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China is considered to be the country that develops the most dynamically healthcare system. In the treatment of many diseases, Chinese doctors have surpassed their more eminent colleagues. And patients are increasingly choosing not Germany or Israel, but China. What is the secret of this and is treatment in China so effective?

Heihe city is rightfully considered one of the centers of medical tourism in China. High qualification of doctors, low prices for services, geographical proximity (500 meters from Blagoveshchensk) - made this city popular with Russian patients. Today in Heihe - . cures more than a hundred diseases!

Chinese hospitals are equipped with modern diagnostic and treatment equipment. Moreover, not only the capital, but also those located in the economically less developed regions of the country. Neutron Knife, Novalis Knife, Gamma Knife, MRI, PET-KM. This is just a small list of high-precision equipment owned by Chinese doctors. Specialists undergo training in clinics in Japan, America, Europe, for public money. After all, the strategic task of the country's leadership is to bring Chinese medicine to the world leaders.

Pricing Policy

Government assistance also affects the pricing policy. The cost of medical services in China is an order of magnitude lower than in Israel, Germany and even Korea. Other factors also affect the price decline. First of all, the pricing system in the PRC. She is not tall. And the prices for Chinese and foreigners in the country's clinics do not differ.

In addition to equipment and doctor's qualifications, pharmaceuticals are needed for treatment. Chinese pharmacists have made significant strides in recent decades. Their analogues of expensive drugs are not inferior to the originals. And the cost is several times cheaper. This is another factor holding back the growth of prices for medical treatment in China for foreigners.

Peculiarities of treatment in China

"You may not be Chinese, but you must be healthy." Such an attitude is given to every patient who once came to China for treatment. The philosophy of life of the Chinese people professes health in everything: in food, work, leisure. Traditional Chinese medicine is based on the patient's desire to live. If it is, then the body has enough internal reserves to start the renewal process. The physician's job is to stimulate him.

There is no such doctor in the Middle Kingdom who does not know traditional methods of treatment. And modern achievements in China are being implemented immediately. The symbiosis of thousands of years of practice and modern scientific developments is the secret of the success of Chinese medicine.

What diseases are treated in Heihe?

There are no incurable diseases for Chinese doctors. Even the scourge of modernity is cancer, they cure. But especially Chinese medicine has succeeded in such areas:

The best clinics in China combine new technologies with proven traditions

Medical tourism in China attracts tens of thousands of foreigners who prefer traditional Chinese medicine to Western medicine. Over the past three years, hundreds of Chinese medicine centers have been opened around the world as intermediaries for the sale of Chinese medicines. But the proven and only reliable therapy, in combination with truly original medicines, still remains the direct arrival and treatment in clinics in China. WHO actively supports Chinese medicine as a safer and equally effective treatment for many diseases. In addition, the cost of treatment in clinics in China is several times cheaper than treatment with Western chemical agents. The best clinics in China offer first-hand BMT treatment.

Dalian State Central Hospital specializes in advanced technology based on traditional Chinese medicine. With an enviable reputation for quality alternative treatments that are safe, gentle and effective, the hospital provides services such as:

  • acupuncture ;
  • Chinese herbal medicine (herbal medicine);
  • acupressure and therapeutic massage and many other traditional medicine procedures

Dalian State Central Hospital is at the top of the list of the best hospitals in the city, and is also a well-known medical center among patients seeking medical treatment in China.

Combining science with ancient medical art, inexpensive treatment in Chinese clinics includes a comprehensive service, from inpatient stays in Chinese clinics to online ordering to gain access to the highest quality traditional herbal medicine. The professors of Dalian State Central Hospital are ready to share knowledge and advise patients at a distance free of charge, so that they can receive reliable and safe medication, even if they cannot come to the best clinics in China.

But what does effective treatment in Chinese clinics mean?

The best clinics in China offer a different approach

TCM is based on theories about Qi, the life energy that flows through channels called meridians and helps the body maintain health. During acupuncture, the specialists of the Health Clinic (China) pierce the skin in specific places, thereby gaining access to any of the hundreds of points on the meridians. Restoration of health through acupuncture is achieved by redirecting the flow of Chi. Effective treatment in clinics in China, be it acupuncture or herbal medicine, works by balancing the forces known as Yin and Yang.

TCM clinics in China and Western doctors often look at each other with suspicion. Western medicine is about finding well-defined, well-proven reasons for a condition. To do this, randomized controlled clinical trials are conducted, which provide statistical evidence that the drug works. Medical specialists at the Central Hospital and professionals working in clinics in China think this is too simplistic. The factors that determine health are individual for each person. It is difficult, if not impossible, to draw conclusions based on the average indicators of large groups of patients.

Inexpensive treatment in clinics in China, why?

Western medicines are often a mixture of a dozen or more ingredients with different mechanisms. It is assumed that some of the components will definitely help the patient. But other chemical constituents often cause side effects of therapy. At the same time, the cost of producing complex drugs can amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Clinics in China are skeptical about this approach.

If a person has been diagnosed with arthritis, arthrosis or other articular disease, it is advisable to undergo rehabilitation in sanatoriums. Today, people can get this kind of joint treatment in China. Also, patients with joint pathology can undergo complex treatment, including all methods of modern and non-traditional therapeutic effects. The country is famous for its centuries-old healing practices, favorable climate, and economical prices for medical services. Thanks to this, a tourist can improve health at an affordable cost, combining treatment with a vacation abroad.

What is special about Chinese medicine

The principles of medicine originated in China during the Han Dynasty. Today, traditional Chinese medicine also contains Tibetan, Japanese, Vietnamese and Korean principles of treatment.

The main feature of healing is the comprehensive treatment of a person. This principle is associated with the idea that the disease arises as a result of an improper lifestyle, disorders of the body's activity, disruption of the patient's bioenergetics. All methods are aimed at removing the causes of pathology in minimally invasive ways.

Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine:

  • harmonious relationship between man and the Universe;
  • dietary nutrition;
  • massage;
  • breathing exercises;
  • exercise;
  • natural medicines.

Ancient Chinese methods of treatment are today combined with diagnostics with modern medical devices, which increases the effectiveness of therapy. Reviews of patients who received treatment in China are usually positive.

How to arrange a visit to Chinese clinics

The easiest way is to use the services of companies that organize trips abroad for the purpose of treatment (Euroclinic, Medturgid). Employees of the company offer medical facilities, agree on the date of departure, draw up documents, organize travel, accommodation. If needed, they can accompany you to the treatment site.

  • Fill out the online application form. It is imperative to indicate the diagnosis with a detailed description and the period when you want to go on a trip.
  • Get acquainted with the prices of clinics offered by the company.
  • Select a medical institution, inform the company representatives of its name.

You can also go to a travel agency or contact a clinic representative on the official website.

The state of modern domestic medicine makes people look for quality medical services in other countries. Someone prefers Europe or Israel, while others choose medical tours to China. The healthcare industry in the Celestial Empire is now on the rise, it combines the best achievements of modern techniques and the centuries-old secrets of traditional Chinese medicine, thanks to which it shows high efficiency.

Trip to China with treatment

Combining tourist travel with wellness programs is a fairly common practice. There are a large number of sanatoriums, spa centers and clinics in China, where clients are offered a full range of health procedures:

  • acupuncture and acupuncture techniques;
  • SPA procedures;
  • herbal medicine;
  • aromatherapy;
  • medical baths;
  • manual effects and massages.

Thinking where it is better to go for treatment, you need to decide on the following questions:

  • type of treatment;
  • what problems need to be solved;
  • region of the country that I would like to visit;
  • number of days.

After that, you need to consider health resorts of the desired focus. Choosing health tourism, you can combine treatment with sightseeing, shopping or relaxing on the islands.

Getting into the clinic, the patient undergoes a comprehensive examination using modern diagnostic devices. The equipment that the diagnostic rooms are equipped with is the best in the world:

  • ultra-high-speed CT scanners with two radiation sources;
  • digital mammography, which detects breast cancer at the earliest stages;
  • genetic analyzers diagnose oncology at the molecular level;
  • MRI machines with a scanning angle of 360 degrees can detect pathologies in all organs and tissues;
  • conveyor-type biochemical analyzers.

This is not a complete list of equipment available to Chinese doctors.

The main difference between Chinese medicine and European medicine is that it considers the human body as a whole. They do not treat each organ separately, but strive for holistic harmony. That is why doctors in the Celestial Empire do not have a narrow specialization and in the process of treatment seek to eliminate the source and root cause of the disease.

Important! The Chinese believe in the influence of a person's emotions on his health. Negativity and stress can cause many diseases.

China is a country with an amazing perception of the human body. Traditional Chinese medicine is famous all over the world for its organic nature and close connection with philosophy. The methods of treatment combine modern technological advances and medicine, which has evolved in this country for centuries and millennia.

The portal about treatment in China has collected on its pages the most complete information about treatment in China. There are no analogues! The medicine of 20 cities of China, 60 sanatoriums and medical institutions is described in detail. Go to the site, it will be interesting.

Treatment in China

Chinese Traditional Medicine is based on the "5 Elements". As wood, water, earth, metal and fire form the basis of the Universe and balance each other, so the internal organs of a person fold into a similar system. Each organ belongs to a separate element: heart - fire, stomach - earth, etc.

Human disease is perceived in China as a consequence of the violation of this unique system. Treatment in China implies a holistic approach, not only the effect of the failure is studied, but also the causes, the violation of connections. In Chinese medicine, it is also believed that there are special points on the human body that are responsible for organs. Between them, Chi energy runs through the channels, affecting the work of the body with the help of point manipulations - massage, acupuncture, etc.

China takes a holistic approach to diagnostics. In addition to the classical methods of examining patients, doctors pay special attention to examining the condition of the skin, eyes, ears, mouth and nose. Mandatory is a story about the patient's lifestyle, habits, nutrition.

Sanatoriums in China

On the territory of China, there are a huge number of sanatoriums with different directions: some use mineral or balneological springs, others specialize in the treatment of specific diseases. The most popular sanatoriums are in Suifenhe, Heihe, Udalyanchi, Dalian, Urumqi, and Hainan Islands.

Sanatoriums in China allow you to enjoy the unique culture of this country, its unique sights, and get professional help from medical specialists for a small amount. Sanatoriums in Suifenhe and Heihe are distinguished by their proximity to the Russian border and affordable prices, making treatment available to all categories of citizens. At the same time, Heihe sanatoriums offer a comprehensive set of wellness procedures in the following areas:

  • gastroenterology;
  • neurology;
  • dentistry;
  • orthopedics ;
  • cardiology ...

The treatment uses acupuncture, massages, various baths, needle knife and other traditional Chinese means.

Cost of treatment in China in Suifenhe and Heihe

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