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Clinic Rambam

For many years, Israel has been a leader in the field of medical tourism. If you count the number of foreign patients per 1 million inhabitants of the country, then Israel has no competitors. There are many large multidisciplinary clinics in the country, most of which continue to acquire new buildings and buildings.

In many ways, the process of building new medical facilities in Israel is stimulated by the field of medical tourism. There are clearly plenty of clinics on the Promised Land, but every year the flow of foreign patients is growing.

Residents of the countries of the former USSR, Europe and the United States choose Israel for a number of reasons, among which are the following:

  • Highly qualified doctors. The specialists of Israeli clinics are professionals with excellent education and experience, which they have received, including in other countries (USA, Europe, Japan and others). Israeli medicine is qualitatively different from the medicine of the rest of the world in that local doctors were able to collect all the best world practices and implement them on the Promised Land.
  • The latest equipment in clinics. In both public and private centers in the country, doctors use the latest equipment. Thanks to such equipment, errors at the diagnostic stage are practically impossible in Israel. Many clinics have robotic systems for performing surgical interventions.
  • Combining treatment with rest. This is a unique opportunity offered by Israel. Here you can enjoy the healing properties of the Dead Sea, as well as get on interesting excursions to holy places. It is noteworthy that the Israeli clinic Rambam is located in the resort town of Haifa.
  • Russian-speaking staff. For residents of the countries of the former USSR, Israel is also attractive because there are many doctors who are fluent in Russian, so there will be no problems in communication with them. If necessary, the patient is provided with an interpreter and a personal curator who will accompany the patient at every stage of diagnosis and treatment.

One of the prominent representatives of Israeli medicine is the Rambam Jewish clinic, which is especially popular with foreign patients.

General information

Rambam Hospital was founded in 1938 and today this clinic is the largest in Israel. It was named after the prominent Israeli physician and philosopher Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon, who lived during the Middle Ages.

The Rambam Clinic in Israel is located in the resort town of Haifa and is a public hospital. All expenses of the center are covered by the country's budget.

It is noteworthy that Israel allocates very large sums to health care - up to 8% of its GDP. The Rambam Clinic in Haifa receives all the necessary funding for the excellent operation of 36 departments and 9 diagnostic and research laboratories. The center employs over 1200 doctors, and every year the hospital serves over 600 thousand patients, many of whom are foreigners.

Rambam works closely with the Israeli Technion University as a clinical base for it. The center's doctors are involved in many research projects both in Israel and abroad. This allows the clinic to be one of the leading medical institutions in the region.

Among the many awards and achievements of the Rambam hospital, I would like to say a few words about the JCI certificate, which it holds. Only a few hundred hospitals in the world have such certificates, and the award of the certificate testifies to unprecedented high standards of quality and safety for patients.

General characteristics of the Rambam Medical Center

The Rambam Medical Center is located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Nearby there is all the necessary infrastructure: hotels, cafes, shops.

More than 75 thousand people undergo inpatient treatment at the medical center every year. "Rambam" is considered the best Israeli clinic in the field of trauma and first aid. The Mayer Children's Hospital, which is part of this medical center, also enjoys well-deserved popularity. A year ago, a new children's hospital was built at the medical center. ut Rappoport. In terms of its technical equipment, it is one of the leading children's clinics in the world. The hospital has a bone marrow transplant department. The specialists of this children's hospital work closely with doctors from the United States. To make young patients comfortable undergoing treatment, clowns work in the hospital. There are games rooms, a science museum and a cinema.

For 5 years already, the Rambam Medical Center has an international department serving patients from abroad. I have heard more than once the reviews of the patients of this department. They concerned the treatment of complex and difficult-to-diagnose cases of diseases. I remember the story of a woman from Russia, whom doctors at the place of residence could not diagnose for a long time. The fact is that the patient had a huge metastasis of cervical cancer, but the tumor itself was removed long ago. Doctors of the Rambam Medical Center made the correct diagnosis in just 1 day. After treatment at the "Rambam" Oncology Department, the tumor decreased significantly.

Doctors of the Rambam Medical Center

The medical center employs more than 1200 doctors and more than 1500 nurses. Specialists who lead the ratings of Israeli doctors work here. Many patients from abroad come to Rambam to undergo treatment with these doctors.

About 300 Rambam doctors teach and chair departments at Technion University. This university is considered one of the best in Israel. There are 3 Nobel Prize winners in chemistry working at his Faculty of Medicine.

The management of the medical center takes care of the continuous improvement of the qualifications of their doctors, sending them to internships in the leading medical institutions of the world. In turn, more than 3,000 doctors from 61 countries underwent training at the Rambama Center for Traumatology and First Aid.

Equipment of the Rambam Medical Center

The medical center has the latest equipment, including the Da Vinci robot. This robot is traditionally used to perform operations to remove the prostate - prostatectomy. However, the specialists of the Rambam Medical Center have unique experience in using this device for performing gynecological operations.

Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, innovative treatments such as focused ultrasound therapy for Parkinson's disease and microsurgery in children are applied here. The Department of Oncology uses the latest types of systemic radiotherapy, brachytherapy, intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) and other modern methods of treatment.

The medical center includes a bone marrow transplant department, which includes 15 specially equipped boxes for transplant patients.

The effectiveness of treatment of various types of diseases is provided by the Medical Center. Sourasky (Ichilov). To guarantee the efficiency and quality of the services provided, only modern medical equipment is used on the territory of the center, services are provided by doctors of higher qualification. Multidisciplinary complex them. Sourasky is located in the central area of ​​Tel Aviv, he is ready to receive patients from anywhere in the world at any time. Due to the scale in which the institution operates (more than 4000 employees of various levels), the center is one of the leading leaders in offering medical services of any complexity.

Melanoma Unit occupies a leading position among Israeli clinics for the treatment and diagnosis of melanoma and other skin diseases. This institution is a division of the largest medical center in Israel "Assuta" and specializes in oncological and dermatological diseases.

One of the most famous medical centers in the world is the Shaare Zedek clinic in Israel. The scope of this clinic is extensive - it covers many areas and areas of medicine. Including: oncology, nephrology, cardiac surgery, surgery, treatment of gastrointestinal diseases, urological and orthopedic pathologies.

Assuta Medical Center (Israel) is a network of private clinics providing services in various directions. In order to provide patients with quality services and provide optimal medical care, European medical standards and corporate principles of activity are observed here. The Assuta center offers full-cycle medical services (from diagnostics to rehabilitation) in such areas as oncology and hematology oncology, surgery, neurology, orthopedics, cardiology, urology, cardio and neurosurgery, etc. Treatment is possible both in a hospital and on an outpatient basis.

Israel Hospital Rambam

Modern medical clinics from different countries have a rather narrow specialization. Many centers have up to a dozen branches specializing in well-defined areas. However, the Rambam clinic in Israel is not one of those. The Rambam Medical Center (Israel) presented on this page has a wide profile. The specialists of this institution have degrees of professors, doctors of sciences, as well as Nobel laureates. The central Israeli medical center Rambam itself (address and map, driving directions in front of you) has more than half a century of operation history. Since then, all buildings have undergone major repairs. The clinic serves more than 2 million of its citizens, as well as many foreign patients.

Rambam center: branches

Rambam Clinic is the largest medical center in the north of Israel, modern buildings, experienced specialists.

Rambam Hospital

The Rambam Clinic in Israel has existed since the late 30s of the last century and is one of the leading medical centers serving the northern part of the country. The Rambam clinic is located in Haifa, the third largest city in Israel after Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. The city has a developed infrastructure, here modern architecture is adjacent to historical and cultural monuments. The warm Mediterranean climate attracts both tourists and foreign patients who want to combine treatment with relaxation. The name of the clinic comes from the name of the medieval Israeli doctor and philosopher Maimonides (Rambam is one of his common nouns, an acronym). As one of the oldest healthcare institutions in Israel (the clinic was founded 10 years before the formation of the State of Israel), the Rambam Center not only provides medical care to local and visiting patients, but also works in close cooperation with the Rappaport Faculty of Medicine of the Technion University (Haifa).

Leading Doctors of Rambam

Israel Clinic Rambam

  • 36 branches.
  • 1000 beds.
  • 45 divisions.
  • 9 institutes.
  • 6 laboratories.
  • 30 administrative departments.

In 2014, the clinic opened an emergency medicine center located in an underground building resistant to any type of attack - biological, chemical, artillery, etc. The development of the project began in 2007. Today, the center includes a three-story parking lot, which can be converted into an operational hospital with 2,000 beds within 72 hours. In 2016, the Fishman Cancer Center began operating in the clinic - a nine-story building with an area of ​​10,000 square meters, where the entire spectrum of malignant neoplasms is treated.

Rambam Hospital - History

Rambam Medical Center dates back to the British Mandate. Then the clinic could provide hospitalization of 225 patients and was called the British Government Hospital in Haifa. The project was carried out by the architect E. Mendelssohn, he located the center building at the foot of Mount Carmel, northeast of the port. In 1952, the clinic was renamed Rambam. Then there were departments of surgery, treatment of internal diseases and tuberculosis. In the late 1960s, a children's hospital was opened in Rambam, where children from the northern region of Israel received the necessary medical care. As the demand for pediatric medicine is constantly growing, the Children's Hospital was expanded by 2014 and transformed into the Rappaport Children's Hospital. In 2013, Rambam specialists were the first in Israel to perform a successful ultrasound brain ablation procedure to treat tremors. The patient was under the control of MRI for several hours, while the doctors at that time influenced his thalamus with focused ultrasound. After the procedure, a man who for years could not bring a cup to his mouth so as not to spill its contents on the floor, fully regained control over his motor skills and wrote in pen on paper the famous phrase of Theodor Herzl “if you did it, then it’s not a dream anymore”. In 2016, Rambam Hospital, along with several other companies (including IBM), received a grant to create a digital medical “incubator of ideas” - a center founded to develop innovations in the medical field. In the same year, Rambam became the first center in the world to install a hybrid scanner that combines the advantages of different types of radiation diagnostics. Such a system, in comparison with classical methods of radiation studies, allows diagnostics to be carried out more accurately and quickly and at the same time to reduce the radiation load. The deputy director of the nuclear medicine department of the clinic called this device a breakthrough in the field of radiation diagnostics.

Full range of services

The clinic provides a full range of medical services aimed at treating any disease. There are several main areas - oncology, hematology oncology, heart surgery, neurosurgery and orthopedics. In 2007, the clinic launched a renovation and modernization project, which includes the construction of several new buildings. By 2017, three new buildings have already been built, two are at the completion stage. In 2014, the Rappaport Children's Hospital was renovated, making the children's emergency department at the clinic the largest and most equipped in Israel. In 2016, the Fishman Cancer Center opened in Rambam, where cancer patients receive a full range of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, from chemotherapy to radiotherapy and complementary medicine. The renovation plan of the clinic includes a new building for the cardiology department, where research laboratories will be located and procedures for the treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system (interventional cardiology, vascular surgery, electrophysiology, radiation diagnostics, etc.) will be carried out. The clinic also intends to conduct scientific medical research in cooperation with the University of Haifa, for which it is planned to build a new 20-storey building (the so-called Medical Research Tower). Today, the clinic's specialists provide patients with a full range of necessary medical services.

  • General surgery.
  • Surgery of the head and neck, ENT organs.
  • Vascular surgery.
  • Neurosurgery.
  • Urological operations.
  • Cardiac surgery.
  • Ophthalmic operations.
  • Orthopedic surgery.
  • Plastic surgery.
  • Oral and maxillofacial surgery.
  • Thoracic surgery.
  • Hematology and bone marrow transplantation.
  • Cardiology, gastroenterology, pulmonology, dermatology and other areas of treatment of internal diseases.
  • Gynecology.
  • A full range of pediatric areas, from urology to neurosurgery.
  • Nuclear medicine and radiation diagnostics.
  • Dentistry.

The clinic has departments of psychiatry, clinical pharmacology and the Institute of Genetics, patients, if necessary, undergo physiotherapy, occupational therapy and other rehabilitation measures.

For a person who does not live in Israel, it is difficult to answer the question of where is the best treatment - in the center of the country, in the north or in the south. Is there a difference between the Tel Aviv Medical Center and the large hospitals in the periphery? Are the level of doctors and equipment comparable? When will the trip for diagnosis and treatment be cheaper? To help you answer these questions, let's compare in various respects two Israeli hospitals - the Tel Aviv Ichilov Medical Center and the Rambam Clinic located in Haifa. This city is a large industrial center and the largest settlement in the northern part of the country.

Two hospitals in numbers

Get the treatment program and the exact price

Features of the location of hospitals


The Rambam Medical Center is located on the picturesque coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Within walking distance are the attractions of Haifa: Bahai Gardens, a popular German colony among tourists, as well as cafes, restaurants and shops.

Rambam Hospital can be reached by car:

  • to the international airport. Ben Gurion - 2 hours;
  • Jerusalem - 2 hours 30 minutes;
  • Tel Aviv - 2 hours;
  • Dead Sea - 4 hours before;
  • to Eilat - 7 hours before.


The Ichilov Medical Center is located in Tel Aviv, a 5-minute walk from the main square of the city and a 20-minute walk from the city's beaches and the Mediterranean Sea promenade. Within walking distance are shopping centers, cafes, restaurants, theaters, concert halls and museums, as well as hotels and apartments - from VIP-class to budget.

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