Substance or real presence of a company in Cyprus remotely

IVF Center Dünya

Cyprus Mediterranean Hospital, also known as Achillion Hospital, is committed to providing comfortable, high-quality treatment and patient safety.

The hospital has a modern intensive care unit with 7 beds, fully equipped to provide quality emergency medicine.

The clinic has 7 modern operating rooms, including rooms for robotic surgery.

Patients are provided with comfortable 1- and 2-bed rooms with private bathrooms, a staff call system with all necessary furniture.

Cyprus Mediterranean Hospital: medical care for local and international patients

The Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus is a modern private medical facility of a wide profile, located in the city of Limassol. The hospital offers comprehensive medical care for local and foreign patients.

Opened in 2013, the hospital regularly accepts foreign patients for treatment.

In addition to the hospital, the hospital has a polyclinic, an emergency department, operating rooms and a heart catheterization laboratory. The hospital's activities cover almost all medical specialties.

percent patient satisfaction rate

Cyprus Mediterranean Hospital: Wide Range of Medical Services

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The tax advantages of Cyprus have been known to everyone for a long time, therefore the flow of those wishing to register a business in this particular country has not significantly decreased for many years. At the same time, all new laws and regulations restrict the use of Cypriot companies solely for tax optimization purposes. Substens or real presence is becoming one of the most important concepts in tax planning, since it depends on it whether the company is eligible for tax benefits. In this regard, we are ready to offer you the service of remote registration of a subsistence (real presence) company in Cyprus.

It should be remembered that the mere fact of registration of a company in Cyprus is not enough for it to be considered a tax resident of this jurisdiction. For this, it is necessary to organize a real presence of the company in Cyprus. Companies that cannot provide evidence of their real presence in the country attract increased attention from the regulatory authorities and are at risk of abandoning tax residency.

Substance (real presence) in Cyprus - what is it?

Substance (real presence) has become one of the main concepts in the world of tax planning. Substance is used in tax treaties for the avoidance of double taxation, as well as in national laws on controlled foreign companies. The presence of a real economic presence of the company in the country of tax residence gives the taxpayer the opportunity to prove that the company is carrying out real economic activity.

Establishing a Substance in Cyprus will allow you to effectively manage tax risks when doing international business and take full advantage of the tax advantages of a Cyprus company.

Signs of economic presence may vary and differ from country to country. Cyprus legislation does not clearly describe the concept of economic presence. However, a form recently released by the Cyprus Tax Office asks for the following information in order to obtain tax residency:

  • Is the company incorporated in Cyprus?
  • Is the company tax resident only in Cyprus?
  • Are the majority of directors' meetings held in Cyprus? <
  • Minutes of directors' meetings are prepared and kept in Cyprus?
  • Does the board of directors oversee and make key management and commercial decisions in the area of ​​operations and general policy of the company?
  • Are most of the directors of the company tax residents of Cyprus?
  • Are shareholder meetings held in Cyprus?
  • Has the company issued any powers of attorney?
  • Are the company's accounting records in Cyprus?
  • Are there agreements in Cyprus that relate to the business and assets of the company?
  • Are financial reporting functions performed by representatives of the company located in Cyprus?
  • Have all required tax returns been completed?
  • Was a self-tax report completed? Price and related tax payments for past tax periods?

Positive answers to these questions will help you achieve the status of a Cyprus tax resident.

Substance (real presence) in Cyprus: company registration

The requirements for Cypriot companies are established by the Cyprus Companies Law, Cap. 13. One of the most cost-effective business structures has traditionally been limited liability companies.

Share capital

There is no minimum share capital requirement for a Cyprus company. The recommended share capital is 1000 EUR, the amount of which is issued in 1000 shares, 1 EUR each.


Annual statistical analysis by leading experts in the field of economics and tourism has shown that the number of patients who wish to undergo treatment in Israel is increasing by 10% every year.

Differences between medical tourism and health tourism

It is very important to feel the line between medical tourism, when a trip to Israel or any other country in the world is carried out for the purpose of carrying out a complex operation or diagnostic examination, and health tourism, when a person travels abroad to visit a clinic or boarding house, which practicing folk or other alternative methods of treatment. For example, in Israel, you can count more than a dozen world-famous clinics and natural healing springs, including the Dead Sea, Hamey Gaash hot springs, Hamat Gader therapeutic baths, Ein Gedi SPA and other health resources that so attract tourists.

The three main objectives of medical tourism

In just five years, the number of tourists arriving for medical care in Israel has increased significantly. It may seem that this situation is related to low prices for treatment. For example, if heart surgery in the United States of America costs 30 thousand dollars, and in India it is only 4 thousand, then it is logical to assume that most people suffering from diseases of the circulatory system will go to Indian doctors. Indeed, in 2007, India was visited by 250 thousand medical tourists from America. But at the same time, 400 thousand patients from other countries came to America in the same year for treatment, despite the fact that the prices for treatment in the country are quite high. And this is not surprising, because the United States of America is among the leaders in the quality of medical services and the use of high technologies. Consequently, high quality treatment is preferred by patients over low cost. Israel compares favorably with many countries, as this country ideally combines a high level of service, the experience of doctors known all over the world, ultra-modern equipment and innovative techniques with quite affordable democratic prices.

Several reasons for the rapidly growing popularity of medical tourism:

  • insufficient development of medicine in other countries;
  • absence or shortage of highly specialized specialists;
  • overpriced prices for certain operations; <
  • a long wait to get the required procedures. For example, in the United States, FDA approval is required before any procedure is carried out;
  • bans on certain medications and procedures, including abortion, organ implantation, etc.

Israel Medical Tourism in Figures

According to statistics, they come to Israel annually as medical tourists:

  • Germans - 2%;
  • Russians - 4%;
  • Ukrainians - 4% more than 450 cancer patients).

Thus, out of the total number of medical tourists, patients from Russia and Ukraine account for almost half, that is, 48%. The remaining 52% are patients from other countries:

  • USA. Mainly due to problems with insurance;
  • Eastern Europe (Bulgarians, Romanians, Poles);
  • countries of the former USSR;
  • Jordan;
  • Turkey ;
  • Cyprus.

General information

Today, the Dunya IVF Center occupies a leading position among reproductive health clinics in Europe in terms of the effectiveness of artificial insemination procedures. Experienced doctors and medical staff, as well as the modern equipment of the clinic have allowed thousands of patients to become happy parents.

  • Foundation year - 2008
  • Reproductive health quality index GCR - 2.33 (among 559 clinics in Europe)
  • IVF procedure efficiency index among clinics in Europe - 7th place in the ranking

Main medical areas of the Dünya Clinic

The clinic specializes in family planning and reproductive medicine. today, it is here that effective treatment in Cyprus of male and female infertility is carried out with the help of artificial insemination. Before starting treatment, complex diagnostics are carried out here, including genetic testing, which allows you to maximize the results of IVF.

The clinic's activities for treatment abroad are carried out in the following areas:

  • sperm donation;
  • embryo donation;
  • egg donation;
  • embryo freezing;
  • egg freezing;
  • genetic diagnosis before implantation;
  • surrogacy;
  • IVF microinjection (ICSI).

The main feature of the clinic is that all patients can choose the gender of their child, which is not always offered by other reproductive centers.

Why do patients from all over the world choose treatment at the Dünya IVF Center?

Patients choose the clinic due to the following advantages:

  • High rates of treatment efficiency. The clinic's doctors are actively working to improve the quality of IVF in accordance with international standards. The same approaches are used by leading clinics in Israel and other countries.
  • The latest technology and equipment. At the Dünya Center, equipment is constantly being modernized, and doctors are regularly upgraded. Here they follow the latest developments in the field of IVF and reproductology, investing in new equipment and equipment for a diagnostic laboratory. The work uses the Embryoscope PLUS installation to achieve the best results.
  • International certification ISO 9001: 2008. All procedures carried out in the clinic. correspond to the international quality standard, which speaks of the world level of the center. By the way, the same standards are used in the treatment of cancer in Israel.
  • Hatching an embryo with IVF is a unique procedure in which the embryo is fixed, which significantly increases the results of fertilization. In the clinic, this technique is included in the standard treatment program and is absolutely free.
  • Genetic screening of donors. it is quite natural that patients who undergo fertilization procedures with the help of donation are worried about their future children being healthy. In this center, special genetic diagnostics of all donors is carried out, which makes it possible to avoid the presence of pathologies in the development of the child.
  • The largest egg bank in Cyprus. It uses the latest egg cryo-freezing technology. It was here that the egg bank was created for the first time in Cyprus, which today is the largest in the region.
  • Ethnic donor groups and no waiting lists. All donation programs are designed for different categories of patients, which allows us to meet any patient's expectations. At the same time, due to the large donor base in the clinic's clients, there are no problems with long waiting for their turn for IVF.
  • Complete anonymity. In accordance with local laws, donor programs must be conducted anonymously. This is the main advantage of IVF in Cyprus compared to other countries where such conditions are not always observed.
  • Multilingual patient coordination support. Since the patients of the clinic come here from different parts of the world, the staff of the center speaks different languages. So, the staff here works, speaking Russian, English, Turkish, Arabic and French. By the way, such approaches are used in medical tourism centers providing cancer treatment abroad.
  • Treatment of elderly patients, as well as same-sex couples. Subject to certain conditions and criteria, the clinic carries out fertilization or a search for a surrogate mother for these categories of patients.
  • Affordable pricing policy. They are trying to make IVF and surrogacy available to all patients who want to have children. Here is the best ratio of indicators of a successful pregnancy and the price of all procedures. A similar policy applies to the pricing of treatment in Israel.
  • Strict confidentiality. Patients can be sure that information about them will not get to third parties.

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