The history of the development of the Karlovy Vary spa

Karlovy Vary

What kind of spa treatment can Karlovy Vary offer? What makes it different from other Czech spas? What is the cost of procedures and treatment in Karlovy Vary?

Specifically what medical and health procedures are offered to guests and with what diseases they go to Karlovy Vary, and not to another resort in the Czech Republic, we will discuss in this article.

Peculiarities of treatment in Karlovy Vary

This city is one of the largest in the Czech Republic. It is located at a distance of 120 kilometers from the capital of the republic - Prague. What this resort is famous for is its sources of hot (thermal) water (at the moment there are 12 of them). But not only this attracts tourists here, but also high-quality treatment.

Natural ingredients used in the treatment in the spa's sanatoriums give a more lasting result than taking medications. For these purposes, many techniques are used here - from drinking water to procedures such as cryodestruction, gas injections, physiotherapy, baths, massages and much more.

In addition to taking mineral water and carrying out medical procedures, for therapeutic purposes, dietary nutrition is practiced, developed according to an individual scheme, as well as climatotherapy and walks in the fresh air. In addition, peat mud is often used in spa treatment, which is used to fill baths and make mud wraps.

Many people come to Karlovy Vary to take a course of carboxytherapy. In simple terms, these are gas injections, which have recently become very popular, since they are able to heal without a knife. For example, craboxytreatment is recommended as an alternative to herniated disc surgery. The procedure promotes the speedy healing of fractures and dislocations. Injections with carbon dioxide are prescribed for the treatment of osteochondrosis, joints (arthrosis, arthritis), as a result of which the swelling and soreness in the area of ​​the affected joint disappears.

Almost all health resorts in Karlovy Vary offer their guests a set of procedures, among which the following are worth highlighting:

Prices in health resorts in Karlovy Vary

Despite the fact that the client-oriented health resorts in Karlovy Vary offer really high-quality service and modern effective treatment, it is not expensive here. As a rule, people go to this resort to undergo a course of treatment, which is at least two weeks. It just doesn't make sense to go for a shorter period.

In the selection below, we have selected the best options for you in terms of price-quality ratio.

Karlovy Vary is the largest resort, famous not only in the Czech Republic, but throughout the world. There are about 130 springs here, but 12 are used for medicinal purposes. These 12 quite successfully treat diseases of the stomach, pancreas, gall bladder, liver and intestines.

The Czechs have a saying: 12 springs restore health, and the 13th one raises to the seventh heaven. By the 13th they mean the Becherovka liqueur, the secret of which is kept secret. It is only known that it is made on the basis of 33 herbs and local water, and is also considered medicinal.

The town itself is small, only 50 thousand inhabitants, but its peculiarity is in the atmosphere of sincerity. Along the central street, the Teplitsy River slowly carries its waters, and along it, tourists and holidaymakers with drinking bowls - special cups walk just as leisurely, with smiles.

The architecture seems to be Western, but somehow softened. Shop windows seem to be the same as in Prague, but Bohemian glass and crystal are much cheaper. Clothes, of course, are expensive, but even they look somehow warm, they do not hurt the eyes with their "catwalk", but seem to be a work of art.

Tourists wishing to improve their health should know that the full course of treatment is usually 21 days, at least less than a week, it is not worth going.

Interestingly, Karlovy Vary is a Russian-speaking resort. For more than one century, there have been plaques in Russian on houses, streets and springs. Neither cafes nor sanatoriums have a language barrier for a Russian tourist.

How to get to Karlovy Vary


The most convenient and fastest mode of transport. Karlovy Vary has its own international airport, but this is not very convenient for Russian tourists, since a direct flight will cost 700-800 euros in both directions. A taxi from the airport costs about 400 CZK, in addition, you can get to the city by bus # 8.

The bulk of Russian tourists prefer to get to the resort through the Prague airport, visiting Prague at the same time. From the bus station "Florence" of the capital, tourists can cover 120 km in 2.5 hours by bus for 160 CZK or by taxi for an hour and a half.

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The old Czech spa town of Karlovy Vary, located in western Bohemia, dates back to the middle of the 14th century, and owes its existence to the Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV. According to legend, the monarch, hunting in these picturesque places, discovered in the narrow valley of the Tepla River, constrained by mountains, the first healing spring - a geyser with hot water gushing out of the ground. Subsequently, it was named Vrzhidlo. This is the most powerful and hot Karlovy Vary spring, and all the others, in fact, are branches from the main shaft of the fountain.

However, the fact that the local area is rich in wonderful hot springs, the locals knew long before their opening by the crowned person. As early as the 13th century, there were Slavic settlements in the vicinity of Karlovy Vary. At this time, probably, the name of the area arose - Vary, which speaks for itself. It clearly recognizes the concepts of "boil, boil".

From the Middle Ages to the Enlightenment

Near the source of Vrzhidlo, a settlement gradually grew, which soon became known as Karlovy Vary (in German - Karlsbad). In 1370 Charles IV granted him the status of a city with special royal privileges. In 1401, King Wenceslaus IV expanded his privileges, endowing Karlovy Vary with the status of a peaceful city that did not need fortifications. At this time, none of the residents had the right to carry weapons. Also, peasants hiding from the feudal lords could find refuge here.

A significant event in the development of the spa town was the publication in 1552 of a treatise on hydrotherapy in Karlovy Vary. Its author, physician and balneologist Vaclav Player, was the first to provide a detailed medical description of mineral waters. In his work, in addition to bathing in springs, he also promoted drinking of healing water. Just a few decades after the publication, more than 200 hydropathic clinics were already operating in the city.

The 17th century brought a series of dramatic events to Karlovy Vary: the hardships associated with the Thirty Years War, plundering by Swedish troops, natural disasters - catastrophic floods and fires. However, the enterprising spirit and energy of the townspeople allowed them to cope with the consequences of hard times every time. The restoration and further development of the city was also facilitated by the humane policy of the local authorities, which in the dashing hours exempted the townspeople from paying taxes. Resort fees, the receipt of generous donations from wealthy guests, mainly representatives of the Saxon, Russian, Polish nobility, allowed Karlovy Vary to recover from the turmoil by the end of the 17th century.

Karlovy Vary flourishing

At the beginning of the 18th century. Joseph I, Emperor of Austria-Hungary, whose borders included the Czech Republic, called Bohemia at that time, ordered to finance from the state budget large urban development projects in Karlovy Vary, the development of infrastructure and the resort management system. In the city, Gothic church buildings are being reconstructed, public buildings and baths, a theater stage are being built, multi-storey buildings with luxurious facades and tiled roofs are being erected. During this period, the resort began to acquire pan-European fame.

In 1711, the Russian Tsar Peter I arrived in Karlovy Vary. Europe resort. According to the testimony of the courtiers, the king felt so bad that he had to be brought to Karlovy Vary literally on a stretcher. Peter I stayed in the house of the pharmacist Becher, which belonged to the famous Karlovy Vary family of doctors. On the wall of the room where he lived, there are marks made either by the pharmacist or by the king himself - 30 dashes indicating the number of portions of mineral water drunk by the patient during the day.

The emperor did not like the bitter mineral water, and he often diluted it with wine, which caused bewilderment and anger of his doctor. Nevertheless, Peter I quickly got rid of pain and weakness, and with his characteristic curiosity he began to study the city, even helping the bricklayers who built houses with his own hands. A year later, the king again visited Karlovy Vary to consolidate the results of the treatment.

Karlovy Vary is the largest spa town in the Czech Republic. It is located in the western part of the Czech Republic, at the confluence of three rivers: Ohře, Teplá and Rolava. The city center is decorated with mansions of ancient architecture, hotels and colonnades with healing springs, numerous sanatoriums, guesthouses and beautiful parks - all this gives the city a special elegance.

This resort has been visited by many famous people - Beethoven, Brahms, Liszt, Turgenev, Alexei Tolstoy, Dvorak, Goncharov and Gogol were vacationing. Goethe especially loved these places, who rested here for thirteen seasons. The crowned persons were also noted among the guests - Peter I visited here twice.

Treatment in Karlovy Vary has a very long, constantly progressive tradition.

Healing and wellness tours to Karlovy Vary

TOURS FOR THE NEAREST DATES from 480 euros per person.

The prices for tours can be found in a special section, or better call +7 495 989-17-47 and our professional managers will help you plan your rest and treatment.

Karlovy Vary is the best holiday resort for elderly parents

Our company specializes in the selection of a sanatorium and the organization of recreation and treatment for the elderly. The accumulated experience allows us to provide for all the nuances and needs of this group of vacationers.

  • Your parents will go as part of a Russian-speaking group
  • At the resort they will be met by a staff of Russian-speaking employees who will create maximum comfort and, if they arise, will solve any emergency
  • A Russian-speaking doctor is always available for consultation
  • Our employees are always available for prompt communication
  • Rest does not require additional costs. Accommodation, full meals, air travel, transfers, medical procedures, consultations with a doctor, honey. insurance included in the price
  • Comfortable flight for 2 hours 30 minutes on regular flights, without delays
  • Assistance in resolving visa formalities
  • Possibility of organizing leisure activities - excursions, theater , Exhibitions.
  • There is no need to prepare a spa card in advance

Please contact us if your parents need health improvement, communication and positive emotions.

The basis of treatment methods is a combination of various procedures: drinking cures, outdoor activities, physiotherapy exercises, baths and, of course, environmental influences.

Do you dream to relax and heal on the famous waters of the Czech resort of Karlovy Vary? Read the experts' answers to the most popular questions: how to choose the most suitable sanatorium or hotel, what time of year is it better to go, how to choose a profitable tour, and what are the recommendations for treatment at a popular resort.

How to choose the most suitable health resort in Karlovy Vary?

Karlovy Vary (formerly Karlsbaden) has been the most popular resort in Europe for several centuries. Healing springs. The most wonderful nature. Medical and recreational infrastructure that has been formed over the centuries. The local parks and castles have seen many royalty and celebrities. Now it's our turn to add to the list of guests of the famous resort.

The natural beauty of Karlovy Vary is amazing. A picturesque valley formed by the course of two rivers, surrounded by wooded mountains. Extensive parks in the best European traditions of landscape architecture. Clean air saturated with phytoncides. You are taking your first steps on this blessed land. And you literally feel how strength and health are pouring into you!

Still, the main healing factor of Karlovy Vary sanatoriums is thermal waters. Access to the pump rooms is free here, some are open around the clock. It may seem that water can be consumed as much as necessary. However, it is not. The waters of Karlovy Vary, rich in trace elements and carbon dioxide, are characterized as medicinal. They have a pronounced effect on the body. That is, it is necessary to treat such water as a medicine. And take as directed by a doctor, according to the prescribed scheme.

Karlovy Vary has perhaps the best sanatoriums in the whole Czech Republic! Old mansions and modern buildings, luxurious apartments and modest cozy rooms. Reviews show that the conditions for rest and treatment in Karlovy Vary are surprisingly diverse! What to choose?

  • You can stay in a small cozy sanatorium or hotel. For example, in "Panorama" 4 *. It is renowned for its stunning views, a family atmosphere and an excellent treatment program. Or would you prefer Bristol 4 *? This is a whole sanatorium complex located in the city center near the colonnade.
  • What is depadance? This is the name of the option in which guests live in an inexpensive building. And they eat and undergo treatment - mostly. For example, Wolker is Astoria depadance, Esplanade is Jessenius, and Villa Gofman is Imperia. Reviews indicate that this option allows you to get quality treatment in the health resorts of Karlovy Vary. And at the same time save on accommodation.
  • Many people love Karlovy Vary for its stability and loyalty to tradition. The same staff work here year after year. People who understand all the intricacies of their business. Therefore, unpleasant surprises are excluded. Planning a trip to Karlovy Vary? You can read reviews left by tourists, for example, in 2016 or earlier. And focus on them.

Choosing a suitable place for treatment and relaxation in Karlovy Vary is not so easy. Hundreds of accommodation options, thousands of nuances. How to figure it out? Please contact our managers! We ourselves have visited the resort many times. From our own experience, we learned about the features of certain sanatoriums. Therefore, we will easily select the best option for your request. And after returning home, we will definitely contact you. It is very important for us to receive your feedback on accommodation and treatment in health resorts in Karlovy Vary.

Stayed at this hotel in June. 2 meals a day: breakfast and dinner, plus treatment. The location of the hotel is just great, all water sources are within walking distance. Rooms are also decent, cleaned every day. A big plus - the child was with us completely free of charge, he was given a folding bed (very decent) and all food was free for him. Everyone liked the procedures, especially the pearl baths and manual massage. To summarize, this is a good hotel!

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