Resorts of Russia: why did they disappear? Or what is the problem of medical tourism

Scientists estimate the risk of the most lethal coronavirus strain

Since the beginning of the pandemic, several new strains of coronavirus have appeared in the world. Along with the "British" mutations, unique mutations have also been identified in South Africa, Brazil, Japan and the United States. Understanding why new strains of SARS-CoV-2 are emerging and whether one of them may end up being the most dangerous.

"British" strain

Last December, the whole world was excited by the news that a new, more infectious strain of coronavirus was discovered in the UK. Moreover, it was revealed back in September, and by the end of November it had already spread widely across the Foggy Albion.

According to experts, the mutation is 70% more infectious than the original version. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that the new strain could lead to greater lethality.

The World Health Organization (WHO) gave its assessment of the situation: a large number of deaths were associated with an overload of the medical system in the country. According to experts, the mutations characteristic of the "British" strain do not affect the effectiveness of the vaccine. And PCR tests are able to identify this variant of the virus, like other varieties of it.

According to the WHO, the "British" mutation has already been recorded in at least 60 countries, including Vietnam, Canada, Turkey, Russia and several European countries.

Mutations from Africa

A new and aggressive form of coronavirus has also been found in South Africa. The mutation was discovered in southern Nelson Mandela Bay County in the Eastern Cape province on the Indian Ocean coast. This variant was marked 501.2.

According to virologists, it has the ability to adapt to the immune system of people and identify weaknesses in it. Like the strain found in the UK, 501.2 is more contagious, but there is no evidence to date that it affects the severity of the disease.

And in southeast Africa, researchers at the Kenya Institute for Medical Research have identified 16 new mutations. The peculiarity of these strains is that they are able to spread rapidly and in the initial phase of the disease it is very difficult to identify them. Four of the 16 variants of the virus are extremely aggressive, which could cause an explosion in the disease in the country.

Scientists estimate the risk of the most lethal coronavirus strain

Latin America is famous for its many states. But the largest state in this territory is Brazil. Moreover, not only in terms of area, Brazil is the largest, but also the largest in terms of population. The country has the highest level of economic development of any country in South America. Also, the country differs in that Portuguese is used as the state language. And despite all these huge advantages, the country is still a developing country. It is inferior in its development to the countries of Western Europe and the USA.

With all this, life in Brazil is very cheap. And this cannot but attract foreigners, so they come here for permanent residence. But is it really so?

What makes life in Brazil attractive?

Regardless of which country a traveler or migrant comes to, everyone will be able to highlight for themselves both a lot of advantages and a lot of disadvantages of living here. A vibrant country like Brazil is no exception. A constant holiday: carnivals, white beaches and wild dances. And all this at first glance seems to be carefree and beautiful. But for ordinary people, all this does not come first. Social and economic issues come first for ordinary people, and for migrants - migration issues.

Brazilian Economy

In this region, Brazil's economy is far ahead of any other country in the region. The economy is based on agriculture and mining. If earlier Brazil was basically only a supplier of raw materials, now it produces finished products, including high-tech ones. The tourism sector plays a huge role in the country, making up an integral part of the economy. And in all these areas, highly qualified specialists are required.

Brazilian Education

If we talk about the education system, then it is typical, as in our country: preschool education, secondary, higher, postgraduate retraining. Secondary education includes elementary schools, which are run and funded by municipalities, and high schools, which are run by state governments.

Pension guarantees in Brazil

Life in Brazil is full of different colors. Pensioners do not stand aside here. What are the conditions for retirement here? Women retire at 62 and men at 65. Female teachers can retire at 57 and male teachers at 60. But last year, amendments were made to the law, which not everyone liked. In this case, the opposition argued that any amendments could hit poor citizens.

$ 304 is the minimum pension a pensioner receives. At the same time, the maximum pension is $ 1,917. But only 12% of the population use their pension as a source of basic income. Basically, pensioners have good additional income.

Working in Brazil

Coronavirus mutations identified in the UK, South Africa, Brazil, Japan and the United States

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Russian resorts, as well as spa treatment itself, have ceased to develop in our country over the past 25-30 years, despite the abundance of natural health factors. The number of sanatoriums, health centers and children's recreation camps has decreased, dispensaries have disappeared (not to mention the fact that many of them seemed to be on the territory of now independent states, where, however, at best, they became cheap hotels, but more often remained simply abandoned). And in the currently operating resort areas, the conditions of stay in most sanatoriums and rest homes do not meet European standards. Therefore, it is not surprising that the number of patients receiving appropriate treatment free of charge in Russian resorts has significantly decreased.

Russian Resorts: the patient is more likely dead

Against the background of the deplorable state of Russian resorts, the health indicators of the residents of our country are noticeably deteriorating from year to year, the need for health improvement and timely rehabilitation of all categories of the population, especially children, is growing. The queue for rehabilitation centers and departments in St. Petersburg drags on for years ... The volume of a free rehabilitation course is reduced to the minimum number of procedures. And this is literally beyond the threshold of efficiency and expediency. Health centers at polyclinics did not meet the expectations of doctors and patients and in many cases practically duplicate the functions of the polyclinic on the territory of which they are located.

Doubtful replacement for Russian resorts: recovery through travel agencies

At the same time, people began to travel more abroad and it is there to look for opportunities for recovery and rehabilitation. Since travel companies quickly got their bearings and began to show activity in the form of the development of medical tourism, an unhealthy situation developed in this area - in travel agencies, recommendations on choosing a resort are given by ordinary administrators who do not even have a primary medical education. As a result, people do not always go to the resort that is shown to them according to the profile of the disease. There are many disappointments and complications after such "treatment" ...

It should be understood that spa treatment is the prerogative of doctors, and not just doctors, but specialists with knowledge and experience in the field of balneology and medical rehabilitation. Sanatorium treatment is a special type of medical care based on the predominant use of natural medicinal resources for the purpose of prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.

The system of sanatoriums and dispensaries, where highly qualified medical personnel should work, can meet the needs of the population in timely rehabilitation and full recovery. And only so.

In the meantime, patients are chaotically busy looking for treatment, rehabilitation and health improvement, and more often abroad, choosing the most advertised destinations on the Internet and on the recommendations of travel agencies. At the same time, indications and contraindications to a particular resort, therapeutic factors and their combination are not taken into account, not to mention the patient's age and other individual characteristics.

Resortology as an exotic medical education

The building of the sanatorium of the “Gorky Regional Party Committee” is in disrepair. Frolzart/wikimedia. rg (CC BY-SA 4.)

Resortology as a branch of medicine has practically ceased to be taught in medical universities and colleges. A whole generation of doctors has appeared who have no idea about natural health factors and spa treatment!

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