My beauty secrets in Pattaya - how not to become a victim

New outbreak of coronavirus in Thailand: hotel closures

Finally, TAT (Tourism Association of Thailand) has systematized all its data regarding hotels for alternative quarantine.

So, what does the Tourist Association of Thailand offer us for a two-week stay?

in Pattaya

Of the entire large list (104 hotel names), Pattaya has only 4.

You can conduct an alternative quarantine in Pattaya at the following hotels:

  • Grand Bella Pattaya - 39,000 baht per person for 16 days/15 nights (67,000 baht for 2 people);
  • Hotel J Residence Pattaya - from 44,000 to 60,000 baht per person for 16 days/15 nights (no option for two);
  • Best Bella Pattaya Hotel - from 39,000 to 85,000 baht per person for 16 days/15 nights (from 67,000 to 115,000 for two);
  • Avani Pattaya Resort - from 65,000 to 399,000 baht per person for 16 days/15 nights (from 130,000 to 399,000 baht for two people the same term).

Links to the location of each hotel I have attached, you can watch, compare and make your choice.

in Bangkok

There is a better choice of hotels in the capital - only 94 hotels. I will not mention all of them here, I will attach only a few. Prices are per person for 16 days/15 nights.


Official information from the Tourist Association of Thailand on quarantine in Thailand. Answers to frequently asked questions.

For several days in a row, the media are full of disappointing news from Thailand. Earlier it was reported about the closure of several provinces at once due to the spread of COVID-19. The country's authorities are strict about the situation and immediately impose severe restrictions.

Let us remind you that all entertainment venues, attractions, shopping centers are now closed in Thailand. All restrictions are expected to be until the end of January. And tourists still have to quarantine for 16 days.

COVID Wave in Phuket

In Phuket, they began to close hotels that worked until the last moment and served local tourists. Also, some hotels have opened specifically in anticipation of the flow of foreign tourists who arrived at the resort on long-term visas.

The new wave of coronavirus has caused huge damage to the country's tourism industry. Tourism business representatives are pinning their hopes on the vaccine.

For example, Turkey plans to lift restrictions after the introduction of the second vaccine against COVID-19.

Hotels closing in Pattaya

Another popular resort in Thailand is closing hotels. At the moment, the province of Chonburi, where this resort is located, is closed for entry and exit. This province is in a special risk zone.

Tourists are waiting despite the outbreak

The situation in Thailand is difficult, but despite all the restrictions, tourists are welcome. Anyone interested in having the necessary documents can visit the country for tourist purposes.

Special tourist visas and entry permits are still being issued.

Thailand is ready to receive Russian tourists, regardless of the situation related to the coronavirus in our country.

Information is current on 06.1.021

Thailand opened its borders to Russia in December

The opening of Thailand's borders was not scheduled for 2020. Earlier it was reported that the resumption of tourism will begin no earlier than early 2021. Then special long-term visas were introduced, which were quite difficult to obtain.

The media reported that visas for Thailand were canceled on December 16. Official information on the abolition of the visa regime was announced on the portal of the Thai Embassy in the Russian Federation.

However, tour operators believe that visa cancellation will not cause a large flow of tourists in this direction.

You can fly to Thailand in January without a visa, but with quarantine

According to official information, tourists have the opportunity to visit the country without a visa. You can stay in the country for up to 30 days.

Tourists will no longer need to provide proof of income. Previously, everyone entering the country had to carry a document from the bank, confirming the presence of $ 700 on the account. Now this requirement has been canceled.

But this rule remains for those tourists who receive a long-term visa and want to spend 90 days in Thailand. That is, the issuance of a long-term TR visa remains relevant.

Hairdresser, beautician, massage, SPA, sauna, pharmacy - I tell you honestly, I rent addresses in Pattaya

Like any self-respecting girl who is already slightly over. I "have" to deal with the issue of preserving my natural beauty. Thank God, I have it, and nature and parents have endowed me with appearance and figure, and sound self-esteem, as you can see.

Maria Vetrova - main news in Thailand

Journalist, TV presenter, radio DJ: Pattaya-Chumphon. Thank you fate for the wonderful gift - to live and work in the Kingdom of Smiles. The most interesting in my Instagram

Why do I have to write in quotes, but because in fact it is a pleasant and in an amicable way a proud process. In those minutes when you sit in the armchair of a hair master or on the beautician's couch, and even more so on the massage table or in the steam room of a good bath, you devote yourself entirely to yourself, think about yourself, take care of your mood and well-being. And the older you get, the more and better such minutes there should be.

If you live or come on vacation to Pattaya, there are absolutely no problems with beauty in this city, there are a lot of offers, from small salons and individual masters to large organized centers in which your physical health and external data are engaged in a comprehensive manner. The only problem is to stop your choice, preferably without falling for the bait of unscrupulous "specialists".

Yes, there are, as a journalist, there are many horror stories associated with this topic: either the lip was pumped, the nose was improperly modeled, dozens of deaths from diet pills, whitening creams are still a dangerous thing and even a seemingly harmless massage can also be traumatic and fatal, but they can simply rob you while you relax if you choose the wrong institution in search of perfection.

Read also:

To make beauty in Pattaya safe, I offer several proven options that I have tried myself personally, and this, as you know, is the best recommendation. So:

Hairdresser in Pattaya - how to care for your hair at the sea

Either expensive and incomprehensible, or affordable, but still incomprehensible. Here, of course, the matter is purely individual and, as they say, for good luck. You just need to find Your master, but it is actually not so easy to do it.

Medicine in Thailand is at a high level. Treatment of diseases, examinations and plastic surgeries are carried out here professionally and efficiently. "Abroad" offers you an overview of the five main hospitals in Pattaya

Thailand is a popular destination for medical tourism. Low prices for plastic surgery and extensive experience of doctors are attracting more and more people to the country who want to acquire an ideal appearance. Treatment of acute and chronic diseases is also carried out here successfully and at a lower cost than specialists in other countries. Pattaya has municipal and private clinics, each of which has its own specifics.

Bangkok Hospital Pattaya

The largest, most expensive and most comprehensive hospital in the city. It is one of 18 medical facilities in the network that covers the whole of Thailand. Bangkok Hospital Pattaya is located on Sukhumvit Road, between North Road and Naklua District. This is the largest building in the north of Pattaya. On the territory of the hospital there are several parking lots for cars and one for motor vehicles; at the entrance, special traffic controllers will help you find a place for transport. Reception staff speak English, Thai and Russian (!) Languages. The entire territory of the hospital - which is 23 hectares - is covered by Wi-Fi. There is a bank, shops, cafes, and even a library on various floors of the hospital.

Bangkok Hospital Pattaya provides all kinds of medical services. There is a neurosurgery center, a center for minimal surgery for spinal injuries, a brain and neurology center. The hospital has the most modern models of MRI scanners and tomographs. Service prices are higher than other hospitals. For example, childbirth with a three-day stay in a ward that looks more like an expensive hotel room will cost from 58 to 80,000 baht. Plastic surgery on the eyelids (blepharoplasty - performed to improve the shape of the eyelids, eliminate drooping of the upper eyelid, bags under the eyes, wrinkles around the eyes) will cost 60,000 baht, rhinoplasty costs about 90,000 baht. A complete examination of the body with all analyzes and tests will cost 40,000 baht. Also, the hospital has standard services of doctors of various profiles: from pediatrics to classical surgery. All prices must be found out at the reception on an individual basis. The cost of an appointment with a specialist varies from 1000 to 1500 baht, and in some cases even more. In general, this expensive and modern hospital can be called the best in Pattaya.

Banglamung Hospital

No one speaks Russian in the state hospital, but the staff at the front desk and many doctors speak English well. Everything is much simpler here than in Bangkok Hospital Pattaya, but the prices are about ten times lower. For example, for childbirth with a ward and all tests, they will take only 10,000 baht. Some doctors take it free of charge, and the most expensive specialist appointments cost 200 baht. True, the system by which the money is collected is not easy to understand. For example, a neck X-ray was done to our journalist free of charge, and he paid 100 baht for the ENT consultation.

Banglamung Hospital provides plastic surgery services at fairly low prices. For example, rhinoplasty costs about 25,000 baht, varicose veins treatment costs 65,000 baht, and a full facelift costs about 120,000 baht. The hospital does not shine with luxury, but the doctors are competent enough.

Pattaya Memorial Hospital

If Bangkok Hospital Pattaya is brilliance and Banglamung Hospital is "poverty", then Pattaya Memorial Hospital is something in between. The staff speaks foreign languages ​​at an average level, the quality of service is quite good, the prices are moderate, the equipment is new. Without insurance, you will no longer be able to get an appointment for free (like at Banglamung Hospital), but the doctors will not leave you without pants. The cost of an appointment with a doctor varies in the range of 300-1000 baht. Plastering will cost 3000 baht, the most complete medical examination - 5000 baht. Doing in the hospital and plastic surgery. For example, a full facelift costs 110,000 baht, breast augmentation starts at the same price, and rhinoplasty will cost 40,000. If you are in Pattaya with health insurance on your hands, then in 90% of cases you will be sent here.

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