On vacation for health

On vacation for health

It is better to be rich and healthy than poor and sick - we have learned this simple truth from childhood. However, health costs money and time, which is not very conducive to wealth. Nevertheless, there is a way out: medical tourism is becoming one of the most popular types of recreation on all continents.

Making time for your own health is not easy: work, study, home, family "eat up" days without a trace. As a rule, we go to a doctor only as a last resort, when an illness leaves us no other choice. For most people, the only opportunity to take care of their own health is on vacation. But what a pity to waste this magical time on clinics, tests, doctors and medications!

That is why the so-called medical tourism has become very popular in recent years. This is an exciting tourist trip to another country, which includes not only excursions, shopping and relaxing by the pool with a cocktail in hand, but also a complex of medical procedures, ranging from simple health improvement and diagnostics to dental prosthetics, plastic surgery and major surgeries.

The great demand for such tours is caused not only by the banal lack of time for their own health, but also by the difference in prices for medical services. It is still possible to get free medical care in Russia, only it sometimes takes too long to wait for it. If the illness is serious, then delay is literally like death. In addition, free domestic medicine does not always mean "high quality", however, as well as paid. And by this, the views of many people are directed towards other countries, where you can get not only good medical care at lower prices, but also have a great rest, because the level of comfort in health centers is no worse than in four- or five-star hotels. But first things first.

Countries of medical paradise

Medical tourism has been popular in Western Europe and the USA for many years. And this is not surprising: prices for medical services in these regions are "off scale" beyond all permissible limits. This is what made people look for alternative solutions in other countries and even on other continents. Other conditions also contributed to the development of medical tourism. Firstly, international travel in the past two decades has become easier and more accessible, and secondly, modern technologies and treatment standards have gradually spread throughout the world. Moreover, many countries are so interested in the influx of "medical" tourists that they invest huge funds in the development of their own medicine, purchase advanced equipment and medicines and send their doctors to study and practice in the world's leading clinics. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that in one of the many medical centers in Thailand you will receive much better medical care than at home, and at the same time you will have a good rest and gain new impressions.

So, South Asian countries are considered the main direction of international medical tourism: India, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines. Countries such as Israel, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Brazil, Cuba, Turkey, Hungary, Czech Republic and Poland are not much inferior to them in popularity. Gradually, medical tourism is gaining momentum in the countries of South Africa: they know what to "cover" with and offer a "medical" safari.

Having already mentioned Thailand twice, let's return to this country again. After all, it is she who is the world center of medical tourism: more than 600,000 people come to Thailand through "medical" tours a year, who invest about $ 800 million in the national economy annually. And do not think that treatment in Thailand means exotic massage of all parts of the body. This is a stereotype that is as far from reality as foreigners' ideas about Russia, according to which Russians drink vodka for breakfast, and polar bears walk on Red Square. Thailand is home to one of the world's best neurosurgical and cardiovascular therapy centers. Here they successfully treat oncological diseases and do any plastic surgery, including gender reassignment. In Thailand, you can not only get a great tan, but also improve your eyesight with the help of laser surgery. And many many others.

Prices for operations and all kinds of medical manipulations in Thailand are 5-10 times lower than European and American ones, which in no way affects the quality of medical services or the level of service. On the contrary, for much less money, you are provided with much more care, attention and respect. In addition, the price of treatment for patients, as a rule, already includes a flight, a few days of rest on the coast and the treatment itself, followed by therapy and rehabilitation.

India is the second in the ranking after Thailand. This country is rapidly gaining momentum in the medical tourism market due not only to its exotic nature, but also to its prices. In many cases, they are even lower than in Thai medical centers. For example, a complex heart surgery here will cost less than $ 10,000, including flights and rehabilitation, which is several thousand cheaper than a similar operation in a Thai clinic. By the way, the death rate among Indian cardiac surgeons is also lower. This figure is better than even that of many specialized clinics in the United States.

Every country that is more or less successful in developing medical tourism usually offers a wide range of different medical services. However, there is also specialization. Thus, Turkey specializes in the treatment of oncological diseases and genetic diagnostics, Israel - in cardiac surgery and infertility treatment, Hawaii - in laser vision correction, Brazil - in plastic surgery, and Cyprus - in hair implantation. In addition, many countries offer quality and relatively inexpensive dental services. Why relative? - you probably ask. Yes, because if you want to cure just one tooth, then it is unlikely that somewhere it will be possible to do it cheaper and faster than at home. But if you want to seriously take care of your mouth, heal, whiten, do prosthetics or surgery, then a vacation in one of the health centers in Brazil, Thailand or Costa Rica will become not only pleasant and useful, but also very profitable.

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