Active rest: examples of rest in Russia, features, pros and cons

Turkey is a country located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. The state has an important historical heritage. The special climate and numerous attractions contribute to the fact that many migrants from the CIS showed a special desire to visit Turkey.

Turkey includes the foundations of the Soviet state structure and the eastern mentality, due to which a relatively short period of adaptation is expected.

The main features of life in Turkey

The life of the Turks is distinguished by quite good and well-thought-out social conditions. For this reason, many CIS citizens are interested in moving to a permanent place of residence.

Before implementing plans for an official move, it is advisable to carefully read all the living conditions and make sure of the maximum possible comfort.

  • Medical care in Turkey is considered to be of the highest quality. This fact confirms the active development of medical tourism, because even Europeans are ready to be successfully treated in Turkish clinics. Medical insurance guarantees the possibility of contacting not only a state, but also a private clinic, and in each case, you can count on a decent quality of services provided. It is important to be prepared for the fact that there are no district doctors in Turkey, so you have to call a medical team or go to the clinic yourself. If there is an interest in the prompt provision of quality pharmaceutical care, you can be sure that the pharmacy staff will certainly contribute to the selection of a suitable drug. With this scheme, many Turks can be sure that there is a good chance of maintaining good health and timely treatment of various diseases.
  • The education system is divided into formal and informal. The first type includes preschool, primary, secondary and higher education. The rest of the types of educational services are unofficial. Educational institutions in Turkey contribute to ensuring that it is possible to obtain high-quality knowledge and skills for the subsequent creation of good specialists in almost all areas. Public schools offer free educational services so that everyone can take care of acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills. There are no restrictions for foreigners, because you just need to take care of the possibility of an official visit to the chosen educational institution. It should be noted that diplomas obtained in Turkey can be recognized in almost all countries of the world, as a result of which there are a lot of opportunities for successful career development.
  • The shopping basket encourages many people to mark the best prices for products and basic services. At the same time, the indigenous Turks are accustomed to the fact that in tourist cities there are active fluctuations in prices under the influence of seasonality.

The above features contribute to making life in Turkey quite comfortable and pleasant.

The pros of living in Turkey

Many residents of the CIS are trying to clearly understand what the pros and cons of living in Turkey can still be counted on.

  • Acquisition of real estate allows you to obtain a residence permit. After a certain time has elapsed, you can still apply for citizenship.
  • Living in Turkey with the right approach turns out to be quite cheap. In addition, the level of living in many apartments pleases with amazing comfort.
  • The pleasant climate and the large number of sunny days mean that many people can enjoy clean air, sun and sea. Despite the fact that in Turkey there is good weather almost all year round, it is possible to note the opportunity to go to a ski resort in winter.
  • Turks have access to quality food, fresh vegetables and fruits. Turkish cuisine is renowned for its wide variety of dishes.
  • Turkey has a well-developed infrastructure. As a result, life often brings only positive experiences.
  • Obtaining a residence permit allows you to subsequently apply for free education in public schools. In addition, citizens of the CIS can count on education in Russian-language schools.
  • Many Turks try to follow the rules of conduct, so it is almost impossible to find drunks on the streets.
  • Good ecology is one of the main advantages for CIS citizens who are accustomed to environmental problems.
  • Inexpensive things (warm clothes and shoes). Expensive winter down jackets and fur coats are not useful here, but you can take care of having a good wardrobe.
  • Advanced medicine guarantees the ability to take care of good health.

Cons of living in Turkey

However, there are still some disadvantages:

Living in Turkey: Pros, Cons, and What You Need to Know

Pros and cons of the profession of a doctor, reviews

The profession of surgeons, obstetricians, traumatologists, psychiatrists is especially difficult. These departments of medicine are always associated with human pain - physical and mental.

The ability to find a way out of the most difficult situations, and at the same time immediately eliminate the essence of the problem, calm down and find the right words of consolation - this is exactly that important part of medical practice, to which not everyone can get used to.

The benefits of the medical profession are undeniable, and above all they are:

Unfortunately, there are also a lot of negative factors darkening the medical profession:

The profession of a doctor is very difficult, requiring tremendous willpower, stress resistance and the ability to control oneself.

Irregular work schedules, frequent calls at night and long shifts darken the lives of doctors.

But, at the same time, representatives of this profession are highly respected in society, are considered popular and important people.

They tend to have high self-esteem, which is supported by a justified sense of their own worth.

Doctors study for a long time, and all the time they go through refresher courses. But this is not surprising, because medicine does not stand still, new drugs appear all the time, more modern equipment is being introduced.

Being a doctor means saving people, giving hope and becoming a real guardian angel in the eyes of others!

Pros and cons of being a doctor

Living in Turkey: Pros, Cons, and What You Need to Know Turkey is a country located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. The state has an important historical heritage. Special climate and

The profession of a massage therapist may not be the most necessary, but it is very useful.

Acquisition of such a profession does not imply many years of study at a higher educational institution, but a mandatory requirement is the availability of medical education, at least secondary specialized. Of course, you can do without it, but in good clinics with a high reputation, a specialist without medical education will simply not be allowed to work. Let's start to find out the pros and cons of the profession of a massage therapist.

  • Second: demand. Massage is needed by everyone, both children and adults. There are many types of massage from classic to erotic;

  • Third: dating. If you are a so-called extrovert, then you will undoubtedly be pleased to meet new and interesting people every time;

  • Fourth: private reception. The established good reputation allows you to open not just your own office, but even a small massage parlor. The main thing is to be a competent and conscientious specialist;

  • Fifth: graph. Due to the high payment for your services, you can quite afford a work schedule of literally 4-5 hours a day.

The profession of a massage therapist is certainly interesting, and it may seem quite easy to many, but it was not there, there are more than enough shortcomings in such a profession, let's look at them.

  • Second: consumable. Of course, the money does not come out very much, but buying even ordinary essential oils can be very inconvenient, because they run out very quickly;

  • Third: tiredness. Expect your hands and fingers to go numb by the end of your shift;

  • Fourth: clientele. Building a client base is not easy, many take several years to do it;

  • Fifth: the client's appearance. Whatever one may say, but the bulk of clients do not look their best. Whether it is overweight men or women, as well as old age is not excluded. Although beautiful and pleasant bodies cannot be ruled out;

  • Sixth: responsibility. One wrong move and it can do a lot of damage to your client. Be careful.

Telemedicine is sweeping the planet, and the coronavirus pandemic is only good for it. In January 2018, the telemedicine law came into force. Then this sphere of medical services aroused little confidence in anyone. At the same time, medical experts have been consulting each other for a long time in the "doctor-doctor" format using video communication. The doctor-patient format was less popular. Now, with general isolation, remote consultation with a doctor has become more than necessary and in demand.

A telemedicine center for patients with coronavirus has been opened in Moscow. At the same time, numerous remote systems are operating throughout the country, which provide consultations. A number of services provide telemedicine services free of charge.

- I would like to note right away that simple remote consultation of a patient by a doctor, which became especially in demand during the period of isolation, is only one of the possibilities of the telemedicine direction, the simplest function, - said Vinteo Business Development Director, an expert on video communication technologies Boris Popov. - The full use of telemedicine includes more complex aspects: simultaneous diagnosis of a patient by several doctors or medical institutions, including those from different countries, conducting large-scale consultations, interdepartmental interaction at different levels, remote operations.

The specialist explains that to provide telemedicine services, a video conferencing system (VCS) is used and, in parallel, an information medical system - this is how the doctor and patient communicate through high-definition video and the exchange of medical data. Medical content must be either encrypted or impersonal, as the patient's personal information is transferred. According to this principle, conference participants can be either 5, 10, 100, or 1000 subscribers.

Online drug sale How the new system will work and what awaits patients

According to Irina Kargalskaya, co-chairman of the Patient-Oriented Telemedicine Committee at the All-Russian Union of Patients, now telemedicine should show its maximum effectiveness. The constituent services are doctor-to-doctor consultations, when specialists consult on a difficult patient with a remote center, where he cannot be sent due to isolation. It is also an online patient consultation for the initial diagnosis, which, according to the law, cannot be made remotely. But issues that are caused by the patient's anxiety rather than actual symptoms can be resolved. Further - remote monitoring during treatment. This is when the patient undergoes long-term treatment, including during the period of self-isolation, and needs monitoring. We are talking about chronic, oncological and other patients.

- Telemedicine should become the main protection for doctors in a polyclinic and for patients as a protection against full-time reception of an infected patient, - explained Irina Kargalskaya. - Telemedicine today is the control of patients who are with symptoms of CoViD-19 or at risk, for a lesser burden on primary therapists to reduce the risk of infection of doctors - our gold fund.

Andrey Khoroshilov, General Director of the Telemedicine 24 Telemedicine Service, noted that the number of calls to the service has increased since February, when the worldwide distribution of CoViD-19 has just begun. With the introduction of the self-isolation regime (March and April), the number of calls to the line has doubled and today it is already two to three thousand calls daily.

Suppliers raise drug prices Which drugs will rise in price in pharmacies

More than half of people turn to the service with questions about preventive measures, possible complications, behavior outside the apartment and precautions during patient care. But it's not just CoViD-19 that is asked. Nowadays, many people are afraid to leave their apartments unless absolutely necessary, especially to go to medical institutions. Any health problems that do not require an urgent visit to the doctor, people try to solve from home by calling a specialist by phone or by video link.

Our latest review reveals good ideas for outdoor activities in Russia. This article should be of interest to all those who are tired of the passive and monotonous vacation in the form of an ordinary trip to the sea, lying all day on the couch doing nothing or acting as a slave on their country "plantation" in order to grow various vegetables, berries, flowers.

Interesting facts about outdoor activities

In order for at least someone who has read this article to have a desire to spend their vacation differently from usual, it must be said that more and more people are drawn into this exciting process of actively spending their free time. Why is this happening? Because with the help of active recreation you learn a lot of new and interesting things, get to know different people, develop and strengthen your body and, finally, you can learn some skills that may be useful in everyday life. Plus, having tried it once, you can't refuse to do it again!

Active rest is called so because it does not mean immobilized lying on the beach waiting for a sea sunburn, but is associated with intense physical exertion on the entire body. As for the types of outdoor activities themselves, the overwhelming majority of them are non-professional activities in any kind of sport.

And every day these varieties are becoming more and more, since there are always people who like to find something new and interesting and apply it in life for the benefit of themselves and others. These include, for example, geocaching, the essence of which is to find, using satellite systems, caches that other participants in this tourist game have made. You can play it with your family, a friendly company or alone, here the number of players is not a fundamentally important issue. However, this is still a rare type of outdoor activity, which is designed primarily for the amateur. Therefore, in contrast to sports games, hunting wild animals in the savannah and the like, there are those types of recreation that are designed for a wide range of people. The most popular of them are the directions described below. Let's take a closer look at the popular outdoor activities, we will give the most affordable and exciting examples.

The best outdoor activities in Russia

Sports tourism

Most modern people, one way or another, get tired of living in big cities, so the desire to merge with nature, to be alone with it, takes on special significance. Therefore, warm and comfortable tents will give special charm to outdoor recreation, instead of renting a cozy apartment or hotel room and the necessary camping structure, as well as a cheerful company nearby. But in order to completely "recover" from the benefits of civilization, various travel agencies offer to spend in sports camps or, traveling alone or with a family, to take part, for example, in rafting, that is, boating. It can also be an obstacle course, crossing over logs and much more, it all depends on the wishes of the client.


Surfing is a kind of sport when a person stands on a special board and tries to “catch” a wave in order to ride on it. Pleasure and unforgettable sensations will be enough for anyone with interest. Experts advise beginner surfers to ride small waves to avoid traumatic situations.

Alpine skiing

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