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How healthcare works in South Korea

South Korean hospitals are modern, well equipped, and compete with many of the best hospitals in Western Europe and the United States. As a medical tourism destination, South Korea is confidently gaining a leading position among citizens of different countries.

Why do more patients go to Korea for treatment every year?

South Korea has quickly become the leader in medical tourism in the Asian region. It is noteworthy that, even without planning their treatment in South Korea in advance, every tourist has a chance to organize it immediately after the plane lands at Incheon International Airport. There is an information center for medical tourists right in the arrivals hall. In addition, the International Medical Center operates in the business district of Seoul, where you can get all the necessary information, as well as measure blood pressure, body mass index and take a stress test for free. It is clear that Korea's Ministry of Health views medical tourism as an important component of the country's economy.

Only in Korean clinics:

In South Korea, medical facilities are equipped with the most modern equipment running on the best software. In addition, several centers have been opened in large cities, created specifically for foreign patients, with staff speaking different languages ​​and comprehensive service, which includes travel arrangements, accommodation and accompaniment during treatment.

Korean Clinics

How can a foreigner get treatment in Korea?

Getting to Korea for treatment is pretty easy. To do this you need:

  • Apply for treatment through the contact form on this website.
  • Wait for communication with our coordinators.
  • Send copies of the diagnostic results to the doctor for review.
  • Get a free consultation with a specialized doctor.
  • Examine the individually tailored treatment program.

Features of Korean medicine you need to know about

South Korea offers a wide range of medical services, but specializes mainly in the use of evidence-based medicine principles. They also successfully put into practice a combination of Western and Eastern medicine, offering even more opportunities for effective cancer treatment in Korea.

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Popular medical tourism destinations: Germany, Turkey

Medical Avenue works directly with more than 30 hospitals in South Korea, both general and private. We also cooperate with 10 medical institutions in countries such as Germany, UAE (Dubai), Malaysia and Singapore.

Thanks to other medical areas, we offer more opportunities for our clients. Someone offers a unique opportunity to combine relaxation and treatment. For others, the level of medicine is progressing just like in South Korea.

For customers looking for an alternative to South Korea, contact us and ask our representatives in Russia, Kazakhstan for more information.

    • Treatment in Turkey
    • Treatment in Germany
    • Treatment in Malaysia
    • Treatment to Singapore

Treatment in Turkey (More)

Treatment in Germany

Available medical services in Germany:

  • Oncology (cancer) treatment
  • Rehabilitation program
  • Neurological treatment
  • Cardiological treatment
  • Orthopedic treatment

Cost of medical support and medical translations in Germany:

South Korea, which has a well-developed healthcare system, is becoming an increasingly popular destination for medical tourism. Not only Koreans, but also foreign nationals can get the best medical care. The truth is not free.

So what is the secret of the South Korean health care system and thanks to what measures on the part of the state, residents of the country are not afraid to visit doctors and do not raise a riot because of paid medicine in all clinics of the state?

State support of medicine

South Korea has a very smart healthcare system. There are both public and private medical clinics in the country, where any citizen can receive medical care, but only for a fee. However, no one protests or is outraged by this state of affairs, because the state exercises strict supervision over medical institutions, monitors pricing and is engaged in subsidies and support.

There is also a State Health Insurance System in the country. Any resident of Korea, even a foreigner residing in the country for a long time, can get a health insurance policy. What is remarkable, this policy is valid in all private and public clinics in the country. And the amount of the insurance premium varies depending on the person's income. On average, citizens pay from 10 to 40% for medical services, and the rest of the amount is transferred by the state. However, poor citizens can count on almost free medical care, while wealthier people will have to pay much more money for medicine.

Such a system of insurance of citizens made it possible to equalize everyone in receiving medical care. Although health care is paid, but it is available to everyone. Medical institutions are well financed by patients' funds and the money received from the provision of medical services is invested in the further development of clinics. But more on that below.

Funds from the hospital will not run away

Another trick of South Korean health care is that hospitals are not allowed to redistribute profits from medical activities. All clinics in Korea, although they are non-profit organizations, receive income from the provision of services and earn money from their activities. However, according to the laws of the country, they cannot transfer these funds offshore or pay dividends to shareholders. All the profits received must be reinvested, that is, invested in the development of the hospital. The profits can be spent on purchasing equipment and renovating the clinic, paying bonuses to staff for good work, or expanding and improving the premises in the hospital.

Thanks to this solution, the profit received from the operation of the hospital remains inside the clinic and is spent on improving the condition of the medical institution or on additional motivation of the staff. In addition, the income of clinics is not taxed. Therefore, in Korea, you will not see typical Russian clinics with shabby walls, cracked plaster and iron beds from the USSR.

It's not easy to become a doctor in Korea

South Korean students who decide to go to medical school doom themselves to several years of crazy cramming, sleepless nights and complete immersion in medicine. To be precise, training, including internship and residency, will take a student about 11 years. In addition, only those who have completed an internship in leading clinics in the USA, Europe or Canada can count on a good position later.

According to unofficial estimates, only 0.5% of freshmen will subsequently be admitted to real work in the hospital. And by the way, education in all Korean universities is also paid.

But applicants strive to get into medical schools and are ready to go “through fire and water” in order to become highly professional specialists and subsequently receive a good salary. Therefore, when contacting a medical institution, Koreans are sure that they have come to a real specialist who is well versed in their field.

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