Residence permit in Portugal for business: two operating hotels in the Baião area

Residence permit in Portugal for business: two operating hotels in the Baião area

With the economic recovery and the growth of the real estate and tourism market in Portugal, thousands of new businesses are registered every year. If you are among those who are interested in registering a company in Portugal, you will be interested in this article.

Portugal is the oldest country in Europe, which was recognized as an independent kingdom back in 1139. It became a republic in 1910 and was known as the most powerful maritime state, offering tremendous opportunities for those involved in trade.

In 2018, 45 thousand new companies were registered in Portugal. With the growth of GDP and the tourism sector, which welcomes 21 million guests annually, now is the time for new ideas and new businesses in this country. Moreover, registering a company in Portugal is one of the easiest ways to immigrate to this state and obtain European citizenship. You can find out more about the various possibilities for obtaining a residence permit in Portugal here.

Registration of a company in Portugal from Moscow: which business to open?

Opening a company in Portugal does not take long, as the local authorities are interested in foreign investment and have provided various incentives for foreign entrepreneurs. When deciding to move to Portugal to run a small business, it is advisable to analyze the market and the main industries where you could start your business.

Agriculture, food processing, tourism and winemaking are key sectors in Portugal. This country is known for its quality local goods, which are extremely competitive outside the state. In addition, you can turn your attention to online business. Web design, online marketing and social media activities bring good financial benefits to small businesses. The Portuguese market today is not as developed as in other EU countries, which implies great opportunities for business growth.

Many entrepreneurs also open local and international restaurants in major cities such as Lisbon, Porto, Setubal and Figueira da Foz, where tourism is well developed. In general, here you can register a company to conduct any activity, including trade or business related to cryptocurrencies. This year, the Portuguese Internal Revenue Service announced that all types of cryptocurrencies will not be subject to value added tax and income tax. Legal entities in relation to cryptocurrencies are now required to pay only capital gains tax.

Registration of a company in Portugal from Moscow: what forms of business can you open?

Foreign entrepreneurs wishing to establish a presence in the Portuguese market can choose from several forms of doing business. The most popular are private limited liability companies (sociedade por quotas - LDA). An LDA can be established by at least two members with a minimum authorized capital of 5,000 euros. All founders are required to contribute to the capital of the company, and their liability will subsequently be limited to this contribution. The company is managed by a director who is appointed by the general meeting of the founders.

If the founders have a lot of capital, they can register a public company (sociedade anónima - SA). This form is more suitable for large business - at least 5 founders are required who are ready to contribute at least 50 thousand euros to the capital, while 30% must be deposited immediately. The liability of each founder will be limited to the amount of his capital contribution. The SA is governed by a board of directors.

Registration of a company in Portugal from Moscow

Obtaining a residence permit in Portugal for business in 2020 is quite simple. You can invest in almost any project that meets the requirements and fits within your budget. But there are not so many options that are optimal, at least in the medium term. And if, moreover, you need a stable income from the first days and a minimum level of risk, you will have practically no choice. But we are glad to offer you an interesting and noteworthy project - 2 operating 4 * and 5 * hotels in the Baião area, on the northern bank of the Douro River.

Why real estate and hotel business? It is rather difficult to answer this question within the framework of the presentation material due to the volume limitations. But it would be dishonest to clients to get by with the simple statement “because it is profitable”.

Arguments for Investment in Tourism Property:

  • Stable high demand for middle-end housing.
  • High level of payback (5.5% per annum).
  • Minimal risks.
  • Guaranteed obtaining a residence permit regardless of the situation with the Golden Visa (more precisely, with the restrictions of the Golden Residence Permit program for Porto and Lisbon). We will talk about this in more detail in a separate section of the material.
  • Respectable status and excellent reputation.
  • Relatively small amount of additional investments (for example, there is no need to purchase raw materials and materials for industrial production).
  • There is a circle of regular customers, which you actually get for free.
  • Minimal risk of encountering fraudsters and unscrupulous suppliers. The subcontractors that work for the hotel will remain with you further, so there should not be any problems in this matter.

Summing up, we can safely say that the "2 in 1" scheme, which we today have the honor to bring to your attention, is extremely beneficial. Especially considering the reasonable price. Still, 33 million EUR for two operating hotels 4 * and 5 *, together with the existing client base - the amount is quite adequate, without a strongly expressed status component.

Residence permit in Portugal for business: general description of objects

It cannot be said that independent hotels in large cities of old Europe are in decline. As well as to argue that such a business brings consistently high income. The sad trend of recent decades - the absorption of small hotels by large chains - is also evident in Portugal. Things are also not very good with objects in the countryside. It is becoming more and more difficult to retain the client base, and without it the hotel will be unprofitable, which will lead to a reduction in the list of services and a decrease in the quality of service.

Therefore, guests who come to the country have practically no choice left, and every year the situation only gets worse. But this does not mean that investments in tourist real estate in Portugal will be unprofitable or long-term payback. If the object offered for sale is located in a profitable area, has a good technical condition, has an established customer base and does not require significant financial investments (not counting, of course, the cost of acquiring it), then this option should be considered first. And the hotels that we have the honor to offer you are exactly like that.

Distinctive features of DOURO ROYAL VALLEY (5 *):

  • Surrounded by unique ancient vineyards. Please note that they are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List and create a special atmosphere not found anywhere else.
  • Thoughtful and original interior.
  • 70 rooms equipped with all modern amenities.
  • SPA-salon known throughout Portugal.
  • A wide range of additional services.
  • Developed opportunities for business meetings.
  • A unique pool with a fantastic view of the Douro River.

Distinctive features of DOURO PALACE (4 *):

Features of company registration in Portugal. Opening or buying a ready-made business. Limited and general partnerships. Documents for a corporate account.

Registering a company in Portugal for remote business in Angola at first glance may not seem like a good idea with a whole bunch of drawbacks. This is the extreme poverty of the population, and the stagnating economy, and the absence of any obvious prospects, and the pronounced influence of the bureaucratic apparatus, multiplied by bribery. But does this mean that business in Angola is doomed by default? Of course not!

Let's explain what has been said. All the negative "facts" listed in the first paragraph are not really such. Some of them are misinterpreted by other sofa “experts”. Some are simply far-fetched. Others are essentially outright disinformation and an attempt to hide their incompetence. Still others (their minority) do take place, but with a competent approach, problems can be dealt with.

What will you find in this material? First of all, we will try to debunk many myths around Angola and business in it. Secondly, let's talk about the real prospects of this jurisdiction. Thirdly, we will discuss the objective advantages of a bilateral double taxation treaty between Portugal and Angola. We will also briefly touch on the issue of registering a company in Portugal (for details, see the relevant materials of our portal).

But first, here are some useful links to sources of additional information:

  • Section of the Internationalwealth portal. nfo for Portugal. We especially recommend that you pay attention to blocks I "Services and products related to Portugal" and II "Business in Portugal".
  • Our information channels Yandex. ZEN and Medium.
  • Additional options for communication with portal experts.
  • Several variants of the "2 in 1" service (company registration in Portugal + bank account): example 1 (7100 USD), example 2 (5600 USD), example 3 (4600 USD).

Myths and their exposure

As we already wrote at the very beginning, business in Angola can be profitable if a number of conditions are met. Especially if you bring it from Portugal, which in the recent past (until 1975) was the metropolis for this African colony. But stereotypes sometimes turn out to be stronger than the arguments of reason, which is why Angola “went into the shadows” for many years, and the business interest in it was completely absent. That is why we decided to separately talk about rumors and misconceptions that persist in the business world even when objective arguments "against" are in the distant past.

Main myths and their exposure:

  • Extreme poverty. You can't argue with this fact. Indeed, over 40% of people live below the poverty line. But this indicator is constantly and rather actively decreasing. In addition, a growing proportion of the population does not survive on a few dollars a day.
  • Market hopelessness. If its potential capacity exceeds 32 million people, then only a complete layman will ignore such opportunities. After all, it is not at all necessary to immediately import luxury goods and expensive cars into the country. For a start, it is more logical to limit yourself to food, essential goods, packaging materials and other similar options.
  • Stagnating economy. This statement is categorically wrong. First, Angola has a positive foreign trade balance (exports USD 30.3 billion, imports USD 10.4 billion, data for 2017). Secondly, there is a pronounced growth in GDP (in 2008 - 15%). Thirdly, large oil reserves have been explored in the country, which, if properly managed, can "stretch" the economy and make it truly effective.
  • Unstable political situation. This is partially true. But the new president, Joao Manuel Goncalves Lourenco, has announced significant reforms, and the degree of tension in the country is declining.

All these factors did not make Angola an unconditional economic leader, but it is simply impossible not to notice the obvious progress. We do not undertake to predict how the situation will develop in the long term, but for a “short” business, the jurisdiction is already quite suitable.

For a long time, hot springs, or "Therms", were considered as a resting place for the elderly, where they go to treat diseases, taking advantage of the healing properties of these mineral waters. The hot springs have now been transformed and are now more like a spa, offering holistic wellness experiences for all ages.

Portugal has great places to relax, unwind and soak up the warm mineral water that guarantees countless health benefits. We present 5 of the most amazing termas you must visit, whether you are living in Portugal or just visiting the country:

Termas de Vidago

The luxurious 5-star Vidago Palace Resort is decorated in Belle Époque style and features a stunning hot spring spa. Here you will be surrounded by incredible vegetation and minimalistic surroundings, contributing to overall relaxation and immersion in bliss.

The spa was designed by renowned architect Alvaro Siza-Vieira and features two pools, saunas, Turkish baths, ice fountains, sensory showers, a gym and over 20 rooms dedicated to beauty, wellness and therapy.

Termas is known for helping people with digestive disorders, allergies/asthma and migraines, and has received numerous awards such as “Best Elite Spa” from the World of Luxury Spa Awards and was also recognized by Condé Nast Johannsen's Luxury Spas one of the best spa hotels in the world in 2015 and 2016.

  • Where: Parque de Vidago, 5-307, Vidago
  • Website: www. idagopalace. om
  • Phone: +351 276 990 920

Termas do Luso

The Luso Hot Springs are located in the Busako Mountains. This modern, sophisticated and minimalist spa is ideal for people who love to take care of themselves.

The Spa is part of the Grande Hotel do Luso complex, combining a historic hotel with a modern center including a hot spring spa and the Malo Clinic Spa Luso Rehabilitation Medical Center.

Here you will find everything you need to improve your health and well-being, especially with metabolic disorders, urinary tract problems, muscular system problems or those with chronic respiratory diseases. You can also just sit back and enjoy one of the many beauty treatments offered at this spa.

  • Where: R. Álvaro Castelões, Luso
  • Website: www. oteluso. om
  • Phone: +351 231 937 910

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Emirates prepares for flights to Israel

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Despite the economic crisis, Portugal remains an upper middle income country. Every year, thousands of foreigners come to Portugal on a work visa.

The unemployment rate in Portugal is quite high, but there is work and it is possible to find a suitable vacancy. If you plan to stay to live in Portugal, then never get involved in illegal work. If you violate labor laws, you are guaranteed to be deported from the country.

A work visa to Portugal is always based on a contract with a Portuguese employer. To get a contract in any professional field, you need to have a diploma in a specialized specialty and be fluent in Portuguese. Recently, medical workers, computer technicians, and skilled builders are getting very good jobs in Portugal.

Finding a good job in Portugal without knowing the language is almost impossible.

The first thing to do before looking for a job in Portugal is to learn the language at a good level.

Here is a list of job search sites in Portugal. You can also use international sites - monster. om, dice. om, workopolis. om and others.

What professions are in demand in Portugal: first of all, these are medical workers, IT specialists, engineers and builders. Also, workers in various service areas are in demand.

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