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Medical tourism in Israel with Ichilov clinic

Ichilov Hospital, Sourasky Clinic - a team of highly qualified doctors and advanced medical technologies. The Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov) is one of the best medical and diagnostic institutions in Israel, constantly introducing the latest methods of treatment and diagnostics using high medical technologies.

The Ichilov Clinic in Tel Aviv is an international medical center for hematology and stem cell transplantation. Cardiac surgeons Ichilov have the highest authority, masterly performing coronary angioplasty and coronary artery bypass grafting operations, as well as unique open heart operations.

The medical center includes Ichilov Hospital, Sami Ofer Institute of Cardiology, Lis Obstetrics and Gynecology Center, Dana Children's Hospital, Department of Rehabilitation. Ida Souraski. The medical staff has more than 6,000 employees, of which 1,250 are medical specialists in various medical fields, 300 of whom have a professor's degree. Inpatient, outpatient treatment, any diagnosis, as well as rehabilitation in Israel after surgery.

The Ichilov Sourasky Clinic is located in Tel Aviv. It is one of the largest medical centers in Israel, an advanced medical institution in every respect, enjoying well-deserved fame among Israelis and recognition among the international medical community.

The medical center includes the Sourasky clinic itself (Ichilov is the old name of the clinic, nevertheless, it is still used by the residents of Tel Aviv and not only by them), the Ida Souraski rehabilitation center, the Lis obstetrics and neonatology center and Dana Pediatric Clinic.

At the Sourasky - Ichilov Medical Center there is a private company that organizes medical care in the same volume as a public hospital, but with the best doctors and in conditions of increased comfort.

For patients from abroad, our advantages of treatment at the Ichilov hospital are that they are treated not by the attending physician on duty, but by world luminaries in all specializations, while there is an opportunity to choose their own attending physician, as well as consultation.

You can order additional amenities and services from us so that the treatment process takes place with maximum convenience. At the same time, absolutely all diagnostic and treatment procedures of the Ichilov hospital are available to the patients of the clinic.

Ichilov Clinic - Sourasky Hospital

The Ichilov Souraski Medical Center, in addition to its activity as a clinic, is the center of scientific activity in the field of medicine, physiology, pharmacology, as well as the clinical base of the Tel Aviv Medical University, therefore, most of the doctors of the clinic conduct teaching and research work. The following specialized centers operate on the basis of the Ichilov hospital:

In the 21st century, diseases are rapidly spreading throughout the world. And although various kinds of pandemics that kill thousands of people rarely break out, more and more diseases appear that are quite difficult to cure in principle, and with Russian medicine it is especially difficult.

For this reason, medical tourism is gaining more and more popularity: people go to other countries in search of more progressive treatment. Israel has been one of the most popular countries for treatment for several years, in particular the Ichilov clinic, which is located in Tel Aviv.

Ichilov is a whole complex of institutions that work in different fields. Tel Aviv clinic Ichilov includes:

  • general hospital;
  • children's hospital;
  • maternity hospital;
  • women's health center;
  • heart institute;
  • rehabilitation center.

In addition, the Ichilov medical center has its own school for training doctors and a research center.

Due to this, treatment at the Ichilov center allows you to receive the widest possible range of medical services and solve any medical problem.

This center is one of the largest in Israel, only highly qualified specialists with international diplomas, known throughout the world, work here. Each of them has an impeccable reputation, which they care a lot about, and vast experience in their field. In addition, the center collaborates with major clinics in Europe and the United States.

The Ichilov Clinic has existed since 1961 and currently occupies an area of ​​150 thousand square meters. The hospital consists of 12 buildings, in which a total of about 6,000 people work, of which 1,300 are doctors. About 200 thousand people visit the clinic annually.

In 2014, the center passed the world accreditation of a very high level, earning 1280 points out of 1300 possible.

One of the advantages of treatment in Israel is the practice of medical tourism, which is also available at the Ichilov Medical Center. A special department, which is formed of world-class specialists, works with foreign patients. When contacting this department, the patient essentially goes to the hospital directly, without any intermediaries, so he does not need to pay commissions or additional fees to intermediaries.

Benefits of treatment in Israel

Israel is one of the leading countries in the development of medicine. Taking into account the high-quality service and excellent results of the center's work, the cost of services in the clinic can be called quite reasonable in comparison with treatment in hospitals in Europe or the United States. At the same time, the treatment is in no way inferior to a similar proposal from other developed countries. All services in the clinic have a different cost depending on the complexity of the treatment and the service itself. To receive an individual price offer, the patient can contact the medical tourism department and find out all prices in order to draw conclusions about the advisability of a trip to Israel.

Sourasky Medical Center is one of the largest public hospitals in Israel. He has been treating patients for over 60 years. This multidisciplinary medical center includes about 150 different clinics and more than 60 departments of the most diverse focus.

Every year, over 70 thousand patients undergo inpatient treatment in the hospital, and several hundred thousand people in the clinic's emergency center. Medical care is provided at the level of recognized world standards.

Sourasky Hospital (it also has the unofficial name Ichilov) is the largest scientific medical center in Israel. It is the scientific base of the Tel Aviv University, and a university training center operates here.

The hospital is conveniently located in the heart of Tel Aviv.

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What is treated at Sourasky Hospital?

All existing diseases are treated at the Sourasky MC. Here you can go through any surgeries and procedures - from laboratory tests to complex combined surgeries for cancer and beating heart surgeries.

Prostate cancer treatment in Israel, breast cancer treatment, lung cancer treatment is carried out by renowned medical specialists: Moshe Inbar, Shlomo Schneibaum and Ofer Merimsky.

The doctors of the clinic have achieved the greatest success in the treatment of oncological diseases:

  • It was at the Sourasky hospital that a unique method of non-surgical treatment of skin cancer was developed.
  • The doctors of the clinic successfully carry out complex operations to remove malignant tumors and neoplasms of the heart.
  • The hospital has excellent neurosurgery and orthopedic oncology departments, performing thousands of surgeries every year using the latest technology and drugs.
  • The plastic surgery department treats thousands of patients from all over the world every year.

Who works at Sourasky Hospital?


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The Ichilov Clinic is located in the central part of Tel Aviv, a 20-minute drive from the airport.

Distance to airports

Clinic Description

Today Ichilov is a medical center consisting of 5 clinics:

  • Central Hospital
  • Women's Health Center
  • Children's Clinic
  • Cardiology Center
  • Rehabilitation center

The clinic primarily specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of various oncological diseases. For this purpose, Ichilov is equipped with all the necessary modern equipment:

  • the O-ARM system, which allows ultra-precise computed tomography directly during the operation
  • the Da Vinci surgical system for precise and accurate operations
  • Spine Assist for spinal surgery
  • IRE NanoKnife, which doctors use to treat tumors in the pancreas and liver

The equipment of the clinic allows doctors to establish an accurate diagnosis for a patient and to carry out effective therapy. Operations in the clinic are carried out using the latest surgical techniques, so the integrity of healthy tissues is minimally disturbed. Thus, Israeli surgeons are the founders of the Single Port technique: the operation is performed through one small incision.

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Sourasky Medical Center, also called the Ichilov Clinic, is one of the largest hospitals in Israel. About 400 thousand patients receive medical care here every year, and the total number of visits is approaching 2 million. The center serves the population of the capital of Israel and the surrounding territories, and it also hosts foreign citizens.

To patients who have come to Israel for treatment, Ichilov provides medical services of the highest quality that meet leading international standards. Experienced doctors and medical personnel work here, scientific research is carried out on the basis of the clinic.


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