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If you have a temporary residence permit, then, unfortunately, you are not entitled to much of the free one in Latvia. Rather, almost nothing is supposed to be. If we talk about medicine, then the Russians, according to the laws of Latvia, refer to “foreigners who have arrived from a country that is not an EU or EEA country”. This means that such foreigners must pay for medical services on their own or can purchase the so-called medical policies of private health insurance.

Medpolis, which is purchased for registration/extension of a temporary residence permit, as practice shows, does not cover anything. In any case, you will first have to pay - and even for calling an ambulance - and then "scratch out" the insurers. By the way, when you call an ambulance, you will certainly be required to have a policy, so it will be better if you always have it with you (or at least a card - with your name and surname, the policy number and its validity period - these cards must be requested when applying for a policy) ...

Speaking of "ambulance" there is one exception - free "ambulance" services can be received by foreigners arriving from Ukraine and pensioners from Russia.

Everything is clearly spelled out in the minimum “insurance package” (as an example, a regular medical policy for one person, worth 37 euros, is taken):

- total insured amount - 45,000 euros, including:

- emergency medical care - 30,000 thousand euros (including emergency dental care - 100 euros)

- and immediately the cost limit for one insured event is agreed - 750 euros,

- urgent transportation by ambulance - 5,000 euros,

- transportation of the patient home - 5,000 euros and

- transportation of the deceased home - 5,000 euros.

The mild Baltic climate is ideal for recovery - sea air and many coniferous forests. Treatment in Latvia is beneficial for two reasons: the European level of medicine and affordable prices, lower than in the EU or Israel.

The main directions in sanatoriums are the use of mineral waters, peat, various types of therapy are used - balneo, paraffin. There is also an emphasis on exercise therapy, massage and diet. A special technique is used for each disease.

It is known that freshly mined mud and mineral waters have the most effective effect. The unique composition of salts in each source allows them to be used to treat neuroses, skin diseases, spinal problems, and some types of oncology. Also, mineral waters and mud help fight drug addiction, alcoholism.

Would you like to know how much the treatment costs?

Answer a few questions and get preliminary information about the cost of diagnostics and treatment!

What are the benefits of treatment in Latvia?

In addition to modern equipment and trained personnel, treatment in Latvian clinics has the following advantages:

Injury rehabilitation, sports medicine and surgery are the most in-demand industries. Resorts in Latvia are ready to receive patients all year round, and the cost with accommodation is much less than in other European countries. Also, during rehabilitation, some institutions offer tourist services, for example, excursions.

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The best clinics in Latvia


PRODUCT: Speech therapy computer game, consisting of exercises for the face and helping to train articulation.

DESCRIPTION: CheeksUp was created to make it easier for children to learn sounds and words, make it more fun, effective and accessible, as well as give children the opportunity to continue quality workouts at home after visiting a speech therapist. A computer game helps to master the pronunciation of sounds during classes and encourages you to repeat sounds, syllables and words yourself in the form of interactive homework. CheeksUp motivates learning with game elements and makes it easy to track your child's progress. The online platform provides the ability to connect to jobs from a variety of smart devices. To start using CheeksUp, you first need a speech therapist's assessment, then create an individual homework plan in CheeksUp. The speech therapist should be able to use this system. The game is available in Latvian, English and Russian.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Children with speech impairments.

RESULT: By training with CheeksUp at home, children practice skills learned in the speech therapist's office almost 3 times faster.

Eye Prostheses

PRODUCT: Ophthalmic prostheses made of different materials for filling the eye sockets.

DESCRIPTION: Ophthalmic prostheses are an indispensable aid for people who need to fill their eye socket. Each prosthesis is a unique handmade work that confirms the skill of a specialist and is comparable to a work of art that cannot be repeated. The quality guaranteed by the latest technology and the skill of our specialists provide an excellent cosmetic effect and maximum functionality. Eye prostheses in Latvia are made from the highest quality German cryolite glass, as well as from plastic and silicone materials supplied from Europe, the USA and Canada. Depending on the material chosen, eye prostheses are made within 1-3 days. Each prosthesis comes with a two-year technical durability guarantee. Dentures are made for both adults and children. Available types of prostheses:

Postoperative prostheses are used for 1.5-2 months after the operation to remove the eye in order to maintain the shape of the orbit while the sutures heal. After that, the selected individual prosthesis is used.

In a glass eye prosthesis, the surrounding world is reflected in the same way as in a real eye, this prosthesis better mimics the look of a real eye than a plastic one. The cryolite glass prosthesis should be replaced every 2 years.

PMMA prostheses are made from a monolithic mass. They are more durable and often heavier. The prosthesis needs to be changed every 2 years.

For the manufacture of silicone prostheses, an impression of the orbit is used. Thus, an even greater degree of comfort is achieved when wearing a prosthesis, irritation of the mucous membrane of the eye and lacrimation are reduced. In most cases, the mobility of the ocular prosthesis also increases.

Ectoprostheses are orbital prostheses, to which artificial eyelids are attached, which cover the face defect in the orbital region. Ectoprostheses are made of plastic or silicone materials and are attached to the facial skin using a special glue.

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