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Tropical paradise in India: Kerala from A to Z

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“India's booming pharmaceutical industry is not only an excellent source of innovation and job creation, but has also grown into a needy global healthcare provider. During the COVID-19 pandemic, India demonstrated exemplary international cooperation by sending valuable medicines to many. India is now world renowned for its pharmaceutical innovation and the production of high quality medicines at low cost. This sector is a rising industry in the country. I congratulate Invest India for carefully complementing efforts to unlock the enormous potential of the pharmaceutical industry. "

- Sri Mansuk Mandavia Minister of State for Shipping (Independent Collection), Chemicals and Fertilizers, Government of India

“By sending vital medicines to the world during the Covid-19 pandemic, India has more than ever proved that it deserves to be called the 'Pharmacy of the World'. India's pharmaceutical sector is not only growing at a healthy pace, but also contributing to economic growth, but also contributing significantly to India's exports. I congratulate Invest India on preparing the final pharmaceuticals report showing the phenomenal potential of this sector. With the launch of four programs by the Government of India, India is expected to move towards self-reliance in critical APIs and medical devices. "/ P>

- Dr. P. VagelaSecretary, Pharmaceuticals Department, Ministry of Chemistry and Fertilizers, Government of India

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has aptly described India as the "pharmacy of the world", shipping much-needed medicines to dozens of countries during the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the years, renowned pharmaceutical companies in India have pioneered innovations, especially in providing essential medicines at the most affordable prices to the regions that need them most. India's pharmaceutical sector is set to reach new heights in a post-pandemic world as the world turns to India to make the best medicines available to millions at the most affordable cost. This report details the countless achievements and opportunities of the Indian pharmaceutical sector, and I hope you enjoy reading it. ”

- Sri Deepak BaglaManaging Director & CEO Invest India

Executive summary

The Indian state of Kerala has a reputation for being the quietest and safest in the entire country. Representatives of different religious denominations live side by side here, and the lush vegetation of the resort and beaches with white sand tune in to a harmonious holiday in Kerala, India. The prices, entertainment and attractions of the resort are designed for tourists with different incomes who value tranquility in everything.

How to get there?

Moscow is connected by air with the state capital - Trivandrum and the city of Cochin. There are no direct flights. Docking usually takes place in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, depending on the carrier company. One-way ticket - from 270 euros.

Peculiarities of rest in Kerala

The climate in Kerala is fairly even and mild. There is no specific rainy season, precipitation is possible at any time. Monsoon periods are observed in June-July and throughout October. The maximum air temperature up to 36 * C is observed in March-April, in the remaining months the thermometer does not show more than 28 degrees, night temperatures - 18-25 * C. The high season starts in December and ends in April.

Resorts built on the narrow beach strip of Kerala, mostly Ayurvedic centers. As a rule, each of the resorts is located in close proximity to lagoons with a clean beach and calm sea.

This list is not exhaustive. Interesting, for example, is the only beach in all of India where you can drive a car - Muzhapilangad.

While vacationing in Kerala, it is worth visiting the local reserves:

  • Periyar is the largest nature reserve in the South of India, where over a thousand elephants, over 40 tigers and about 400 bird species live on a vast territory. There is a reptile park and a deer nursery.
  • The Periyar Tiger Reserve, where, in addition to the main inhabitants, rare plant species grow and are protected.
  • Kumarakom is a bird sanctuary, a walk here is an opportunity to see about 500 species of birds and just walk through the picturesque area.

There are several national parks in the state of Kerala, the most famous of which is Eravikulam, with an area of ​​almost 100 square meters. m. On its lands is the highest Himalayan mountain in southern India - Anamudi, and is home to a large number of insects, birds and mammals. Meetings with panthers, tigers, wild boars and other very dangerous animals are possible.

When traveling in Kerala, it is worth seeing picturesque lakes, among them:

  • Peryar is an artificially created reservoir, to which elephants descend to drink. True, you can see this only in the summer months, when the lake becomes shallow.
  • Vembanad is the longest lake in India, with an area of ​​over 2000 sq. m. In the middle of it there are several islands, which you can get to on special floating houses, in addition to transporting tourists, they function as mini-hotels.

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