Organization of treatment in Israel

Organization of treatment in Israel

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Oncology treatment in Israel

Cancer treatment in Israel is highly effective and uses only the most relevant and modern techniques

Orthopedics in Israel

In orthopedic clinics in Israel, all types of treatment of the spine and joints, including endoprosthetics, are carried out.

Leading Doctors of Israel

Choosing a specialist through the service of "Doctors of Israel"

Israeli doctors care about every person and their opinion, so they pay great attention to all reviews of treatment left on our website. This approach is convenient not only for doctors, but also for patients looking for answers to exciting questions from patients who have returned from foreign clinics.

More than 70% of patients who come for treatment return home completely healthy, and another 80% significantly improve the quality of life, achieving long-term remission without serious complications.

Organizational matters

The ability to choose a doctor before travel is extremely important for medical tourists. We make it possible to select a specialized specialist, taking into account all the characteristics of a particular patient. We also help you choose the right clinic with the necessary set of additional services. In carrying out our task, we are guided by previous experience, the level of qualifications of the specialist, the ratio of the patient's time and money costs, as well as your feedback.

The effectiveness of treatment in Israel largely depends on the correct coordination of the trip, diagnosis and treatment. Organization of treatment in Israel is a rather complicated and troublesome business, it requires vast experience, knowledge of all the nuances of Israeli medicine, reliable relations with clinics and specific doctors, and the better the clinics and doctors, the higher the quality of the treatment itself.

Despite the high level of Israeli medicine, which is on a par with the medicine of the United States and Western Europe, and in some areas even surpasses them, Israel's healthcare is a complex system with its own "national characteristics", among which - long queues for diagnostic and treatment procedures, the inability to choose a doctor within the framework of regular health insurance, the gap in the level of medical services between the center and the periphery, although not as striking as, for example, in Russia. All this must be taken into account with the correct provision of the therapeutic and diagnostic process.

Organization of treatment in Israel by the Izmed Center

Foreign patients wishing to undergo treatment in Israeli clinics mainly turn to the services of medical providers, one of such providers is the Izmed Coordination Center. We have been working in the medical tourism market for 10 years, during this time we have provided treatment for more than 7 thousand foreign patients, most of them are citizens of the CIS countries. The list of our services takes into account both the standard needs of all our patients and the individual ones that may arise in each specific case:

  • selection of the clinic and the attending physician depending on the specific diagnosis and wishes of the patient, negotiations with them in the interests of the patient;
  • search and booking of accommodation, taking into account the wishes and financial patient capabilities;
  • meeting at the airport, daily transfer (transportation) to the hospital and to the place of residence, and, at the request of the client, on other routes;
  • coordination of the time of each diagnostic and treatment procedure, surgical operation;
  • accompanying the patient (if he so wishes) for all procedures, communication with doctors and other medical personnel;
  • professional translation, interpretation and translation, translation services;
  • solving any everyday issues;
  • assistance in purchasing medications by prescription, all necessary medical devices.

The entire period of the patient's stay in Israel, our representative is in touch with him and is ready to provide assistance at any time of the day on any issue, including non-standard situations.

Stages of treatment in Israel

Our work begins even before the patient arrives in Israel.

  • collecting information about the patient, his disease, consultations with Israeli doctors about the possibility and expediency of coming to Israel, about treatment options;
  • choosing a clinic and a doctor, as much as possible corresponding to the diagnosis;
  • drawing up a price offer;
  • ordering tickets, issuing a visa if necessary.

Second stage

  • while the patient is getting ready for the trip and flying to Israel, we prescribe all the necessary diagnostic procedures and doctors' consultations. Therefore, our client can start diagnostics even on the day of arrival, in extreme cases, the next day, a full examination takes no more than 5 days. Even the Israelis do not have such speed, most of them take long queues. But we understand that your time is precious. Solving the problem of queues - just because of this it is worth using our services.

  • meeting at the airport, arrangement at the place of residence;
  • coordination of the diagnostic and treatment process. After the diagnosis is confirmed, the necessary treatment is prescribed. The start of treatment is immediate, if it is a surgical operation, it can be performed the very next day after the appointment;
  • if a period of rehabilitation is required, the patient, accompanied by a driver and coordinator, visits the hospital every day at the appointed time.

  • after the end of treatment, the patient receives the original and translation into Russian of an extract from the medical history, doctor's recommendations in writing.
  • the coordinator ensures the patient's departure from Israel, maintains contact with him after the end of treatment, ensuring the continuity of treatment in Israel and in the patient's homeland. We help our former patients with the purchase of medicines and with the preparation of follow-up consultations in Israel.

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