Medicine in Switzerland: pros and cons

Medicine in Switzerland: pros and cons

Medicine in Switzerland is almost as successful a brand as Swiss chocolate or Swiss cheese. Well, or Swiss watches are still a high-tech area. However, “Not everything is so smooth in the Danish kingdom” (c) “... As a person who has lived for enough years, and past periods of charm and disappointment in the country, and having come close to medicine in Switzerland on my own experience, I would like to dispel some myths about jelly life in the chocolate country itself.

Do you remember the cross on the ambulances? Do you know where he comes from? This is the inversion of the Swiss flag - it went from the Red Cross organization. So, it would seem, here it is, the birthplace of quality medical care. Oder?

Of course, medicine in Switzerland is in many ways good and well thought out, and people easily live up to 90-100 years, which, as it were, hints at a high level of honey. services. Or is it a survivor's mistake?

Medicine in Switzerland - the pros

If you are planning to come to Switzerland for a complex operation and you even have so much money - do not hesitate! It's worth it! The necessary clinics in Switzerland have excellent equipment, surgeons, as a rule, are also excellent, medicine is the most advanced, so they will take on a lot here, and even die, if the patient wishes, will help.

And here you have two options to choose from - paid clinics, such as the famous Hirslanden in Zurich. There you will find beautiful chambers, with magnificent views (near Geneva - to Lake Geneva, for example), with perfect service, and so on. But remember - in the most difficult cases, you can still be taken to the cantonal hospital - Spital - where they will deal with you seriously. This especially applies to childbirth in Switzerland - if all is well, you will have a great time as if in a five-star room. But if problems begin, then the child will be sent to a regular Unishpital (if University of Zurich - is considered one of the best in the country, but it serves everyone, everyone, everyone), because only there is equipment that allows you to care for premature babies from 6 months of age. And in paid clinics there may not even be a simple neonatologist. So it's worth checking this out beforehand.

When the doctor in the hospital diagnosed placental abruption, despite the early time and, apparently, the change of doctors, the operation was performed at lightning speed at the first level, calling her husband and inviting him to come to the hospital. None of you have to wait until it dissolves itself until the next shift comes and everything will be done for them. 10 minutes - and you're done!

Swiss medicine in its excellent quality is available to all local residents. Well, how affordable: for this pleasure, every adult is forced to unfasten at least 250 francs per month (with a franchise of 2500 francs) or 450 (with a franchise of 300 francs), and all sorts of other goodies, such as the free choice of a doctor, and the insurance will show no one, or there is semi-private and private insurance, where you can lie alone in the ward, etc. - it's all for extra money. In total, insurance "more private" will easily cost 600 francs per month. At the same time, 10%, even with a covered deductible, is still paid by yourself. And dental insurance is a separate and very expensive thing. At the same time, going to the doctor costs so easily as much as 300 francs. So the grannies in the queue for the therapist to "try" are definitely not sitting here - it's expensive!

But we must pay tribute, if you are a rogue do not have an income of more than 2000 per person, then the cost of insurance is partially or even fully compensated by the canton. So it is basically impossible not to have insurance here - it is obligatory.

In addition, unlike popular practice in Russia, medicine in Switzerland is guided by the principle of "do no harm", that is, if there is an opportunity not to interfere, they will not interfere. Nobody wants to prescribe unnecessary procedures and medicines (at least this principle is observed with those who are on local Swiss insurance. Foreigners with cash in hand can be treated individually).

Medicine in Switzerland - cons

And here you can disperse!

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