Pre-trip medical examination agreement

Medical Services Agreement

A sample medical equipment lease agreement includes prerequisites and accompanying annexes. Signing is possible between individuals and legal entities.

When it is necessary to conclude an agreement

Lease agreement is an agreement according to which medical (and any other) equipment is subject to further transfer on terms of payment and return. This type of property is transferred to temporary use only for a specific period specified in the text of the document.

The norms of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation provide for the preparation of a lease agreement:

  • orally
  • and writing

A written copy is required when:

  • one of the parties acts as a legal entity
  • the contract period exceeds 1 year

In practice, most leases are in writing. There are many reasons for this, the main ones being:

  • the presence of numerous conditions that cannot carry the possibility of forming an oral agreement
  • each of the parties to the transaction expressed a desire to reliably protect themselves from all kinds of potential risks that are formed based on the results of a legally significant transaction
  • there are plans to lease expensive property

In addition, the legislation of the Russian Federation approved the forms of legally significant transactions, the signing of which requires a written document. It is customary to refer to this as a financial lease agreement for equipment.

The conclusion of a transaction in relation to the lease of medical equipment is required to be able to officially confirm the fact of transfer of certain equipment from one person to another.

What conditions should you pay attention to, watch the video:

The Agreement acts as a guarantor of the observance of the rights and obligations of the parties during the entire period of its relevance.

Medical equipment lease agreement; sample, pitfalls


A public contract means a contract based on a public offer. By virtue of this offer, a medical institution that provides paid services and makes a profit from the provision of these services not only offers, but also undertakes to provide a service to everyone who responds to the offer.

Due to these circumstances, the contract is considered concluded from the moment when a citizen applies to a paid medical institution and accepts the terms of the offer.

  • the cost of the services offered;
  • the terms for the provision of services;
  • other specific conditions of medical services.

All this means that formally, in the generally accepted sense, the contract is not concluded. That is, the parties do not compose a large text, do not sign on it, etc. Acceptance of the offer (acceptance of the offer), payment for medical services and receipt of this payment will be considered the equivalent of a written agreement.

In accordance with the Rules of Medical Services for the Population, the conditions of the public offer must be truly public, that is, must be provided to everyone who wishes to familiarize themselves with them. Information on the Internet, in the media, on posters, billboards and stands directly in a medical institution can be considered as ways of informing.


First of all, we want to convey to our reader that the concept of a contract for the provision of medical services in most cases is very conditional if the contract is concluded with an individual, and not, say, with a certain enterprise or organization.

For a citizen, the very fact of paying for a medical service is already the conclusion of an agreement, since this is what the public offer implies. This does not mean that there is no contract with an individual.

In any paid medical institution there is a standard template for such an agreement, which repeats all the conditions published in the advertisement. If a citizen asks for this model contract, then he will certainly be provided with it.

As for contracts for medical services between a medical institution and an enterprise (organization), it will certainly be concluded in writing. This is due to the fact that legal relations between legal entities are the area of ​​attention of tax and other authorities. Moreover, settlements between legal entities need to be documented. That is, an enterprise that has entered into an agreement with a medical institution for servicing its own employees will pay on the basis of the agreement.

Terms of agreement

The subject of the contract is precisely medical services, that is, certain specific actions of a medical institution aimed at treating its contractual counterparties.

A sample contract for the lease of medical equipment excludes the possibility of entering erroneous data into the document with all the ensuing consequences. Details in our article.

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For signing, the contract must be sent in 2 copies to the address: 127083, Moscow, st. Verkhnyaya Maslovka, 20

Agency agreement with Alean-Tourne LLC Agency agreement with Alean-Tourne LLC . Agent's report for Alean-Tourne LLC Supplementary agreement with Alean-Tourne LLC Supplementary agreement with LLC "Alean-Tourne" . Power of attorney between LLC "Alean" and LLC "Alean-Tourne" . Power of attorney between LLC "Alean" and LLC "Alean-Tourne" . Agreement on replacing the party of LLC "Alean SPA" with Alean-Tourne LLC . Certificate of entering information about the tour operator into the Unified Federal Register of Tour Operators . Certificate of entering information about the tour operator into the Unified Federal Register of Tour Operators Certificate of entering information about the tour operator into the Unified Federal Register of Tour Operators . <

Terms of payment and cancellation

Prepayment period

Full payment

More than 7 days before arrival without penalty (unless other conditions are specified on the property page)

The actual expenses incurred by the accommodation facility, if canceled less than 7 days before arrival (unless other conditions are specified in the accommodation card in the "Special Conditions")

Terms of cancellation and penalties for accommodation facilities, check with your curators, in the following directions: Armenia (excursion tours), Baikal (excursion and active tours), Altai Mountains (excursion and active tours), Kamchatka (excursion and active tours), Krasnoyarsk Territory (sightseeing and active tours), Republic of Tyva (sightseeing and active tours), Republic of Khakassia (sightseeing and active tours), Yakutia (sightseeing and active tours), Belarus, Children's camps, Cruises.

On pre-holiday and holiday dates and dates of major all-Russian and international sports events, economic and political forums, festivals, exhibitions, etc., special conditions of payments and cancellations work, for clarification, please contact your curators <

Agreement for pre-trip medical examination

It is not enough to simply download a sample, conclude an agreement for a pre-trip medical examination of drivers, substituting your details. There are questions, the answers to which you need to know before signing it. How to draw up a legally binding document so that the listed conditions are met by the parties. What type of contract is required by law. What is the peculiarity of the agreement between the medical organization and the recipient of PME services: full-time, remote or mixed ...

An agreement is a document indicating the consent of the parties to terminate, change civil rights or obligations assumed.

Here you can download the contract for the pre-trip medical examination of the year

Agreement for LLC

Agreement for individual entrepreneurs

Agreement for GBU

Agreement for cultural institutions

In 2020, the Federal Law on Remote Pre-Trip Medical Monitoring of Drivers was issued. This, in turn, provides new opportunities for concluding a contract for MIP. Therefore, the regulations regarding the rules for concluding an agreement between the parties have been supplemented with fresh amendments.

Documents can be drawn up in electronic format using e-mail. signatures of the parties. This greatly simplifies the interaction between the medical and transport organization. There is no need to conduct face-to-face negotiations.

Approved by V. Motsak, General Director of Vernal LLC. April 01, 2012

AGREEMENT - OFFER for paid services

In accordance with Art. 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, this document, addressed to individuals, is an official, public and irrevocable proposal of the Vernal Limited Liability Company, hereinafter referred to as the Contractor, represented by General Director Vera Vladimirovna Motsak, acting on the basis of the Charter, to conclude an agreement on the following conditions:

This document is an offer agreement published on the Internet at: . om/dopolnitelno/kollektivnyie-medturyi /, as well as provided for information purposes in any other way.

Full and unconditional acceptance of this public offer is the implementation by the Customer of the first payment for the services offered by the Contractor in the manner prescribed by this agreement. The acceptance of the offer means that the Customer agrees with all the provisions of this offer, and is tantamount to concluding an agreement on the provision of services for the provision of information.

1. Subject of the contract.

1. ... The Contractor undertakes to provide the Customer with information and consulting services specified in cl. ... Of the Agreement, and the Customer undertakes to accept, pay for services, as well as fulfill other obligations established by this Agreement.

1. ... The Contractor provides the Customer with the following services:

1. ... ... Informing and providing the Customer with a choice of a specialized medical institution abroad on the basis of the documentation provided by the Customer about the state of health and indications for examination and treatment;

1. ... ... Translation, if necessary, of documents provided by the Customer (medical reports, laboratory tests, etc.) into a foreign language;

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