey is developing mechanisms, including tax incentives and investment subsidies, for the development of medical tourism, which has been recognized as a strategic direction under the 2023 Tourism Sector Diversification Program. Medical tourism in Turkey includes in the complex both the actual treatment of various diseases, and cosmetology and plastic surgery, health improvement and restorative procedures.

At the end of March, the Turkish parliament exempted foreigners who undergo treatment, diagnostics, care and rehabilitation at medical institutions accredited by the country's Ministry of Health from VAT.

In addition, Turkey intends to sign contracts with specialized social security institutions of other countries in order to guarantee the attraction of foreign patients and the elderly.


According to preliminary data, last year Turkish hospitals served more than 433,000 foreign tourists. The most popular surgeries among foreigners are hair transplants, heart surgeries and plastic surgery. Most often, people go to Turkey for treatment from Iraq, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Greece, Uzbekistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina and a number of Arab countries.

According to the plans of the Turkish government, by 2023, the revenues of the health sector from medical tourism should be about $ 20 billion a year. By the specified date, Turkey should receive at least 1.5 million foreign tourists who come for treatment, and about a million foreign guests who are interested in thermal waters and general health improvement.

According to the Minister of Health Ahmet Demirsan, Turkey is in the top 7 world destinations in terms of the potential of thermal tourism. “Our goal for 2023 is to become number two in the world in both medical and thermal tourism,” he said.


Russian tour operators, analyzing Turkish medical initiatives, say that with proper implementation and marketing, Turkish medicine can be of interest to Russians.

“Turkey has the third largest number of foreign patients in the world according to a report from the Global Health Workforce Alliance. About 500,000 tourists choose the country for medical treatment every year, which means that Turkey is a popular destination for medical tourism. At the moment, most of this tourist flow is tourists from Europe and the Middle East. Considering the high quality of medicine in Turkey and the relatively low price for these services, it can be assumed that our tourists will increasingly choose this country for treatment and recovery, ”comments in ANEX Tour.

According to representatives of the tour operator, Russian tourists today still consider Turkey as a destination for medical tourism, but so far this is not of a mass nature.

“In the eyes of our consumer, Turkey is, first of all, a place of high-quality and affordable beach holidays, however, perhaps, in the future, such a positive attitude can spread to medical tours. Especially if organized medical tourism begins to develop in Turkey, ”ANEX Tour emphasizes.

The Russian tourist business has the opportunity to learn everything about the possibilities of Turkish medicine: the Conference and B2B Workshop "Turkey: Thermal SPA, Wellness Tourism 2018" will be held in Yekaterinburg and Tyumen on August 14 and 16. About why treatment in Turkey is called high-quality and profitable - in the material of the ATOR Vestnik.


Turkey supports the development and promotion of medical tourism at the state level, including by providing tax incentives to non-residents. So, since March 2018, foreign citizens who undergo prevention, diagnosis, care and rehabilitation in medical institutions accredited by the country's Ministry of Health are exempt from VAT. Medical, as well as wellness, or as it is also called thermal tourism, are named as strategic directions for the diversification of the Turkish product according to the tourism strategy until 2023.

Over the past 10 years, the number of foreign tourists who come to Turkey for treatment has increased 10 times. According to statistics, in 2017, more than 700 thousand foreign tourists visited Turkey for treatment, this year their number will exceed 850 thousand people. By 2023, 2 million medical tourists are expected in Turkey.


According to the Ministry of Tourism of Turkey, many foreign guests come for medical services because of their lower cost compared to Europe and the United States, a short, up to two weeks, waiting time for the operation, because of the quality and high service ...

Some procedures and operations in Turkey are 90% cheaper than in other countries. So, the cost of angiography or, in other words, X-ray of the vascular system, which involves the introduction of contrast into the blood and makes it possible to assess the functionality of the vessels, is $ 5,000 in Turkey, while in the USA it is $ 47,000, in Singapore - $ 13,000, in India - $ 11,000. Another example: an operation to install a heart valve: if in the USA they ask for $ 150,000, then in Turkey it costs an average of $ 17,000.

People travel to Turkey for treatment mainly from Europe, Russia, the Transcaucasian states and the Persian Gulf countries. The most popular destinations are Istanbul, Ankara and the Mediterranean resort of Antalya.

The most popular treatment profiles are cardiology and neurosurgery, oncotherapy and orthopedics, eye diseases, gynecology and cosmetic surgery, primarily hair transplantation.

According to the Turkish Statistical Institute (TurkStat), in 2017, Turkish hair transplant clinics were used by citizens of 60 countries. More than 25,000 foreigners have visited Turkey for eye surgery.

Turkey is famous for its hospitality and quality of tourism services, so many foreigners come to Turkey for treatment or recovery with their families.

Turkey is one of the five world leaders in medical tourism. In 2019, the country received 1.5 million foreign patients, of which 20% are from Russia and Ukraine. Russians and residents of the CIS countries not only rest in Turkey, but also buy real estate and move here for permanent residence. Anyone can need medicine abroad at any time, so it will be useful for tourists and potential immigrants to learn about the differences between medicine in Turkey and Russian.

The level of health care in Turkey

Over the past ten years, Turkish medicine has made a great leap forward in development. A total of $ 30 billion has been invested in the construction of new hospitals and equipment. Medicine in Turkey is modern equipment, highly qualified doctors and a friendly attitude towards the patient, not only in large cities, but also in small towns. If some kind of medical service is not available in a small village, then it can be obtained in the nearest town, so there are no problems with treatment.

The level of doctors and hospitals has grown so much that Turkey has become a center for international medical tourism. Large clinics have staff who speak English, Russian, German and Arabic. The country has 54 clinics with international accreditation, providing medical services in accordance with the highest standards. As a rule, patients who come to Turkey for treatment are treated by private clinics, and those who have come to rest are served by state institutions.

Benefits of Turkish Medicine:

  • Relatively low prices at a high level.
  • Quality medicines. Crafts are rarely found in Turkish pharmacies.
  • Highly qualified doctors. A decent level of education, internships in foreign clinics, participation in international conferences and knowledge of English make Turkish doctors valuable specialists.

A significant difference between local medicine and Russian medicine is the fact that in Turkey there is no home call from a therapist. All patients with high fever, infections and other diseases that do not require hospitalization in an ambulance get to the hospital on their own and wait in line for an appointment.

Medicine in Turkey for Russian tourists

A tourist voucher must have medical insurance. If during a holiday in Turkey there are health problems, a foreigner can get help at a medical facility for an agreed amount. The price of a regular trip includes basic insurance, which includes very few options and a minimum insured amount.

The basic set of services does not apply to sunburn and injuries sustained during active recreation (visiting water parks, diving, equestrian sports, etc.). In addition, in a cheap policy from tour operators there is a concept of a franchise: when, when an insured event occurs, part of the amount is covered by the insurance, and part is paid by the tourist himself. Therefore, when buying a tour, you should find out all the details about the policy: what is included in it, what is the insured amount, is there a deductible.

If you wish, you can insure your health on other conditions and with the required number of options. When choosing a policy, you need to take into account what you plan to do on vacation, and which risks insurance is a priority for you personally.

Medicine in Turkey for Russian permanent residents

If a foreigner has been living in Turkey for more than a year, he must issue a medical policy. This is one of the prerequisites for obtaining a residence permit. There are three types of Turkish health insurance:

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