Medicine in Israel

Medical Center in Israel

Modern Israeli medicine represented by Tel Aviv CLINIC provides high-quality treatment abroad for patients from Russia and the CIS countries. Not every person, finding himself in a difficult situation, can afford treatment in Switzerland or Germany - it is expensive. The level of medicine in Israel is absolutely in line with world health standards, but it is much cheaper to be treated here.

In addition, when contacting a travel agency at their place of residence for treatment abroad, patients deal with specialists who do not know the specifics of the Israeli healthcare system, which complicates the selection of a clinic and paperwork. The choice of a doctor and a clinic should be carried out according to medical indications, which is successfully done by the international department of Tel Aviv CLINIC.

Israeli medicine has been popular for a long time and is a unique synthesis of science and medical technology. Modern medicine is represented by unique technologies, a high level of service and qualified medical staff from Tel Aviv CLINIC.

Today, a hospital in Tel Aviv regularly modernizes its equipment, and doctors, as a rule, prefer to use medical and conservative methods of treatment, avoiding surgical methods whenever possible. The state strictly controls the observance of hygiene rules, the level of patient care and prices in medical institutions.

Tel Aviv CLINIC Medical Center adheres to a rather sparing pricing policy when working with foreign patients, whom it accepts for treatment in large numbers. Israeli specialists have succeeded in almost all branches of medicine, but oncology, cardiology, transplantology, ophthalmology, infertility treatment, etc. are especially popular with foreign patients.

Examination in Israel is most often carried out according to the Check-up program. Medicine abroad respects the patient's right to free choice of the attending physician. Israel's medicine is the minimum number of medical errors. Every Israeli doctor is responsible for the damage to health that is caused through his fault and is extremely attentive to patients.

Each patient, in turn, has the right to demand material compensation in the event of an incorrect diagnosis or untimely treatment. The amount of this compensation is usually quite high, as it includes compensation for moral damage, the cost of additional therapy and compensation for so-called "missed opportunities".

Medicine in Israel successfully realizes the right of its patients to information, providing them with a full range of information about their disease and treatment options. The patient has not only the right to know what awaits him in the course of treatment or refusal from it, but also the right to refuse therapy, to get acquainted with the medical history, the right to confidentiality of information.

The medical tourism company is engaged in the legal settlement of disputes between doctors and their patients, as a rule, protecting the interests of the patient. Medicine in Israel offers its patients all the power of modern science, a full package of legal guarantees and a warm welcome.

The Medical Tour Israel program provides high quality organization of diagnostics and treatment in an Israeli medical center. The criterion for choosing our patients is the optimal ratio of cost and results of treatment. Cooperation with doctors of different specializations allows us to quickly respond to the needs of our patients, and also enables clients to communicate with the doctor in the same language, which is very important for the results of treatment and the recovery of patients.

Modern medicine in Israel

Arthroscopic surgery used for the entire spectrum of diseases and injuries of the joints. Proven methods of endoprosthetics allow performing joint replacement using the best endoprostheses, which enables a person to regain full-fledged movements.

Tel Aviv CLINIC Medical Center provides a high level of diagnostics and treatment, and the number of foreign patients is growing every year. The Israeli Medical Center is a complex medical institution within the walls of which, in addition to examination and quality treatment, scientific research is carried out and new medical technologies are developed. For these outstanding achievements, the medical center in Israel has a high reputation in the field of international health care.

The Tel Aviv CLINIC Treatment Center works in all aspects of healthcare, collaborates with the best doctors in Israel and foreign clinics in different countries of the world that have international accreditation Joint Commission International (JCI) - an international organization that promotes and improves quality treatment and service in medical institutions.

JCI accreditation is the highest international standard for healthcare providers seeking to provide high quality healthcare to international patients. JCI accreditation is a guarantee of the trust of medical tourists - patients traveling abroad in order to receive high quality treatment, which is not possible at the place of residence.

Medical Center in Israel

Medical tourism offers a comprehensive service - treatment in Israel, specializing in such areas of medicine as oncology, gynecology, orthopedics, urology, cardiology, etc. The medical center serves thousands of patients, some of whom are taking part in clinical trials ... They are often run by the Medical Research, Infrastructure and Healthcare Foundation, which is a separate legal entity created and registered under Israeli law.

The Research Foundation has the right to carry out and carry out research projects in the medical center while simultaneously using its facilities: specialized departments, laboratories. Medical tourism in Israel offers the full power of world medicine to patients from abroad. The international department of the Tel Aviv CLINIC Medical Center provides the organization of diagnostics and treatment, provides foreign patients with full support during the entire period of their stay abroad.

Tel Aviv CLINIC Israel Medical Center offers the organization of diagnostics and treatment of any complexity and practically any disease - from preventive examination to effective treatment of the disease using the latest, most advanced methods. In most cases, people with severe oncological diseases come to us.

Russian patients are loved in Israel. A shortage of patients is not expected in the near future - at least as long as medicine in the CIS countries remains at the same level, and people continue to waste their health thoughtlessly. The Medical Center in Israel is one of the leading medical institutions where doctors of the highest category, professors of all the demanded areas of modern medicine, are received.

We have the most modern equipment that has the ability to diagnose (even in the early stages) and disease treatment. Tel Aviv Clinic Multidisciplinary Center uses the latest diagnostic and medical technology, and the reception is the best specialists of Israel.

Multidisciplinary Medical Center provides attentive attitude from doctors using the classic principles of examination and patient treatment, as well as their own author's patented techniques, gives professional advice and qualitative treatment in Israel.

strict compliance with the principles of the center work designed specifically for patients who value time and quality. Lack of queues, clarity and reliability. The Medical Medical Center in Israel offers its customers the opportunity to conduct any kinds of analyzes and consultations of doctors, treatment regimens with the possibility of passing their outpatient or in the day hospital clinic under the supervision of specialists, conducting monitoring and complete control over the treatment of the disease.

Talented doctors are in different countries. Everywhere there are well-equipped hospitals. But only a few states can boast that they are massively coming to the clinic to be treated from abroad. The leading place in the rating of countries with a developed field of medical tourism is occupied by Israel. Here is well debugged the system of organizing the stay of foreign patients, but at the same time high-quality service - far from most importantly. It will give an answer to the question of why Israeli medicine is so in demand, from the inside. Let's try to deal with the reasons for the popularity of treatment in Israeli clinics.

Israel's leading clinics

Israel Medicine: view from the inside <

Good medical care begins with qualified doctors. Therefore, high attention is paid to the professional training of future specialists in Israel. Casual people simply do not fall into the Medical University: Not only that the applicant must withstand a huge contest upon admission (seven hundred people in place!), So for the first year of study, there are inspired or lazy students. Having received a long-awaited diploma, a former student does not receive the right to immediately begin an independent medical practice: for several years he is obliged to pass internship under the start of experienced colleagues, and only then he gets a qualification of a general profile doctor. Another five years of continuous practice and improvement - and the doctor is admitted to the exam, after which he receives a specialist's license (oncologist, ophthalmologist, surgeon, and so on). By the way, not everyone successfully passes this exam.

Getting a job in a clinic is also not easy - for this you need to prove to employers the level of your professionalism. But even after starting work, the doctor is constantly being tested.

For an Israeli specialist, research activities are not a whim, but a necessity. A name is won in the profession not only by practical work, but also by scientific publications, speeches at medical conferences, and so on.

In conclusion, let us say that the percentage of medical errors in Israel is one of the lowest in the world. This became possible thanks to the excellent training of doctors, and due to the fact that the country has introduced the criminal liability of a doctor for incompetence.s

Prestige price

People wondering why Israel has good medicine should know that there is healthy competition in the country. Both public and private medical institutions have the right to admit foreign patients. And the latter, in turn, carefully choose where to receive treatment, so a high rating is simply necessary for the clinic. In a medical institution claiming a prestigious place in the rating, they strictly monitor the quality of the medical services provided, they are constantly checked by state bodies. The Israeli Ministry of Health regularly publishes ratings of clinics, which assess not only the quality of treatment, but also the attitude of doctors towards patients, the quality of delivering information about treatment to them, the atmosphere in the clinic, and its comfort.

Considering the above, it is hardly surprising that, according to the international organization Medical Tourism Index, Israel ranks first in the world in terms of the quality of medical services.

Medicine in Israel is one of the most advanced in the world and is characterized by high rates of health of the Israeli population. The well-deserved fame and authority of Israeli doctors is once again confirmed by the data of statistical studies made not only by the Ministry of Health, but also by numerous civil and public independent organizations. In Israel, health insurance has been introduced, covering absolutely all residents and contributing to the development of medicine through constant funding. Why is Israeli medicine so popular?

Firstly, each clinic is equipped with modern high-tech equipment, instrumental and laboratory diagnostics are carried out taking into account the latest scientific trends and developments. The medical staff undergoes a rigorous selection process, which contributes to the replenishment of clinics only with highly qualified and professional workers. In addition, excellent rehabilitation programs are carried out.

Secondly, medicine in Israel is not very expensive, the prices are reasonable and allow treating almost every patient without colossal costs. The prices for diagnostic and treatment measures are quite affordable.

Medicine in Israel is available not only to the local population, but also to patients from other countries. Medical tourism is quite developed, which greatly simplifies the opportunity to get treatment in an Israeli clinic.

In addition, it should be noted that Israel is a wonderful historical country, where you can spend time not only with the benefits of treatment, but also cultural enrichment.

All these factors, and especially the high quality of medicine in Israel, have made this country very popular for medical tourism. The main areas of medicine in Israel include the following:

  • Oncology. One of the most important areas that is actively developing in the light of modern medical science. It is worth noting that Israeli oncologists are highly respected by both patients and their foreign colleagues. Life expectancy after undergoing treatment is the highest in the world in Israeli clinics.
  • Orthopedics, represented by all possible conservative and surgical techniques. The most demanded today is hip and knee joint replacement. Similar operations are performed on other joints, if necessary. Only prostheses made of high-quality high-tech materials are used, which not only have remarkable strength, durability, but are also adapted to the external environment of the body, which prevents the development of immune reactions and rejection.
  • Cardiology. In modern society, the problem of the cardiovascular system is in the first place. Israeli clinics will provide good diagnostics (ECG, computed tomography, coronary angiography, echocardiography, isotope scanning of the myocardium) and treatment of diseases of the heart and vascular system. Both conservative and surgical methods of treatment are used.
  • Neurology and neurosurgery is one of the most complex branches of medicine. The best specialists in Israel work in all areas of neurology. The most common pathology is convulsive syndrome (relief of seizures and a decrease in their frequency of occurrence) and pathology of the spinal column.
  • Urology of Israel solves the following problems: urosurgery, pediatric urology, oncological urology, treatment of male infertility.
  • Of course, the huge problem is the impossibility of conception. In this case, Israeli doctors perform in vitro fertilization. Such a procedure is in great demand today, because what could be better than the happiness of motherhood.

The backbone of the Israeli health care system

Listing the merits of Israeli doctors in the development of modern medicine, the factors that have a decisive influence on the state of health care in Israel, it is necessary to pay attention to one unique feature in the construction of the entire structure of Israeli medicine.

The effectiveness and high level of medicine in Israel is explained by the peculiarities of the construction of the healthcare system. In Israel, the fundamental factor in the successful state of medicine is state health insurance, carried out through specially created hospital insurance funds. Such a medical care mechanism guarantees medical care for all Israeli citizens, covering the entire territory of the country. All citizens of the country who have reached the age of 18 have health insurance, which is presented in the form of the official state health tax. In addition, membership in one of the health insurance funds is considered mandatory, due to which payment for medical services related to hospitalization of a patient, treatment of severe forms of illness, provision of emergency medicine is carried out.

Members of health insurance funds, at their own discretion, can choose a medical institution in the country, purchase drugs at reduced prices, and finally, have contacts with those specialists who are most trusted by patients. In Israel today there are four health insurance funds, which cover almost the entire adult population of the country. The Clalit, Maccabi, Leumit and Meuhedet health insurance funds work in close contact with state and municipal medical institutions in the country. The service sector of health insurance funds covers not only medical institutions, but also extends to school health centers, antenatal clinics, private medical clinics and offices. Through the country's health insurance funds, Israelis can receive a fairly wide range of medical services, including:

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