Oncological medical tourism: in which country to treat cancer

Oncological medical tourism: in which country to treat cancer

According to statistics, every year about 8.2 million people die due to the development of oncology, and in Russia the number of patients suffering from cancer lose their vitality in just 1 year after the diagnosis of a malignant formation. Unfortunately, even a long and careful search for an effective cancer cure may not give the desired result, and the time spent on this reduces the patient's chances of life - cancer is easier to fight at the initial stages of development. A timely visit to an oncologist gives the patient more opportunities to deal with oncology. However, it is necessary to determine where exactly to receive treatment - in which country the patient can be effectively assisted in the fight against cancer.

It should be noted right away that today there is no universal medicine or therapeutic course for the treatment of oncology. The method of fighting cancer is focused on stable remission: doctors are trying to increase the duration and quality of life of the patient. Over the past three decades, oncologists have developed and are applying 5 main methods of therapy for malignant neoplasms:

  • open surgery;
  • course of chemotherapy;
  • course of radiation therapy;
  • bone marrow tissue transplantation;
  • hormonal treatment.

Innovative cancer control methods are also being developed, but the main treatment tactics remain the same. The field of oncology develops the direction of targeted, gentle and non-invasive therapy.

Endoscopy in Oncology: Smart Surgery

If cancer cannot be destroyed directly in the body, then it should be removed. The methods of progressive oncotherapy are focused on the maximum non-invasiveness of manipulations, preferring endoscopy to direct surgery. The surgeon performing the operation performs several punctures of tissues using special instruments, which allows you to remove areas affected by cancer cells. A special endoscopic sensor acts as a specialist's eyes, which is a long thin tube, at the end of which a camera is fixed. The equipment makes it possible to project a picture directly from the inside of the body onto a monitor to form a complete image of the "working field".

The technology of endoscopy has been mastered by physicians from many countries, and the choice of a clinic in which to undergo treatment should depend on the price of therapy and the patient's comfort. However, such a criterion as experience cannot be ignored - for example, in Israel, endoscopy is resorted to in 85% of cases for oncosurgery, and the cost of the operation is 25% less compared to therapy in Germany or the USA.

Da Vinci - Innovative Surgery

The technique of performing operations using robotic technology has long been available in many clinics around the world. Despite the fact that the endoscopic sensor plays the role of the eyes of the oncosurgeon, a robot equipped with four manipulators can perform actions, replacing the doctor. One of the "hands" of the device is responsible for fixing the camera, the other two perform the basic algorithm of actions, and the fourth acts as an assistant. The process is coordinated by a team of experienced surgeons who sit at the control panel and use a joystick and 3D visualization to perform the operation.

Israel is in third place among all countries in the world in which operations are carried out using Da Vinci technology, behind the Germans and Americans. In Israeli clinics, the fourth version of the device is already being used, and experienced surgeons with thirty years of experience underwent advanced training in managing a "smart assistant" in the United States - this technology was created there.

Critical temperature and light therapy

HIPEC, or the method of hypertemic chemotherapy, allows you to fight cancer through the application of high temperature. The "hot chemistry" technique involves heating the preparations up to 42 ° C, which work for 1.5 hours in the abdominal cavity, which leads to the identification and destruction of small areas of cancerous tissue that have survived after surgery. Hyperthermia is especially actively used by doctors in Israel, Turkey and Germany. According to medical statistics, the effectiveness of such therapy is about 90% of cases, and the need for it is determined with absolute accuracy.

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