Sanatoriums for the treatment of arthrosis in Karlovy Vary

TOP 10: all the fun in Karlovy Vary

) Hot Spring, Hot Spring Colonnade and excursion to the Hot Spring


In the center of the resort area there is the most powerful and warmest Karlovy Vary spring - the Geyser. The geyser's fountain reaches a height of 12 meters, pushing out from the ground 2000 liters of thermal mineral water with a temperature of 72 ° C and 5000 liters of carbon dioxide.

Hot Spring Colonnade

The Hot Spring is hidden in the Hot Spring Colonnade, built in 1975. In the hall, open every day from 6 am to 7 pm, you will find not only a geyser, but also five vases of springs, where you can draw mineral water at a temperature of 72 ° C or slightly chilled. The Hot Spring Colonnade also houses several stalls with souvenirs, jewelry, crystal and porcelain. You can buy Karlovy Vary waffles here, have a snack in the restaurant or go to the toilet.

Geyser Dungeon

The water from the colonnade underground goes to sanatoriums and spa hotels, where it is used for drinking cures and for baths. The excursion route "The Geyser Underground" is open in the old part of the underground. During the tour, you will see underground springs and the process of petrification of Karlovy Vary souvenirs, rare minerals, etc.

Opening hours of the geyser dungeon

) Mlyn Colonnade

Karlovy Vary is a city of colonnades. The spa guests, slowly strolling through the colonnades, drink the healing water prescribed by the doctor. All five colonnades are located close to each other. If you follow the direction from the Hotel Thermal against the flow of the Tepla River, you will first see the Garden Colonnade, and a few steps later, the Mlyn Colonnade, the largest resort building in the city, built in 1871-1881.

Hello dears!

Today I want to talk to you about the Czech Republic.

What associations do you have with this beautiful country? I think first of all, graceful and magnificent prague, old and charming castles or therapeutic sources and sanatorium Karlovy Varov come to mind? Few who did not hear about these wellness resorts in the heart of Europe. They received their popularity thanks to the hypotics of mineral springs and magnificent nature! Tourists come here from all over the world! Thousands of travelers from Europe and Asia, Russia, Japan, Australia, the United States and other countries attend this small town for the purpose of rehabilitation and sightseeing.

But why is this resort so popular?

And the fact is that more than 70 sources are concentrated here, of which 13 are mastered to eat a drinking course and have no analogues in the world. Thermal sources are rich in calcium, magnesium, iron, lithium, bromine and other substances - and beneficially affect the entire body as a whole. The chemical composition of them is approximately the same, differing only in different content of carbon dioxide and temperature. Who approaches such a treatment?

However, there are contraindications for their use. These are infections of various kinds, including biliary tract, bacterial and parasitic bowel diseases, noncompensated diabetes mellitus, repeated profuse bleeding, states after deep veins thrombosis, acute heart failure. As well as all diseases in acute stage, pregnancy and psychosis.

How is the treatment?

If you are going to go on a full-fledged treatment in the Sanatorium of Karlovy Varrov, then there must be due to the duration of the course and accordingly as a visa for this period. The duration of treatment is usually established by the attending physician and amounts to 7, 14 or 21 days. The maximum result is achieved for 21 days. It is necessary to take the history of the disease for greater clarity and destination. Almost all doctors speak Russian and English.

The cost of treatment depends on the program, the course duration and the Karlovy Varo Hotel itself. But, approximately, should count on 1000 euros in 10 days for two. The price tag can increase or decrease depending on the comfort of room comfort and additional services.

What procedures can assign?

Shower Charcot - body massage with water under high pressure and with different temperatures. The duration of the procedure is usually 10-15 minutes. It helps to improve blood circulation, accelerates the metabolism, the outflow of lymph.

Arthrosis of the knee is the most common disease, striking both men and women. More efficient therapy will be at the initial stages. The Karlovy Vary spa offers the best sanatoriums for the treatment of arthrosis.

Peculiarities of arthrosis treatment in the health resorts of Karlovy Vary

The Karlovy Vary spa specializes in the treatment of the gastrointestinal tract, diabetes mellitus, the functions of the digestive tract, treatment of the musculoskeletal system. Sanatorium treatment of arthrosis of patients is based on a clearly drawn up plan for the passage of prescribed procedures.

The Karlovy Vary sanatoriums have a modern medical base, and highly qualified personnel:

  • Physiotherapists ;
  • Rheumatologists ;
  • Massage Therapists;
  • Chiropractors;
  • Sanatorium treatment of arthrosis begins with a visit to the doctor. After examining and clarifying the patient's condition, the doctor prescribes a course of treatment. The list of procedures required for the complex therapy of the patient is indicated in the sanatorium card.

    Treatment in health resorts in Karlovy Vary is aimed at:

    • Health promotion;
    • Disease prevention;
    • Improvement of muscle tone;
    • Renewal of cartilage tissue;
    • Correction of the joint structure;

    Individual dietary meals in sanatoriums are aimed at reducing body weight, which helps to alleviate the load on the joints. Also, a drinking cure with light walks in Karlovy Vary will strengthen the body.

    Recommendations: for effective treatment, you need to undergo a course of spa treatment at 21 days, in severe cases, 2 times a year.

    Perhaps I will surprise you, but some hotels in the resorts of the Czech Republic from the point of view of treatment are no different from sanatoriums. It's just that there are hotels with or without treatment. And this sometimes misleads Russians, who are looking for only a sanatorium for their recovery. Both those and other institutions can have a medical base.

    There are many hotels in which the list of wellness procedures is much larger than in a sanatorium. But you should always pay attention to the fact that diseases related to the main direction, any sanatorium or hotel are treated more effectively than those diseases that are not included in the catalog of their main specialization. And in this article I will talk about the pros and cons of the famous Czech resort of Karlovy Vary.

    About prices in sanatoriums and hotels in Karlovy Vary

    There is an opinion that the more famous the resort, the higher the prices for treatment. This is not true. Many sanatoriums and hotels have appeared in Karlovy Vary, so they have to compete with each other in terms of prices for rooms and procedures.

    In addition, to improve and improve the medical and recreational facilities, leaving the cost at the same level. Otherwise, clients will scatter to their "neighbors". Of course, in Karlovy Vary there are both more expensive and cheaper options. Typically, this depends on the living conditions and not on the level of medical staff or wellness practices. Where the room is more comfortable and the territory is more beautiful, the payment is higher. For example, there are hotels without treatment, and the cost of living in them is higher than in similar options, but with the services of medical procedures.

    In any case, it will not be a problem to find a place for recovery that suits you financially. There are plenty of offers at the resort.

    The cost of living in Karlovy Vary also depends on the season. In summer, room prices increase, as the flow of guests at this time is greater. In addition, the rates for treatment in Karlovy Vary depend on several factors. Number of procedures, travel time, duration, etc.

    Often resorts and hotels make special bonuses for stays longer than 14 days. Typically, a treatment package includes four treatments per day. The rest can be ordered additionally upon arrival. In our opinion, one of the proposals that perfectly suits the ratio of price and quality is the Astoria sanatorium. The cost of treatment in it is relatively low and the reviews are only pleasant.

    You can see the prices for hotels and resorts with packages of treatment programs for 2019-2020 on the website or check with our managers. I would also like to note that the Czech crown is a fairly stable currency, so the prices for treatment have practically not changed for many years.

    About Karlovy Vary

    Karlovy Vary is probably the most popular (after Prague) city in the Czech Republic. The resort itself is located slightly west of the Bohemia region, about 120 kilometers from the capital. The Ohře river flows through the city, merging with two more - Tepla and Rolava. Karlovy Vary is surrounded by a wonderful forest of relict trees.

    Karlovy Vary is a small resort town in the western part of the Czech Republic. Previously, it was called Carlsbad. The area is rich in thermal and mineral springs that can be used to treat almost all chronic diseases.

    Local sources have existed here for a long time, long before the settlement. Water lying at a depth of about 2 km, rising to the surface, pass through multiple layers of rocks. It is enriched with trace elements and gains healing properties.

    There are more than 130 sources in Karlovy Vary. Of these, only one tenth is used for internal reception.

    The city owes its resort status to King Charles IV. It was he who discovered the healing properties of local waters, after having got rid of congenital lameness after staying here.

    At the later time, hundreds of historical figures and artists rested and received treatment here. One of them is Peter the Great. It was he who opened this island of health for Russians.

    Reasons for the popularity of the resort

    A large number of tourists come here every year. For most, treatment and recovery is the main purpose of a visit to the country.

    There are many tourists from Russia who travel to Karlovy Vary for a number of reasons:

    Sanatoriums with thermal pools and springs of drinking mineral water are not the only methods.

    In Karlovy Vary, there are several hiking trails in picturesque places, because physical activity is one of the main guarantees of health. Although there are no problems with transport here: anywhere in the city, any resort can be easily reached by bus, funicular or taxi.

    Public transport runs strictly according to the schedule, passes are valid:

    • One-time - 40 minutes.
    • Subscription for all types of transport for the day.
    • Subscriptions for several days or a month. They are convenient and beneficial for those seeking treatment.

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