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Ichilov Sourasky Clinic, Israel

Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv, Israel, st. Weizman 12, the international department of the hospital accepts patients through its website directly as well as through agents. Phone + 972-772201372 (Israel) or +7 499 350 1227 (Moscow). You can get directly through our website - the international department of the private clinic at the hospital. Ichilov is a brand that exists in colloquial use, but in fact, the hospital with this name is part of the Sourasky MC. Therefore, when you are offered to be treated at the Ichilov hospital, Ichilov clinic, it is wrong, there are no such legal entities. There is only the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, which includes the Ichilov hospital as a subdivision, and there is the Ichilov clinic, which is located here, but is a private "professorial" clinic. In the Ichilov clinic, in addition to the capabilities of the most reputable Ichilov hospital, you can be treated by "top" doctors and get the best treatment organization. You will also use all the facilities of the Sourasky Medical Center.

Ichilov, as a hospital, was awarded a place among the top 10 medical tourism centers in the world by the famous NEWSWEEK magazine. So, the hospital is part of the Sourasky Medical Center, which, today, is not only the third largest hospital complex in the country, but also one of the leaders in world medicine. But the magazine does not write that all demanding Israelis, and even discerning foreigners, seek to get treatment to the hospital professors, to its leading specialists and surgeons at the Ichilov clinic. And this is so. And you have such an opportunity.

Ichilov Israel Clinic - if you type in a search engine, then where will you go? It is wrong to call it that, there is no such clinic, there is the Ichilov hospital, but even then, which is part of the larger Sourasky medical center. Worldwide fame for this largest hospital complex in Tel Aviv was brought by the multiple achievements of the complex's specialists, both in the field of treatment and in scientific research. Perhaps the most reputable hospital in Israel. All leading doctors of the hospital accept patients for treatment, conduct consultations, both Israelis and foreigners, in the Ichilov clinic at the Ichilov hospital, where many of them have their own miniclinics and offices. Most of the 20-storey tower at 14 Weizman is occupied by such doctors' offices and clinics for 2-3 doctors.

Under Ichilov, there is a system when many leading doctors accept patients in their private clinics, but you need to get to them with the examination protocols we have completed. This is the system of highly qualified medical care in Israel. This is how such world-renowned authorities as professors Inbar, Halperin, Santo, Miller, Merimsky, Klausner work. Other professors are received directly at our clinic: Ram, Ron, Schneibaum, Keren, Spiegel, Banai, Wolf, Sprecher, Fliss, Konstantini, Matskin, Belansen, Grisaro, Bickels and many others.

For the Ichilov hospital, the Ichilov clinic, created about 20 years ago, plays the role of realizing the highest opportunities, so that leading doctors, professors and head. departments could receive patients in person, because they cannot do this in a hospital. Of course, the word "top" in the name reflects the reception of the "top" doctors, and the word "ichilov" means involvement in the hospital, this is the legal name of the clinic.

At Ichilov in Tel Aviv, Israel, the patient does not have the right to choose a doctor, this is the law for everyone. All demanded doctors have extensive private practice and otherwise they will not get treatment for them. Such treatment will be somewhat more expensive at the expense of the doctor's fee, but it will be worth it.

Nevertheless, if you need to save money, then at the Sourasky Medical Center you will be provided with a fairly high level of treatment, some service. Disadvantages?

Thousands of patients from abroad receive qualified assistance at the Ichilov hospital every year and all residents of Tel Aviv are treated in it, since this is the only city hospital in Tel Aviv. There are queues for doctors and procedures, and foreigners also have to go through them. As a result, it takes a little longer than in our clinic. Logistics, process organization is also different. Age does not matter for the availability of examination and treatment of patients. The most complex manipulations and operations are successfully carried out both in newborns and elderly patients. It should be noted that the Sourasky Medical Center, like no other medical institution in Israel, attaches particular importance to the age of the patient when performing diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

The Center occupies a huge area (about 207 square meters of land). There are 5 main institutions on this square:

  • Ichilov General Hospital
  • Ida Sourasky Rehabilitation
  • Lis Maternity Hospital "(Lis Maternity Hospital)
  • Dana Children Hospital
  • Sami Ofer Heart Institute (pictured above)
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Address of Ichilov Hospital - Tel Aviv, st. Weizman, 6, is a complex of buildings, they were built by the architect Arie Sharon. The Ichilov hospital has 170 clinics, 20 laboratories, 60 specialized departments and 13 institutes at the disposal of patients. On the basis of the Ichilov hospital, the Malram Institute for Special Medical Examinations was established. Here, patients undergo diagnostic examinations and economy-class treatment programs. Among the population of Tel Aviv, a stable designation of Ichilov has been formed, even a taxi driver should say “in Ichilov”, as it happened historically.

In Ichilov, patients are served by highly qualified specialists - more than 6,000, including more than 1,250 doctors of various profiles. 300 specialists are in academic positions, the title of professor is held by 10% of doctors. Most of them have great jobs not only in Israel, but also abroad, and are world famous. You can get to the leading doctors of the hospital, professors and heads of departments for consultations and treatment only through a private clinic at the hospital - Ichilov.

The average medical staff of the Ichilov hospital is about 1050 people. Also, the staff of the center includes technical medical personnel, technologists and other clinicians. In Ichilov Israel, about 1.5 million patients are served annually. And this figure is growing steadily. What is the reason - you ask?

The large public Sheba Hospital offers treatment for a wide range of diseases to overseas tourists. For this, the hospital has a medical tourism department. Its activities are controlled by the Israeli Ministry of Health. The main advantages of the hospital are the presence of a team of qualified specialists, modern equipment, and the introduction of new treatment methods. The hospital cooperates with the renowned American cancer center M. Anderson and other hospitals in Europe and the United States.

What diseases are best treated at Sheba Hospital?

As already mentioned, Sheba is a large multidisciplinary hospital. This means that they treat a very wide range of diseases here. Sheba specialists have achieved particular success in the following areas:

  • Treatment of melanoma. The hospital includes the Ella Melanoma Research and Treatment Institute. The latest treatments for metastatic melanomas are developed and applied here. Many patients from abroad who were refused treatment at home have achieved long-term remission or even complete recovery here.
  • Oncohematology. The hospital has one of the oldest in Israel Institute of Hematology Oncology. It uses modern methods for diagnosing blood cancer, such as cytogenetic analysis, flow cytometry, etc. The Institute has a department for bone marrow transplantation. The department has 6 isolated wards equipped with a special air purification system. These wards are for bone marrow transplant patients. Many patients from overseas come to Sheba for this procedure.
  • Rehabilitation. The hospital has the largest rehabilitation center in Israel. Here they successfully recover patients after strokes, various injuries, orthopedic operations, etc. Rehabilitation is carried out in a comprehensive manner: not only rehabilitation doctors, but also psychologists work with patients.
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How does the Sheba Medical Tourism Department work?

The work of the medical tourism department can be divided into several stages:

1st stage. Receiving an application, reviewing it and drawing up a diagnostic and treatment program. After receiving the application, the patient is called by the doctor from the medical tourism department. After consideration of the application at the medical council, the patient is sent a program and an estimate of diagnostics and treatment.

2nd stage. Organization of the trip. The tour operator of the medical tourism department is involved in the work. At the request of the patient, the purchase of air tickets, car rental, booking of accommodation, organization of excursions can be organized for him. If necessary, an emergency aviation evacuation of patients can be performed. It is carried out by the Medassis company. The evacuation is carried out on the aircraft of this company, accompanied by specially trained medical personnel and an intensive care team, which monitors the patient's condition throughout the entire journey, right up to the moment of his delivery to the hospital.

3rd stage. Organization of the process of diagnosis and treatment. At the airport, the patient is met by a Russian-speaking case manager. He accompanies the patient to all diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, is present during preparation for operations. The patient is provided with a local SIM card. Excursions can be arranged for him.

4th stage. End of diagnosis and treatment. The patient receives all the necessary medical documentation, which, at his request, can be translated into English or Russian. The Russian-speaking driver takes the patient to the airport.

You can contact Sheba Hospital's Medical Tourism Department directly on this website. Fill out the application and the hospital consultant will call you. Attach as many medical documents as possible to the application: extracts from the medical history, research results, etc. All this will help Israeli specialists to get the most complete picture of your medical case. In the near future, after talking with the doctor, you will receive a detailed diagnostic and treatment program, as well as an estimate, free of charge.

Sourasky Medical Center, located in the capital of Israel, is one of the three largest Israeli clinics and is a leading multidisciplinary medical institution. In our opinion, Ichilov is the best clinic in Israel, and below we will tell you why this is exactly the case.

Doctors at the Sourasky Medical Center combine treatment with scientific work and conduct hundreds of diagnostic and therapeutic studies every year. This is especially true for oncological, as well as cardiological, endocrine and a number of other diseases. Tel Aviv Medical Center. Sourasky (Ichilov) is the leader in Israel in terms of the number of medical research conducted there. Ichilov Clinic also collaborates with the Faculty of Medicine of Tel Aviv University and the School of Nursing. Sheinborn.


Ichilov Hospital opened its doors to the first patients in February 1961. It was named after Tel Aviv's deputy mayor Mordechai Ikhilov, chairman of the hospital's construction commission. And in 1973, the Society of Friends of the Ichilov Hospital, the Tel Aviv municipality and the Israeli government signed an agreement, as a result of which the hospital was named after the Mexican philanthropist Elias Sourasky, who made a significant contribution to the development of Israeli health care. In 1980, by decision of the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Health, Ichilov City Hospital, Adasa Hospital and Ha-Kiriya Maternity Hospital were merged into the State Multidisciplinary Medical Center. Sourasky (Ichilov).

Today, the medical center includes five institutions: Ichilov Hospital, a rehabilitation center, Dana-Dwek Children's Clinic, Sami Ofer Institute of Cardiology, as well as a Women's Health Center and Lys Maternity Hospital.

About the medical center

The Ichilov multidisciplinary clinic is not only the main medical institution in Tel Aviv, but also a leader in the field of medical tourism. Every year, the Ichilov clinic in Israel accepts tens of thousands of people from different countries, both adults and children, for treatment.

The hospital has 1400 beds. It includes 60 inpatient and 180 outpatient departments. The medical clinical complex also includes Israeli national centers for oncological orthopedics, plastic surgery, organ transplantation, radiotherapy, ophthalmology and others, and in total, the medical center includes about 170 specialized clinics and institutes. The clinic employs a team of more than six thousand people, of which more than a thousand are doctors, as well as about 2,000 nurses and more than 2,000 administrative, technical and junior medical workers. Three years ago, the Ichilov Medical Center received accreditation by the Joint Commission International, which became a vivid evidence of the quality of medical services at the level of world standards and the real professionalism of the clinic's staff. The Ichilov hospital has specialists who perform complex operations and procedures in almost all areas of medicine - oncology, gastroenterology, hematology oncology, cardiology, neurosurgery and many others. All departments of the Ichilov clinic use the most modern medical equipment and advanced technologies. It has about twenty laboratories where patients can undergo a comprehensive examination of the body - undergo extensive laboratory tests, identify the risk of cancer, cardiovascular and other diseases, and be tested for HIV and other infectious diseases. Among the achievements that the medical center is proud of is the vast experience of successfully combating the HIV virus and preventing AIDS treatment. The clinic is one of the leaders in HIV therapy in Israel. She was also one of the first to conduct minimally invasive surgical treatment of spinal hernia in Israel and many other jewelry operations. We should also mention the unique children's multidisciplinary center Dana-Dwek, which provides comprehensive medical care to children of all ages from different countries.

Doctors of the Ichilov Sourasky Clinic

The Ichilov hospital employs professionals, many of whom are considered the world's largest luminaries in their field, are academicians (the clinic has about 15 academicians), professors. The doctors of the Ichilov clinic help patients coming to Tel Aviv for treatment, even in the most difficult cases. Almost 90% of doctors have been practicing and working in the best clinics in Europe and North America. Leading specialists of the Ichilov (Sourasky) clinic - Head of the All-Israel Center for Spine Surgery, President of the Israeli Association of Orthopedists, Professor Izhar Flyuman; Professor-oncologist Moshe Inbar - Director of the Department of General Oncology, author of a unique method of treating oncological diseases; Professor Gideon Uretski, Head of the Department of Cardiac Surgery, one of the leading cardiac surgeons in Israel; Avivi Irit - professor, head of the department of hematology, specialist of the highest category in the field of hematology, and many others.

Oncology at the Sourasky Clinic

Israeli medicine is renowned for innovative methods of cancer treatment and has achieved impressive success in the fight against cancer. The Sourasky Clinic (Ichilov) is at the forefront of this struggle. Thousands of cancer patients choose treatment at the Ichilov hospital - because high-class oncologists work here, they use advanced technologies, use the most modern equipment (for example, the da Vinci Xi robot-assisted system), and introduce the latest drugs. The hospital deals with the complex therapy of a wide range of oncological diseases, such as breast cancer, lung cancer, gastrointestinal tract, bone and soft tissue tumors, genitourinary system, brain tumors, oncohematological diseases and others. Within the framework of the oncology department, there is a hospital, a day outpatient clinic, psychological and social support services.

The clinic has a comprehensive center for early diagnosis and prevention of cancer. The program for the fight against cancer is carried out there in five areas:

People who are looking for quality and effective treatment very often choose Israeli hospitals. One of the most reputable medical institutions that has won worldwide recognition is the Top Ichilov Clinic. It is here that professional medical tourism services are provided for patients from all over the world. How to get to experienced specialists, what diseases are treated in the Top Ichilov clinic in Israel, reviews and prices can be found in our article.

Clinic Information

The state Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov) served as a platform for the creation of Top Ichilov. The facility is located in the city center and is popular with both the indigenous people of Israel and patients from abroad. At Top Ichilov, treatment and examinations are carried out by the luminaries of Israeli medicine - experienced doctors, heads of departments and international professors with many years of practice. Private services in the clinic have been provided for over 16 years.

At first, it was only possible for local residents of Israel to take advantage of all the benefits of the center, and after 8 years, Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv became available to patients from other countries. The center has received worldwide recognition thanks to unique scientific developments and effective methods used by specialists in the departments:

  • oncology ;
  • gynecology ;
  • cardiology ;
  • urology;
  • neurosurgery ;
  • traumatology, etc.
The medical center "Ichilov" (Sourasky) uses modern equipment and apparatus for accurate diagnostics, surgical operations, complex therapy and other manipulations. In 2014, the institution was accredited by the International Joint Commission as the medical center with the highest quality standards. Therefore, if you need to get quality treatment in Israel - Ichilov will be the best option. In addition, the price range does not exceed the high level of services provided and is much lower in comparison with the price lists of European clinics.

Benefits of treatment in the clinic

Coming to Israel, everyone wants to be treated only by the best specialists. But there is no guarantee that the patient will go to a professional with many years of experience. According to the rules of Israeli hospitals, an ordinary client from abroad can be provided with a doctor on duty or an intern who is just starting a career in the field of medicine. This type of therapy can be quite effective, but it cannot be compared with the level of treatment that can be obtained from international specialists in Tel Aviv, the Ichilov Medical Center. Thanks to the international department, created on the basis of a state institution, ordinary patients of Top Ichilov can receive all the privileges of Israeli treatment provided to local residents and famous personalities.

Advantages of the clinic:

  • highly qualified staff - all employees of the clinic have a huge successful experience behind them - these are professors, leading doctors and experienced junior staff, about 90% of employees have been trained in America and European countries;
  • modern equipment and unique technologies - in the departments of the Ichilov hospital, specialists use only high-precision equipment and scientifically proven methods for conducting diagnostic examinations, operations and treatment;
  • ample opportunities - Top Ichilov Clinic is located on the basis of the huge state complex Ichilov and uses its full potential;
  • work without intermediaries - thanks to the international department, patients do not overpay for the services provided by intermediary agencies, all procedures are carried out in the clinic itself or in Ichilov MC departments;
  • an integrated approach - in order to in order to perform their work qualitatively, the clinic's specialists use integration techniques with the involvement of several doctors, this approach is especially relevant in severe cases, with difficult-to-diagnose diseases and other specific situations;
  • control at each stage - a doctor is attached to each patient coordinator who performs the functions of a personal doctor and coordinator;
  • support of foreign citizens - as soon as a patient arrives in Tel Aviv alone or with his family, the Ichilov clinic provides Russian-speaking employees of the international department, they meet, help to adapt to new conditions and accompany throughout the entire treatment period (no additional fee is charged for these services);
  • treatment at the patient's choice - if for some reason a person cannot stay in Israel for a long time, he can undergo basic procedures and complete treatment at home, according to a detailed doctor's prescription;
  • there is no need to make an advance payment; <
  • convenient location - the clinic is located in the city center at 14 Weizman Street, surrounded by parks, just a 20-minute walk from the Mediterranean coast;
  • control of the Israeli Ministry of Health - all activities in the institution are carried out according to the country's law on health care;
  • insurance - patients are insured for the entire duration of the therapy.
In order to become a patient of the hospital, it is necessary to contact the international department through the personal website medtour. asmc. rg. l or call + 972-3-697 3511/4254.

After contacting the patient, specialists will contact the patient and clarify all the details. They will ask you to provide the already existing conclusions and diagnosis (if any) in order to calculate the cost as accurately as possible and outline the treatment options. If the client is satisfied with everything, then the time of arrival at the clinic is appointed.

Areas of activity of the medical complex

Organization of treatment

Services and prices

Quality of medical services

About 40 articles. Winner of awards: them. Amy Cohen for Excellence in Research, Israel Association of Cardiothoracic Surgeons, Hanoha Milavitski for excellent internship achievements. Member: Israeli Association of Cardiothoracic Surgeons, Israeli Association of Cardiology, New York Association of Heart Surgeons (NYSTS)

Member of several international organizations that specialize in blood diseases. Regularly takes part in conferences on hematological oncological diseases. Her developments in the treatment of blood diseases are regularly published in various medical publications. is ranked among the best doctors in Israel according to Forbes magazine.

Member: Israeli Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, Israeli Association of Gynecological Oncologists, American Association of Gynecological Oncologists, Canadian Gynecological Oncologists Association. 83 scientific publications

Included in the list of the best doctors in Israel, compiled by the editors of Forbes magazine. He is the author of several dozen scientific papers on nephrology.

300 presentations at scientific conferences. About 170 professional publications.

Over 200 presentations at scientific conferences. 90 scientific publications. Membership in: Israel Association for Reproductive Medicine, Israel Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology

I want to tell you my story of acquaintance with the Ichilov (Sourasky) hospital. In Russia, I was given a disappointing diagnosis: kidney cancer and the only treatment in my city is an abdominal operation with a kidney removed (nephrectomy). I had no symptoms of the disease, my blood and urine tests were normal, and a tumor with a diameter of 4 cm was discovered by chance on an ultrasound scan. I am 44 years old and I refused to believe that I, a leading healthy lifestyle, could have such a formidable disease. I decided to undergo diagnostics and, if necessary, treatment in Israel. I sent inquiries to different clinics on the Internet, several employees from different departments of international medical tourism called me. Ichilov (Sourasky) hospital became my choice and I will explain why. My adult son accompanied me on the trip. An employee was assigned to us, who accompanied us everywhere, sat with us in line, took us to the doctor's office for a consultation. The organization completely fell on her shoulders, I could only obey and do what they say (for which many thanks to her). Without her and without knowing Hebrew, we would definitely be lost in these labyrinths of the hospital. Doctor Avi Beri turned out to be a very pleasant person, laconic, like all surgeons in my opinion. Unfortunately, he confirmed my diagnosis and offered two treatment options: tumor resection with a da Vinci robot, or laparoscopic radical nephrectomy. I agreed to the latter, i.e. the tumor was in the center of the kidney and for my peace of mind, laparoscopic nephrectomy was preferable. The next day I went to the hospital, and at 3 pm I was successfully operated on by the doctor Avi Beri within an hour. I woke up from anesthesia quickly, there was a slight pain in the right side, on my legs something like boots that squeezed and squeezed out the air, squeezing slightly the lower leg to avoid blood clots on the legs. Only 2 small scars are visible on the body (like mosquito bites), according to the nurse, the kidney was removed from a small incision on the scar left after an appendectomy performed in childhood. The next day, my hemoglobin dropped sharply, and after a blood transfusion, the dizziness stopped. Was in the ward for 3 days, after which she was discharged in good condition. Feelings of severe pain during all these days were absent, it was painful only when they took blood from a vein for analysis, but this is so, trifles. Impressions from the department of international tourism of Ichilov (Sourasky) are very positive, from the medical staff too, although no one will bow to you for what you paid for honey. servants are a lot of money. Nowhere and to anyone in addition to the pocket did not pay. Everything is organized clearly, competently and professionally. And the very appearance of honey. The complex is very impressive: multi-storey glass buildings with a helipad on the roof of the main building. It is impressive and surprising how, by our standards, such an architectural beauty was created in such a small town. My story is not an advertisement, I am an ordinary patient who wanted to share my impressions with you, i. I myself remember the moment when I eagerly read all the reviews of patients from different clinics. I hope my story will be very useful to someone. Now I am at home in Russia. The operation took place a month ago, I feel good. In six months, I will probably come back to Sourasky for a follow-up examination. Thank you all for your attention!

Ichilov is a huge medical center with the latest equipment, where professionals work, ready to help even in the most difficult situation. In this hospital, four joints were replaced, but during the preparation and during these operations, the doctors discovered serious problems that interfered with almost every endoprosthetics. But each time the doctors of this hospital found a solution to the problem, and all operations were carried out without any complications. I am very glad that I once chose this particular hospital and my doctor, who operated on me all four times, Professor Aaron Menachem ..

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