Tel Aviv CLINIC reviews and treatment in Israel

Tel Aviv CLINIC reviews and treatment in Israel

Israel is one of the most popular countries for medical tourism. Mainly due to the high standards of the healthcare system, as well as the well-known medical institutions throughout the world. The most complex procedures and operations, which may not be available in other countries, are performed in Israel by specialists with wide experience in their field and at affordable prices, including prosthetic and orthopedic operations, oncology and cancer treatment, infertility, neurosurgery and other medical services.

Health system in Israel

Israel's reputation as one of the leaders in the development of healthcare in various fields of medicine is beyond doubt. Advanced medical resources, highly qualified medical staff, modern medical facilities equipped with the best equipment, and an excellent attitude to patients make Israel's healthcare system one of the most sought after in the world.

There are about 70 medical centers and general hospitals in Israel. Most of them are run by government and non-profit organizations. The Israeli Ministry of Health, in turn, closely monitors the qualifications and certification of doctors and other medical professionals, some of whom have earned a worldwide reputation and recognition as some of the best specialists in their field.

Medical services most in demand among tourists in Israel

Honey. Israeli institutions offer a wide range of advanced services and sophisticated procedures for medical tourists, which include but are not limited to the following:

• Oncology more ..

Israeli medicine is at the highest level in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. In Israel, they treat both the most common oncological diseases, such as breast cancer or prostate cancer, and rather rare ones, such as cancer of the urinary duct.

• Orthopedics more ..

These medical institutions treat various diseases of the joints and spine, as well as injuries, postoperative complications, congenital anomalies of the musculoskeletal system, and so on.

• Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery more ..

Treatment in Israel of cardiovascular diseases is carried out by both conservative medical and surgical methods. Cardiac surgeons are practicing physicians with extensive experience in the largest Israeli hospitals.

People who write reviews about treatment in Israel after returning home, in fact, pass on their valuable experience and recommendations to other patients who have just thought about treatment abroad and are looking for useful information. Reviews on our website are objective recommendations on where to go and who to contact to solve health problems.

If you have undergone a course of diagnostics and treatment, we will be glad to know your opinion about the clinic, doctors and the quality of the organization of the process. Have your expectations been met? What would you advise us to improve the quality of medical care? Your criticism is also very important to us! If you have any comments or suggestions on our site, we will be extremely glad to hear them. Your feedback on treatment in Israel will also be very useful for those who are just about to come.

Write to us! All reviews about treatment in Israel are published about patients who have already used medical care - they will help you get the information of interest and possibly the answer to the question of which clinic or medical tourism company to choose, in any case, we hope that reading reviews about treatment in Israel will turn out to be for you useful.

Reviews of treatment abroad in Israel

You can read people's opinions, which will help you make sure that any problems are solvable if there is a tandem of a patient and a doctor. Testimonials about Tel Aviv CLINIC and treatment in Israel are real life stories of specific people from different countries and cities - word of mouth very often works.

In April last year, a tumor with metastasis was found in my lymph node under my jaw. They offered to undergo a detailed examination, and such a detailed one that it took several weeks, almost a month! My wife and I thought well and decided to undergo treatment in Israel. Found Tel Aviv CLINIC on the Internet and soon went to the medical center. The examination lasted several days, as a result, an accurate diagnosis was made: squamous cell carcinoma of the amygdala at 2 stages. Preparation was prescribed, and then treatment began. I knew that oncology is not sugar and I tuned in to the hard: nausea, weakness, and so on. I must say that everything turned out to be not as scary as I thought, although, of course, it cannot be said that it was completely unnoticed. But not so hard. The therapy lasted seven weeks: five courses of chemotherapy and radiation. In February of this year, I flew to Israel for a control examination. The result is I am completely healthy. Of course, there are side effects from the treatment, and I will be observed for a long time, but ... I'm healthy!

I would like to express my gratitude to Israeli medical specialists. I had a serious cancer, leukemia. There was practically no hope of salvation. I turned to Tel Aviv CLINIC not only in the last hope, but simply decided that while I was alive, I needed to use all the means. In Israel, I was offered a bone marrow transplant, and I agreed to have nothing to lose. Thanks to the high professionalism and competence of the doctors, the procedure was successful and now I have a stable remission. I liked the fact that during the treatment my relatives could be with me and support me. I want to say to Israeli doctors: thank you very much, you are doing a very important job.

During a routine medical examination from work, my daughter found a tumor in her breast. At the family council, it was decided to go to Israel for treatment. Before that, we had no experience in treatment abroad, so we used the Internet and contacted Tel Aviv CLINIC. It turned out to be very successful. They organized our trip and accommodation in the country, everything quickly and well, at the level. Diagnosis was quickly completed, surgery and subsequent chemotherapy were prescribed. Lidochka, my daughter, endured all this rather hard, but the result was worth it, the disease receded, now she is in remission, we hope it will be long. And all thanks to the well-coordinated work of the medical staff and experienced doctors.

When my side began to hurt badly, I went to the hospital. After the examination, I was given a verdict - pancreatic cancer. Domestic doctors refused me, saying that the disease was serious and I had no chance of recovery. But we did not give up. As a result of the search, we ended up in Israel, where they gave us the hope of salvation. Of course, my condition was difficult, but the attending physician was as calm as a boa constrictor. He also advised me not to worry and prescribed chemotherapy. A miracle happened, the cancer receded. During this time, I re-read a bunch of medical literature and I know that I had few chances, and the doctors did a real miracle, although I don’t believe in miracles myself ... Thank you for believing in me!

I have ovarian cancer. In Russia, I took 6 chemistry courses. But the disease did not go away. I was not offered any other treatment, so I decided to go to Israel. I phoned the coordinator of the international department of Tel Aviv CLINIC, everything was quickly decided and organized, I came for treatment. I will not say that the treatment program in Israel was special, no. But! Everything is completely different and the clinic, and the attitude towards patients, everything in general. Here I felt like a man, and not a burden for doctors, as in Russia. As a result, after the operation and three courses of chemotherapy, I began to feel good. The doctors said that the likelihood of a relapse is small, but you need to be checked regularly ... which I do.

To draw up a preliminary program of diagnostics and treatment in our clinic, as well as estimate the approximate cost, please fill out the contact form and send us an extract of the medical history.

Treatment in Israel is recognized as one of the most effective in the world. Here the patient is provided with high quality medical services. The results of treatment in this country are always impressive. This is primarily due to specialists who, in addition to medical practice, have deep scientific knowledge. Most often, Israeli clinics are not only medical institutions, but also scientific bases of universities. Thus, the volume of doctors' knowledge is very wide and is constantly growing. Diagnostics and treatment in Israel attract people from all over the world, because with a high level of services, their cost is much lower than in the United States and even in many European countries. Israeli clinics are equipped with the latest technology, use both traditional and newest methods of treatment, here you can participate in experimental programs that allow you to get positive results in the most difficult cases. Enter your name, phone number and get a price quote from the best clinics abroad. 'data-modal-image ='/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/Dan-Grisaro2. ng '> Get exact prices

Leading clinics abroad

Clinics in Israel: where and how to choose treatment

Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov)

One of the largest multidisciplinary medical institutions in Israel, providing a full range of services and conducting scientific research, is the Sourasky Medical Center in Tel Aviv. This center has 1,300 hospital beds, 170 polyclinics and 60 inpatient departments. More than 1250 doctors work here, 10% of whom have the title of professor, more than 1000 nurses and 750 technical medical personnel. The qualifications of specialists, equipment, comfortable conditions for patients - all this puts the Sourasky Center on a par with the best medical institutions in the world. Special attention is paid to the treatment of leukemia in Israel. It is not for nothing that Israel is leading in such an indicator as the survival rate of cancer patients.

Treatment in Israel at the Sheba Center

Sheba Medical Center is the same age as the State of Israel. Today he is the pride of the country. Sheba is located not far from Tel Aviv. The center consists of medical and rehabilitation departments, which is a significant advantage. In total, this medical institution has 120 departments, 30 different clinics and institutes. The first test-tube baby in Israel was born at Sheba, and the first successful artificial heart transplants were performed here. This multidisciplinary center includes:

  • Institute of Oncology, Genetics and Cardiology,
  • Burn Center,
  • Institute of Obstetrics and Artificial Insemination Gynecology,
  • Gertner Institute of Epidemiology and Public Health,
  • Center for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery,
  • Center for Bone Marrow Transplant,
  • Israel's National Blood and Stem Cell Banks.

What attracts patients from all over the world to Assuta?

Watch a video about Assuta clinic in Israel:

  • Unique effective methods of treating oncological diseases,
  • Significant successes of specialists in the center for the study of multiple sclerosis,
  • Unique operations in pediatric cardiology departments, urological and orthopedic surgery,
  • Success of the pediatric rehabilitation center,
  • The work of the pediatric psychiatry center.

Thousands of patients visit Israel every year to receive high quality medical services at an affordable price. There are dozens of modern medical centers in the country, where you can take advantage of the latest achievements in oncology, neurosurgery, reproductive medicine or.

Thousands of patients visit Israel every year to receive high quality medical services at an affordable price. There are dozens of modern medical centers in the country, where you can take advantage of the latest achievements in oncology, neurosurgery, reproductive medicine or other high-tech branches of medicine.


Why choose Israel?

Israel is considered one of the best options for value for money. Here you can get treatment cheaper than in the USA or Western Europe, but get medical services of the same high level.

Several reasons why you should go to Israel for treatment:

  • Israel was ranked sixth in the Bloomberg annual healthcare performance index in 2019. This country has moved up one position compared to 2018.
  • In the rating of the International Center for Health Research (IHRC), Israel ranks first in the quality of medical services, among 41 countries of the world.
  • 20 Israeli clinics already have JCI accreditation. There is no doubt about the quality of the medical services they provide.
  • Israeli doctors are considered some of the best in the world. They train not only in local hospitals, but also in the USA and Europe. The total period of study and internship is 12-13 years.
  • Patients are examined and treated using the latest equipment. Leading Israeli clinics use the O-ARM computerized navigation systems, the Da Vinci robot assistant for operations, the SpineAssist device for spinal surgery, and the IRE NanoKnife device.
  • Minimally invasive treatment is preferred. Whenever possible, doctors try to do without surgeries, and if they are necessary, they are performed with access through the body's natural openings or minimal incisions on the body.
  • In Israel, you can not only undergo treatment, but also improve the body. The country is located in several climatic zones. The climate here is unique. Israel is located on the shores of the Mediterranean, Red, Dead Sea and Sea of ​​Galilee.

Medical tourists are attracted by the high efficiency of operations and complex procedures, the low risk of complications, the possibility of minimally invasive treatment and quick recovery.

Israel Medical Tourism Association makes treatment in this country safe for the patient. This organization works in partnership with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Tourism. It removes unscrupulous medical tourism companies from the market and provides patients with legal support. In the hospitals that are members of the Association, you are guaranteed to receive high-quality services.

Medical tourism revenues in Israel

Generally, the medical tourism industry has developed in large cities of the country. Oncology, neurosurgery, cardiac surgery and other high-tech branches of medicine are in the greatest demand.

Among public hospitals, the leaders in terms of medical tourism revenues are:

  • Sourasky Medical Center (Tel Aviv) - about $ 22 million per year;
  • Sheba Medical Center - $ 12 million per year;
  • Rambam Medical Center in Haifa - $ 8 million per year.

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