Medicine in Thailand - to be ill or not to be ill

Medicine in Thailand - to be ill or not to be ill


There are many reasons why many foreigners seek treatment in Thailand.

The cost of treatment with Thai doctors is only a fraction of what their counterparts in most Western countries charge. Treatment prices are generally in the range of 20-50% lower than equivalent treatment in the West. This low cost allows medical tourists to spend their budget on wellness and even recreation.

In recent years, the private sector in Thailand has created an increasing number of medical institutions that can be compared with the best clinics in Germany, Switzerland and other developed countries. There are over 30 hospitals in the country that serve medical tourists, as well as numerous dental, cosmetic, oncology and cancer treatment clinics, and other medical centers, including alternative medicine. Thailand has eight Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited clinics, and all hospitals in Thailand are licensed by the country's Ministry of Health.

Doctors in Thailand also have a high level of education and training. Many of them have professional certifications from the USA and/or Europe. For example, at the Bumrungrad clinic, about 200 doctors are certified in the United States, and 400 have been trained in Western clinics.

Thailand is one of the top holiday destinations in the world, being a paradise with inviting beaches and the best views of nature. The country has a rich culture with excellent cuisine and people are very friendly towards foreigners. If it were not for the integration of conventional tourism with the strengths of the medical services sector, then the state of medical tourism in Thailand would not be so well developed. In Thailand, which is a major tourist destination, this service has become one of the important factors that have contributed to the success of this industry. The Thai people strive to provide the very best of service to visitors in their home country, while foreigners are delighted to receive the same quality of service whether in a hotel or clinic.


Despite the fact that many doctors in Thailand have been trained and trained in the USA or Great Britain, have been practicing treatment abroad - in clinics in Germany and other European clinics, most of them are specialists. Unfortunately, Thailand's healthcare system relies on specialized medicine. This means that common minor diseases or several medical problems in one, it will be difficult for a specialist to determine. If the underlying symptom is unknown, then general medicine or a therapist will be the best option.

There are doctors in Thailand, including doctors and surgeons of various specialties, who work in various hospitals. They tend to share the schedules of various clinics throughout Thailand, sometimes even providing their own private clinical services. When choosing a doctor or surgeon, make sure you know their schedule ahead of time and ask yourself for special attention before paying money. Still, doctors and medical personnel in Thailand are much more attentive than doctors in the West.

There is still a problem of lack of transport in case of an emergency when contacting from outside. This is especially true for air transport, as an alternative to land transport in cases of heavy traffic or immediate need.

Treatment cost in Thailand (in USD)

  • Coronary artery bypass grafting costs 130,000 dollars in the United States, 11,000 in Thailand.
  • Replacement of heart valves 160,000 in the United States and 10,000 in Thailand.
  • Hysterectomy for cancer, oncology and uterine tumors: 20,000 in the US and 4,500 in a Thai clinic. In Germany, gynecological treatment with this method will be estimated at approximately 17,000 euros.
  • Hip arthroplasty: 43,000 in the USA and 12,000 in Thailand.

Pros and cons of medical tourism in Thailand

Contrasts in Thailand also apply to medicine - there are ultra-modern clinics and traditional hospitals. A wide range of services and affordable prices have made the country the center of world medical tourism

Thailand has 1,000 public and 450 private clinics. After the health care reform in 2002, a huge range of free medical and preventive services are available to citizens of the country. More than half of the certified clinics are located in Bangkok, there are also many hospitals in Pattaya and Chiang Mai, Phuket and Koh Samui.

Thailand ranks 81st in the world in terms of life expectancy - 74.4 years - and 47th in terms of medical development. Russia ranks 116th in terms of life expectancy (70.1 years) and 51st in terms of the development of medicine. Hong Kong is in the lead with an average of 84 years of population life.

The Kingdom's Best Clinics

The Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok is considered the best and largest in Southeast Asia. This medical complex consists of three specialized centers, has the latest equipment and is certified by the American Institute of Surgery. In terms of the number of patients from other countries, the clinic ranks first in the world. Almost all Bumrungrad doctors were certified in the United States, and they were trained in the best universities.

The Bangkok Hospital Group medical center is also popular with foreigners. This corporation has 16 clinics with the latest equipment, where specialists in various fields of medicine, as well as translators from most languages, work.

Another very famous network of clinics in Thailand is Samitivey. It is equipped with equipment at the level of the best hospitals in America and Europe, and is accredited by the Joint International Commission.

Clinics in Thailand, like Russian clinics, prefer to provide outpatient services. The hospital is used only in extreme and urgent cases, or according to a planned appointment.

Narrow specialization of doctors

The only minus of Thai health care is the narrow specialization of doctors who studied in the UK and the USA. Therefore, it is difficult to find a specialist in the country who could assess the clinical picture as a whole. Your teeth will be well cured, an operation in the field of orthopedics or cardiology will be performed, but if there are many illnesses, prepare for a trip to several doctors.

Pros and cons of medical tourism in Thailand Pros There are many reasons why many foreigners seek treatment in Thailand. Low cost of treatment The cost of treatment with Thai

What is it like to break your addiction surrounded by palm trees, beaches and other delights of a resort country

What is Thailand for you? Tasty food. Culture. Thai smile. Buddha. Beaches. Heat and humidity. Medical tourism. Silicone breasts or gender reassignment.

The Kingdom constantly reveals itself from other sides and gives foreigners even more reasons to come here. The newest of the directions is rehabilitation tourism.

Jungle Rehabilitation Center

A distant Asian country has always been sensitive to the needs of Western tourists. As soon as the developed countries intensified the fight against drug addiction, Thai private clinics offered a new service - getting rid of drug and alcohol addiction in the resort area of ​​Thailand.

Our interlocutor's name is Courtney. The 30-year-old New South Wales addict is currently undergoing treatment at a Thai rehabilitation center Hope Rehab Center near Pattaya. Courtney wanted to quit, but the Australian rehab center he turned to would only be able to accept him after seven months. It was too long for a man; he simply might not live to see the start of treatment. At a family council, Courtney's family decided to cash out the pension fund and send it to Thailand. They already knew from their acquaintances that Thai doctors are helping to return addicts to a normal life.

The path to the rehabilitation center lies through Pattaya. This is symbolic, because the resort is often called the "City of Sin" and here you can find every imaginable temptation in the world - from cheap sex to hard drugs. Most of the patients of the rehabilitation center have gone the same way - from complete immersion in the quagmire of addiction to a slow recovery.

The path to the rehabilitation center lies through Pattaya. This is symbolic, because the resort is often called the "City of Sin" and here you can find all imaginable temptations of the world.

At the door of the rehabilitation center, guests are greeted by its owner and director - Simon Mott. His stubborn, firm gaze betrays a strong man who has seen a lot.

“My experience is 20 years on heroin and crack,” Simon says calmly, as if it’s about the most mundane business. - Now I have been in the loop for 15 years. I created this center for the rehabilitation of drug addicts. My main clients are young Australians on the metha (methamphetamine - approx. Unit). "

The center occupies a large manor house that resembles a castle. The Thai landlord is an ardent Francophile, everything here reminds of the French outback. The owner of the house agreed to enter into a lease only when he was convinced that he could give people a chance for a new life.

United Nations of the Dependents

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Today I have another reason to write about insurance in Thailand. Talking about the choice of insurance in Thailand, I many times advised various insurance companies, as the years go by, insurance conditions, prices change, new reviews and new information appear. It will be about pneumonia in children in Pattaya and hospitalization in a hospital with travel insurance. How much does the hospital treatment cost in Pattaya? What are the prices for wards, food, medicines and so on? What do you need to know before traveling?

Since this article was written, I myself managed to lie down with a child in the hospital with a diagnosis of bronchopneumonia. At the moment, in my opinion, the best insurance for Thailand is insurance from Absolute, which paid for our hospitalization in 100,000 baht. If you want to understand the rating of insurance in Thailand in more detail, I advise you to read this article:

I wrote here about my impressions of hospitalization at the Memorial Hospital, nuances and prices

Pneumonia in children in Thailand - watch out

oxygen inhalation in the hospital

Recently, I constantly hear from friends and acquaintances that another child was admitted to the hospital with a diagnosis of pneumonia. Pneumonia most often goes not as an independent disease, but already as a complication of the existing one, but in any case, in order to know the diagnosis for sure, to be sure that it is pneumonia - viral or bacterial, and not something else, you need to be tested.

Influenza “A” - Hong Kong flu H3N2 is currently running in Pattaya. I will write about him separately in another article, since there is also a story to tell.

My neighbor has two beautiful babies - one is 7 months old, and the other is almost 3 years old. And it must happen that during a summer vacation in Pattaya, somewhere, some kind of virus clung to the children. When the girls' mother went with them to the hospital, after the examination they wanted to give out medications and write them home. But mothers, as usual, know better, so she insisted on taking tests, which revealed and confirmed influenza and pneumonia in both babies.

Applying for Insurance in Thailand

Choosing a plastic surgery clinic? On the page you can find a rating of 5 plastic surgery clinics based on reviews and see the summaries of the 5 leading doctors. The catalog contains prices for 6 diagnostic procedures and 75 plastic surgery operations.

Plastic Surgery Prices in Thailand

Highly rated aesthetic clinics in Thailand by patients

The rating of clinics is based on 277 requests, 69 patient reviews, prices and information from 5 clinics

Bumrungrad International Hospital

JCI Joint International Commission Accreditation

JCI accreditation guarantees the quality and safety of treatment in the hospital, the streamlining of work processes in the team, the use of only certified medicines.

Global Healthcare Accreditation

The Global Healthcare Accreditation (GHA) Program is an accreditation of healthcare providers that strive to improve the quality of care for international patients (medical tourism). The GHA is an independent accreditation body with an advisory board that includes representatives from leading clinics and insurance companies, as well as patient experience and risk management organizations.

Selecting patients for a basic check-up

The clinic took 1st place in the check-up rating according to Bookimed English-speaking patients in 2019.

Facelift (facelift)

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