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Treatment abroad in Israel from St. Petersburg St. Petersburg

Israel has been one of the leaders in the medical tourism market for many years. This area is especially popular among patients from post-Soviet countries. The reasons for this are a short and inexpensive flight, an optimal ratio of price and quality of medical services, and a large number of Russian-speaking medical staff.

Demand creates supply, so there are more and more sites on the Internet offering the organization of treatment in Israel. Both small intermediaries and large companies, including travel agencies, are represented on the market. What is better - contact an intermediary or prefer treatment in Israel through a travel agency? To answer this question, let's try to compare both options.

How clinic and doctor are selected

How the tourist part of the trip is organized

  • Small intermediaries. Usually intermediaries work with a narrow circle of hotels or apartment owners whom they know personally. Their choice is limited. Therefore, if the patient has special needs or wishes (concerning, for example, the price of housing, its proximity to the sea, to the clinic, to the city center, etc.), then intermediaries cannot always satisfy them. Organization of the patient's leisure time when contacting intermediaries usually boils down to walking around the city and going to the nearest supermarket. And of course, the intermediary will not be able to offer preferential terms for the purchase of air tickets.
  • Travel companies. In this case, the patient can count on the widest choice of hotels and apartments, because the selection and booking of accommodation is the main job of travel agencies. They can offer the patient the most convenient option, fully corresponding to his wishes and financial capabilities. In addition, travel agency specialists usually know all the "pitfalls" that may arise when booking hotels or renting apartments in a particular country. Therefore, the risk of getting into an unpleasant situation for the patient in this case is reduced to zero. Usually travel companies offer the patient in addition to the treatment, excursions and other cultural activities. As a rule, travel agencies have strong ties with air carriers. Therefore, they always have great deals regarding air tickets.

Where to go to arrange treatment abroad

Booking Clinic is one of the largest travel companies that organize treatment in the best medical institutions in the world. We will offer you a treatment option that meets all your wishes.

We offer our patients:

  • booking tickets and hotels;
  • meeting at the airport;
  • transfer hotel-clinic, clinic-hotel.

With our help, you will be examined and treated as soon as possible. This will save you money on accommodation and other expenses.

Where to start? Fill in your details in the application form at the end of this page. Within 24 hours after your contact, a consultant doctor of our company will call you. He will offer you a convenient schedule of diagnostic and treatment procedures. The consultation is provided completely free of charge. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

St. Petersburg St. Petersburg is the second largest city in Russia, which is often called the cultural capital, which cannot be said about the level of its medicine.

Many people prefer to travel from St. Petersburg to Israel for treatment abroad. Search in the internet for treatment in Israel St. Petersburg, treatment in Germany St. Petersburg and medical tourism St. Petersburg is also quite popular. This happens when complex surgery is needed and most often after cancer has been detected.

Below are real reviews about treatment in Israel, which give an idea of ​​how patients choose medical tourism and solve their health problems if they doubt Russian doctors.

In St. Petersburg, I was diagnosed with end-stage ovarian cancer with extensive metastases in the abdominal cavity. Immediately I realized that with such a disease as carcinomatosis in St. Petersburg it is useless for me to be treated, the maximum that they can do to extend my life a little, and even that there is little hope for that, we know domestic hospitals.

After reading the stories of cancer patients with a similar diagnosis on the Internet, I decided to contact Tel Aviv CLINIC. After I was diagnosed in Israel, my diagnosis was slightly changed from stage 4 to stage 3. I was immediately prescribed several courses of chemotherapy, after which I was operated on using the new HIPEC procedure. The surgeons did the literal impossible by completely removing the tumor and metastases. Several months have passed and I feel great!

In February last year in St. Petersburg, I underwent an operation to remove a brain tumor. Very little time passed and again the shock - the astrocytoma recurred. Domestic medicine was extremely negative, arguing that there was no chance of salvation. My wife went to Tel Aviv CLINIC and neurosurgeons agreed to take over my treatment.

After I was examined in Israel and the diagnosis was confirmed, it turned out that the operation to remove the brain tumor was done poorly - there were some areas of the tumor. Another operation was required. Surgical intervention lasted more than four hours and all pathological lesions were completely removed. Thanks to Professor Zvi Ram for the quality and scrupulousness of his work, as well as for the hundreds of human lives saved.

After another examination in St. Petersburg, I was faced with a terrible fact - a highly differentiated uterine adenocarcinoma. I have no confidence in domestic medicine, so I immediately turned to Israel, fortunately, there were some savings and the prices there allow me to be treated.

Upon arrival at Tel Aviv CLINIC, I was assigned a diagnosis, during which the original diagnosis was refuted. I didn't have cancer, but precancerous disease. In any case, the doctors advised me to have an operation. After successful surgical treatment abroad, I am healthy again and now I only need to visit the clinic regularly for diagnostics.

I was diagnosed with grade 3 breast cancer. Treatment in St. Petersburg was completely ineffective, in addition, here for some reason I was not given the opportunity to do CT and MRI, initially believing that it was just a fibroadenoma of the breast. Therefore, I decided to go to Israel and was not mistaken - everything was organized at the highest level: the diagnostics were carried out using modern instrumental methods.

The examination results showed the absence of metastases. She underwent surgery to remove the breast tumor followed by chemotherapy to prevent recurrence. All is well already, I am at home, and I am healthy. Thanks to Israeli medicine!

At the age of three, my daughter Sasha was diagnosed with a terrible diagnosis - soft tissue sarcoma. In St. Petersburg, doctors simply threw up their hands and advised, if there is money, to go to Israel for treatment. Within a few days we were on our way to Israel. There, during the first three days, Sasha underwent a detailed diagnosis and prescribed treatment.

The treatment process took us 7 long months, during all this time we were in Israel. We were prescribed chemotherapy courses, irradiation of the affected tissues, and surgery to remove the tumor. Thank God, my Sasha quickly recovered and now my daughter is in remission. Of course, there is still a long way to a full recovery, but we have hope, and this is already great!

If you have health problems and need high-quality medical care abroad, contact Tel Aviv CLINIC, and we will organize medical care for you based on modern achievements of medical science, provide comfortable conditions during treatment in Israel , abroad, professional and effective care.

Well-being in all spheres of life depends on the state of health. Medical care in Israel is carried out at the highest level, the latest technologies are used, highly effective methods are applied. Medical care in Israel is defined as very high quality: many medical institutions use expensive medicines and drugs that are time-tested and provide both recovery and maintenance of the whole body to strengthen the immune system.

If you want to be examined or undergo treatment abroad in Israel, Tel Aviv CLINIC provides all the necessary conditions, which include staying in a cozy and as close to home environment, pleasant and polite service of medical personnel, their professional approach to the point. It should be noted that treatment in Israel does not require much more money than in the countries of the former CIS.

Medical care and medical services in Israel

Treatment in Israel has long established itself in the best possible way and does not need advertising. Take, for example, the side of health care, where a careful selection of experienced doctors with long-term experience and practice of working with advanced methods is carried out, which contributes to the fastest recovery of patients. If you are looking for treatment at affordable prices, of the best quality and you need a reliable doctor?

Tel Aviv CLINIC Medical Center offers medical care services for patients from abroad. The concept of medical tourism in Israel gained popularity almost a decade ago, offering a wide range of medical services at a very affordable price. We have close ties with the most famous hospitals in Israel, which have the latest technology, equipment, qualified doctors.

Tel Aviv CLINIC's international department will help organize patient care, hotel accommodation, transportation, healthcare needs, finding the best solution. Having made a request for treatment in Israel, our clinic will provide the best solution to your health problem and a prosperous return to your homeland.

Medicine in Israel has some of the best specialists in every field, the most competent world-class doctors. Treatment in Israel is very relevant for people who want to find an effective solution to medical problems, especially for those in emergency situations.

Israel offers a high level of medical facilities, incomparable to any other Western country. Israel has modern hospitals and the most qualified doctors. Excellent infrastructure, competitive prices are an excellent choice for the treatment of chronic diseases. In addition to access to specialist skills, patients also have a quality assurance and medical audit.

Hospital International maintains a fixed and transparent payment in accordance with the treatment schedule. Israel, one of the fastest growing countries in medical tourism, remains a favorable destination for foreign patients seeking treatment abroad: surgery, cardiac surgery, spinal surgery, cancer treatment and other diseases.

The concept of medical tourism in Israel is growing steadily as patients from other parts of the world come to receive medical care, relax and travel to the Holy Places. Low cost of treatment in Israel: bone marrow transplant surgery, breast cancer treatment, prostate cancer treatment, liver tumor, hip replacement, cardiac surgery, dental surgery, plastic surgery and much more. Tel Aviv CLINIC maintains high international standards for global healthcare.

The cost of treatment in Israel is comparatively cheaper than the cost of treatment in the United States or Western Europe. For example, heart valve surgery costs about $ 200,000 in the United States, while in Israel the cost of the operation is about $ 50,000, which includes post-operative rehabilitation.

One of the successfully developing areas of the medical services market is a patient visiting another country to receive medical care there. Medical tourism in Israel is well organized, because many patients come here due to both the financial profitability of the treatment and the high quality of the services provided.

The number of foreign patients receiving treatment in this country is constantly growing. For example, in 2010 it amounted to 30 thousand people, and in 2014 this figure was already 60 thousand, and the number of medical tourists is constantly growing. Half of the patients who applied to Israeli clinics are patients from Russia and Eastern Europe.

The main areas of medical tourism in Israel are oncology, hematology and cardiac surgery, as well as reproductive technologies. The clinics of this country are on the first line of the world ranking in terms of the quality of equipment and medical services provided to foreign citizens.

The popularity of the country has determined the emergence of a number of medical tourism agencies here. These are companies that do not deal with treatment themselves, but actively cooperate with the best clinics and can provide a person with the most comfortable stay in Israel and treatment in leading medical centers. More than 30 agencies provide medical tourism to Israel from Russia.

Send inquiries to multiple clinics

Benefits of contacting a medical agency

Ways to arrange treatment

There are two ways to get treatment in Israel:

  • contact the international department of the selected clinic;
  • use the services of a medical agency.

It is impossible for a foreign citizen to get treatment in an Israeli clinic without concluding an appropriate agreement with a provider.

Prices for treatment in Israel are one of the main criteria that foreign patients take into account before deciding to be treated abroad. Many websites indicate the approximate cost of treatment in Israel, and not the actual prices, which do not include the cost of accommodation, meals, air tickets for both the patient and accompanying persons.

The range of prices for treatment abroad varies depending on the level and technical equipment of the hospital, the experience of the attending physician, the accreditation of the medical institution and other factors. Despite the fact that cost is an important aspect, the quality of medical care in an Israeli clinic remains the main argument and source of motivation for residents of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries who cannot receive adequate medical care at their place of residence.

Treatment of one and the same disease can cost differently, depending on the severity of the disease, which can sometimes be fought only with drugs, and sometimes even surgery is not enough, especially in oncology. Some providers offer procedures at lower prices, which is necessarily due to either a decrease in the quality of medical services, or the cost is understated specifically in order to attract a patient who, having arrived at the clinic, is faced with a slightly different order of prices.

Approximate prices and cost of treatment in Israel

Some people seek specialized care from world-class doctors who are experts in their field. In these cases, patients need to understand that they will need to pay more. These additional costs are worth considering due to the expected high level of service. Most patients who are attracted to the low cost end up paying more, but with an uncomfortable feeling.

Estimation and calculation of the preliminary cost of treatment in Israel is carried out by specialists of the international department of our center on the basis of the sent extract of the medical history and the results of the patient's examination at the place of residence. The documents are reviewed by a medical council of specialized doctors of specialists, the result of which is an approximate program of diagnostics and treatment individually for each patient. When optimizing costs, our specialists can help reduce the total cost of the trip by recommending the most effective algorithm for organizing the process, taking into account the nuances that are unknown to foreign patients.

Payment for medical services in the clinic is made before each necessary procedure or consultation in any way convenient for you: cash, VISA or MasterCard, bank transfer. We always try to give a person as much information as possible that can help in preparing for departure and navigate the prices for treatment in Israel.

Budget planning is one of the main points when a patient is going to be treated abroad. We do not publish a voluminous price list, as it does not make sense, because the cost of treatment in Israel is individual for each patient.

Meeting at the airport, transfer to the hotel, from the hotel to the clinic and back is free of charge as part of the diagnostic and treatment program. Hotel reservation: $ 250-320 days - payment at the hotel. It is possible to rent an apartment in Israel for daily rent - the approximate cost is $ 90 - 130 days. Excursions around the country with a personal guide in a car - on request.

The cost of treatment abroad is adjusted in accordance with the changes made by the Israeli Ministry of Health. The preliminary cost of a medical treatment program in Israel is calculated only after the specialists of the center receive a history of the disease and hold an absentee consultation of doctors, which discusses each clinical case individually.

In some cases, prices for treatment abroad are determined only after receiving the results of the examination in an Israeli clinic. It is not difficult to find out approximate prices for budget planning ...

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