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Each clinic, which is presented in this section, has world-renowned doctors in its staff. All clinics are equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment. In addition, they provide their patients with comfortable accommodation at the level of a five-star hotel.

CorSwiss offers treatment in leading Swiss private clinics. Our partners' clinics are located in almost all regions of Switzerland, including such large cities as Zurich, Geneva, Lausanne and Bern.

Thanks to the official partnership with the Genolier Swiss Medical Network and cooperation with other private medical institutions, we organize treatment at the highest level.

Swiss clinics are famous for their professional approach to each patient. They provide the highest quality service not only in medical matters, but also related services.

The University Hospital Zurich provides a huge range of medical services from primary care to highly qualified, and it is also one of the largest and most popular clinics in Switzerland.

One of the most famous clinics in Zurich with a beautiful view of the lake and city. More than 5,000 people are treated here annually.

One of the most famous wellness centers in Europe. And all thanks to the thermal complex, which was visited by the Russian aristocrats of the 19th century. This is the mecca of spa tourism.

The new clinic, founded in 2012, has already firmly entered the list of the most prestigious institutions in the world for the rehabilitation and treatment of addictions.

The most exclusive addiction rehabilitation and treatment center in the world. Located near Lake Zurich with easy access to the Alps.

Since its inception in 2003, Swiss Smile has stood for a shiny and healthy smile. 12 clinics in Switzerland provide a full range of professional dentistry services.

Ars Medica, founded in 1989, has established itself as the clear leader in orthopedic surgery and musculoskeletal traumatology in Switzerland.

The CALDA premium clinic specializes in the rehabilitation of patients with mental disorders and in-depth diagnostics of mental states.

The name speaks for itself: this clinic is a whole world created for men who want to transform.

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A unique program of cleansing the body - "Peptide rejuvenation" - prices from 69 thousand rubles for 7 nights

Detox tour to Crimea 10 days in a 5 * hotel, 100m. from the sea - prices from 100 thousand rubles. in DBL room

A unique program for the treatment of chronic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis in Sochi using the Pegano and Matsesta diet in the Adlerkurort sanatorium - prices from 23800 rubles for 7 nights

The sanatorium accepts children from infancy - literally from birth, while the stay of young guests who are under 2 years old is not paid, and for kids from 2 to 4 years old there is a special price - 1500 rubles per day.

Detox for 11 days Detox Aqua-Therm in the sanatorium "Mashuk Aqua-Therm", Zheleznovodsk, Russia - prices from 90,000 rubles per person.

Weight loss, detox and rejuvenation and regeneration programs in the resorts of Turkey: Le Méridien Resort & Residences 5 hotel * - prices from 1545 euros

Overweight program, metabolic restoration in adults and children, obesity treatment in Serbia in Zlatibor in the sanatorium "Chigota" - prices for 2 weeks from 745 euros

Safe weight loss in Russia using the ERL method (Endoecological rehabilitation according to Levin). Detox programs for seniors, cleansing the body in 7 days: liver, kidneys, intestines, skin, joints, blood vessels. Prices from 65 thousand rubles

Spa treatment at the thermal spa with iodine-containing therapies Bad Hall in Austria (dry eye treatment) - prices from 399 euros

Fasting programs in Austria at the thermal resort of Bad Hall: Hotel Miraverde **** - prices from € 969 per person. per package

Weight loss program with elements of curative fasting from 811 euros for 9 nights, rehabilitation and treatment program "Healthy Heart" from 765 euros for a package in the Hunguest Hotel Bál Resort 4 *, Hungary, Lake Balaton


The combination of tourism and treatment is very popular in the world today. This makes it possible for patients not to focus on the state of the disease, but to perceive a trip to the clinic as a kind of voyage. From such a journey, patients arrive healthy, rested and full of impressions.

Switzerland is the leader in treatment + tourism

  • Proximity to Geneva International Airport;
  • Compact location allows for the greatest range of services;
  • Picturesque lake and Alps with their clear water, mountain air and special climate contribute to recovery;
  • It is possible to combine treatment and tourism, which is very convenient.

If you have a desire to receive a full range of medical and tourism services at the same time, come to the Lake Geneva region. Here, within a few minutes drive from each other, there are many private clinics that provide treatment in a wide variety of areas.

Famous clinics near Lake Geneva

These institutions provide a full range of diagnostics, consultations and treatment in all areas of medicine, from minor troubles - adenoids to oncology. Of course, you should not go around all the clinics in a row, it is enough to contact the most suitable one before the trip. You will be signed up for a consultation and diagnostics at the right time, and then you yourself will decide which range of services to choose.

  • The Lehmann Clinic deals with anti-aging issues. The treatment is carried out with biological cells Celle vital - this technique is unique and has no analogues. At the same time, there is a complete renewal of body cells, an increase in protective functions, an improvement in the work of all organs and systems. This method perfectly helps with stress, nervous disorders, decreased immunity;
  • De La Tour is a multidisciplinary hospital with a wide range of services, its own emergency department and a well-equipped intensive care unit;
  • Genoliere, located halfway between Geneva and Lausanne, perhaps one of the largest in the country. The widest range of any medical services is provided here. The advantage of this clinic is that the patient and their relatives can live side by side in the Genolier residence - a comfortable hotel built just for this.
  • Generale-Beaulieu is another large Swiss medical institution located in Geneva. It has a large private center for medical radiology. It has the most modern equipment for radiography, MRI, scanning, ultrasound, radiography and mammography. The clinic is equipped with a fast spiral-type scanner and IRM 1. Tesla with a powerful gradient system that allows you to work in the fast Echoplanar technique.
  • Grangett Clinic. The staff and atmosphere of the clinic make every effort to ensure that the birth goes without problems and ends with the birth of a healthy baby. In this medical institution, more than one and a half thousand people are born a year, during the eighty years of the clinic's existence more than one hundred thousand births have taken place here.

The only thing that can be said about medical equipment and personnel is that they are the best in all of Europe. That is why in local clinics you can meet patients who speak different languages.

Useful with pleasant

Treatment can be combined with sightseeing in the area, hiking in scenic surroundings, relaxing on the shores of Lake Geneva and shopping. All conditions have been created for this in the tourist capital of Switzerland and its environs. Some clinics even offer excursion vouchers.

Now all the clinics in the country are focusing on outpatient care and day hospital in order to free up patients time for exploring this beautiful country. This means that you can stay in a hotel, and go to the clinic only on a schedule to perform diagnostics and manipulations.

Experts from the World Health Organization called Switzerland one of the best medicine in the world. Local hospitals hold the leading position in Europe in terms of equipment, which is not surprising, given that almost half of all medical equipment, famous throughout the world for its excellence and reliability, is produced here. Switzerland is an attractive location for research, development and manufacturing in the medical technology sector.

One of the most famous Swiss developments is the FEMTO LDV Z4 femtosecond laser for laser vision correction using the Z-Lasik technique, which is recognized as the best such device in the world. Its use reduces the trauma of the procedure and ensures the creation of a perfectly smooth surface of the corneal flap. Among other achievements of local medical scientists is the creation of an innovative hydrogel to restore damaged cartilage and meniscus, which allows the joint to withstand friction, deformation and mechanical stress.

Back in 1899, the General Beaulieu Clinic opened in Geneva, which today is one of the leading medical centers in Switzerland. Over the more than a century history of its existence, the clinic was rebuilt several times, and now the equipment in the departments of the clinic is regularly changed. So, a few years ago, a center for robotic and endoscopic surgery was opened in the hospital. Some operations in the clinic are carried out using the Da Vinci robot, a unique robotic surgeon capable of performing surgical manipulations of any complexity.

Today, Générale Beaulieu employs about 400 employees, and each year the clinic serves up to 10,000 patients (Swiss citizens and foreigners). General Beaulieu is a member of the elite club of the best clinics in Switzerland. The medical institution offers its patients comfortable rooms with TV, Internet access, a bathroom and other amenities so that the patient does not need anything.

Currently, the clinic operates the following departments and centers:

  • The Nuclear Medicine Center is the pride of the General Beaulieu Clinic. The center was opened in 2003 and today is considered one of the largest and most advanced nuclear medicine centers in Switzerland.
  • The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology has been operating for over 20 years. The department is equipped with all the necessary equipment that allows you to take physiological childbirth or childbirth with complications. And in 2005, the clinic opened an artificial insemination center.
  • Resuscitation department.
  • Department of Ophthalmology. This department employs the best Swiss ophthalmologists who are able to solve vision problems of any complexity.
  • Physiotherapy department. The department uses a variety of physiotherapy techniques aimed at the fastest recovery of the body.

  • Neurological rehabilitation. Patients with diseases of the nervous system (including Alzheimer's and Parkinson's) undergo rehabilitation here. The Valmont Clinic also offers excellent rehabilitation programs for stroke patients, patients with multiple sclerosis, memory impairments, tumors of the brain and spinal cord, diseases of the spine, epilepsy and other pathologies of the nervous system.
  • Orthopedic rehabilitation. This center deals with the recovery of patients after injuries and operations on the musculoskeletal system. The Valmont Clinic offers rehabilitation programs for patients with inflammatory joint diseases, fractures and patients who have undergone prosthetics.
  • Cardiovascular rehabilitation. Patients who have undergone various diseases of the heart and blood vessels undergo rehabilitation here, including patients who underwent valve replacement, coronary artery bypass grafting and even heart transplantation.

In addition to the above services, the Valmont Clinic also offers services for weight correction, normalization of metabolic processes, getting rid of bad habits, treatment of stress and neuropsychiatric disorders.

For nearly 50 years, the Lausanne Plastic Surgery Center has been providing patients with first-class medical services in aesthetic medicine. Every year, the clinic's specialists serve thousands of patients who leave grateful reviews about the clinic.

The surgeons of the Lausanne Center for Plastic Surgery help patients with various congenital and acquired defects, cosmetic defects resulting from injuries and accidents. It uses advanced techniques to correct the appearance of the face, abdomen, hips, chest and other parts of the body. Overweight patients are offered modern lipolysis and liposuction programs.

It is widely known that Switzerland is considered one of the most developed countries in the field of medicine. At the mere mention of treatment in Switzerland, a picture immediately appears before your eyes: comfortable, bright rooms, highly qualified personnel, state-of-the-art equipment and the best clinics.

Swiss Medicine

As you know, Switzerland is among the top countries with the most developed medicine, and Swiss clinics have enormous capabilities in this area. Switzerland is the country with the most developed medical services sector in Europe. It is not in vain that more and more foreign citizens come here every year.

According to the international organization WHO, the Swiss health care system is one of the most efficient medical systems in the world. The medical services provided here are considered to be of the highest quality and efficiency. Only Israeli clinics can compare with the level of Swiss medicine.

Benefits of treatment in Switzerland

Treatment abroad is becoming more and more popular nowadays, therefore, patients who choose abroad often have their eyes wide open, since the choice is really great. It is not for nothing that Switzerland is preferred by many medical tourists. A wide range of modern types of medical services are provided here, and the quality of service in this country is at the highest level.

Other benefits of treatment in Switzerland include:

  • the highest quality and modern medical equipment;
  • highly qualified specialists with a worldwide reputation;
  • modern methods of treatment and diagnostics;
  • accurate diagnostics;
  • the best healthcare system;
  • perfectly equipped and comfortable clinics;
  • an individual approach to the treatment of each patient.

Diagnostics in Switzerland

The most promising modern direction of Swiss medicine is diagnostics, both complex and multidisciplinary specialized. In this, Switzerland has achieved amazing results, enabling anyone to receive reliable and most complete information about their own health. In Switzerland, they are able to diagnose even the most complex diseases most accurately and effectively. Specialists of the country's clinics are well aware that without a quick and accurate definition of the disease, its subsequent treatment is impossible. Therefore, special attention is paid to diagnostics here.

Switzerland uses completely different types of diagnostics. For example:

  • ambulatory ;
  • profile ;
  • ultrasound diagnostics and examination (3D, 4D);
  • laboratory;
  • cardiological ;
  • prophylactic and others.

In Switzerland, a complex analysis is often used in order to identify the disease as quickly and efficiently as possible. The same approaches are applied to treatment in Sweden.

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