The most important thing about medical treatment abroad

The most important thing about medical treatment abroad

Dear readers, today on the blog we will talk about medical tourism. For those who may be interested in the topic, I think it will be useful to learn about the pros and cons of treatment abroad. Guests of my blog, representatives of the DocLand project, who cooperate with more than 100 clinics around the world, will talk about this. The mission of the project is high-quality informational and organizational support for those who need medical care in another country. I give the floor to my guests.

Good afternoon to all readers of Irina's blog. Medical tourism is travel outside the home country in order to receive medical care abroad. In this article, we will try to discover the secrets that make people look for the right doctor thousands of kilometers from home and tell you about the advantages of treatment abroad. We will not ignore the disadvantages of medical tourism, which are carefully hidden under the advertising of foreign medicine.

You will learn about the risks associated with the trip and, most importantly, we will teach you to make an informed decision in order to avoid mistakes when choosing a doctor not only abroad, but also in your home country. After all, the wrong choice in medicine is unforgivable, each of us has only one life, and we all want to live it in health and well-being.

Reasons for seeking treatment in another country

Many people trust foreign specialists to solve their health problems for a number of reasons, the most common of which are the following: competitive prices, a wider choice of medical services, and a higher quality of medicine compared to their home country. For most Germans, British, Americans and Israelis, treatment in India, Thailand, South Korea is an opportunity to save on medical bills that are not covered insurance in your home country.

In contrast to the Western choice, few financially secure residents of the CIS, on the contrary, decide on treatment in Germany and Israel in order to receive better medical care and a higher level of medical care. And this is not the only difference that influences the decision-making of our compatriots.

Many Russians trust the advertisements and recommendations of their acquaintances "who have been to an expensive clinic abroad", without going into details and important details on their own. The choice of Europeans and Americans is more based on the huge difference in the cost of the same procedures, and also, the choice is based on the statistics of the success of the clinic and a particular doctor.

In addition, a decision is rarely made by a person independently, without the help of a qualified expert. But back to the difference in cost, for example, one dental implant costs more than $ 3500 in Germany, and about $ 500 in Hungary, slightly higher than the price in Poland. Thus, dentistry in Hungary and Poland is more attractive for Germans, not to mention residents of the United States, where prices for dentist services are even higher.

Equal quality at different prices

You can say that the price is determined by the special quality of medical services, by the way, this is what most Russians think when choosing treatment in Germany, Israel, or giving birth in the United States. But here the views of experts and Russian patients diverge.

According to Dmitry Domarev, head of the popular Russian-language portal Dockland dedicated to medical tourism, “Modern medicine is, first of all, a technology, and the technologies for installing the latest joint or dental implants will be the same in all certified clinics in the world. But the experience of a specialist will be much higher where more operations are performed, respectively, where the cost of such operations is lower. ”

To paraphrase a respected expert in other words, the same joint replacement surgery with a well-known brand of endoprosthesis can be performed with equal quality, but at a price several times less.

Choosing the right doctor or clinic

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