Medical tourism to Israel cost

The cost of oncology treatment in Israel: prices for the main types of therapy and surgery

Every year, many foreign citizens use the services of Israeli medical tourism agencies, helping to organize therapy, diagnostics, or the provision of any other medical services as soon as possible and without unnecessary hassle. Express Medical is recognized as one of the largest and most reputable companies in this industry.

History of Express Medical

Express Medical is part of the Israel Express Medical holding. It was founded in Tel Aviv and began operations in 2012, providing medical and related treatment and wellness services in Israel to patients from abroad. This medical tourism agency has become the official representative of the whole network of Assuta clinics, as well as a number of other equally well-known clinics in the country.

The philosophy of the company is an individual approach in the prompt and high-quality solution of medical problems of each person who comes here.

Benefits of working with Express Medical

When choosing among the offers of various medical tourism agencies, you should first of all familiarize yourself with the terms of cooperation. Express Medical compares favorably with its competitors by offering the following advantages:

Express Medical operates under a formal contract that it enters into with its patient. The contract, in turn, provides for a refund in case of cancellation of any procedure or surgery. All key obligations are prescribed in the contract and allow the patient to refuse to provide services.

  • Individual approach

The case history is always worked out in detail by specialized specialists - only after that a course of examination and therapy is drawn up, and the recommended length of stay in Israel is calculated. This approach is based on the patient's personal wishes, his financial capabilities and the specifics of the disease.

  • Extensive work experience

All employees of the medical tourism agency Express Medical are highly qualified, confirmed by diplomas of higher education, as well as an extensive practice of productive interaction with the most progressive clinics in Israel. Long-term experience allows you to choose the optimal clinic for diagnosis and treatment.

If the patient or his relatives need it, the company provides assistance in obtaining visas.

Whoever said it was better to be rich and healthy was absolutely right. And although money cannot buy absolute health, the statistical truth is that wealthy people, although they get sick more often than the poor, are less likely to die from serious illnesses. Maintaining health requires not only a healthy lifestyle, but also financial costs for regular examinations, preventive measures, and treatment.

A study conducted in Israel showed that if a family has a temporarily or chronically ill person, then about 70% of the family's expenses go to his treatment, and this despite the fact that most of the treatment of an Israeli is paid for by insurance premiums. Especially high costs are associated with the treatment of oncological diseases. And for foreign patients, the price of cancer treatment in Israel is 40-50% more expensive than for citizens of the country.

We organize treatment in Israel only in the largest hospitals in the country, and only with direct payment to the cashier of the medical institution where the patient is being treated. A preliminary price offer is provided to the patient directly from the selected medical institution, therefore, to provide it, a scan of the passport is required.

The cost of cancer treatment in Israel and Russia

In Russia and the CIS countries, insurance medicine is still in its infancy, and government quotas do not always cover the full cost of high-tech cancer treatment. Therefore, it often happens that the salvation of a cancer patient is the business of the patient himself and his family. But in fairness, it should be said that no country in the world is able to fully pay for modern cancer treatment for all its citizens in need of expensive treatment.

Despite the fact that oncology in Russia is considered free, more than one Russian citizen has not been able to fully implement the treatment of cancer at the expense of the state. According to the calculations of Russian oncologists, made in 2015, oncology treatment in Russia cost an average of 1.5 million rubles, at that time it was about 25 thousand dollars. Approximately the same average price for treatment of early stages of cancer in Israel, excluding oncohematology.

The cost of a modern course of chemotherapy in Israel and Russia mainly consists of the price of chemotherapy drugs. In Israel, these are, as a rule, the original drugs of the manufacturers, in Russia, due to the high cost of the original drugs, many of them are replaced by cheaper domestic counterparts. That is, if the drugs are identical, then the price of the chemotherapy course itself is almost the same, but if you use Russian counterparts, the difference is noticeable. It should be noted that today, in Russia, there are also a number of high-tech imported drugs that are provided on a quota, but local doctors, unknowingly, or for some other reason, do not prescribe them to their patients.

In 2019, several of our patients who underwent examination and were assigned in Israel managed to obtain quotas in Russia for targeted drugs, the treatment of which costs several thousand dollars a month! Only one patient was denied the provision of free drugs, due to the fact that the drug has not yet been registered in Russia. That is, in principle, the possibility of obtaining free high-tech drugs exists, but the main barrier to obtaining them is the doctors themselves, who, for some reason, do not prescribe them to their patients. But, as practice has shown, when a patient turns to them with an appointment of an Israeli oncologist, the doctor on the spot agrees with the appointment of an Israeli colleague and grants permission for drugs on a quota. It turns out that if a person stayed at home, then, in all likelihood, he would be prescribed budget treatment "like everyone else", despite the existence of a list of vital and essential drugs (vital and essential drugs), which can be obtained free of charge! In this regard, among the Israelis, things are much better and any oncologist knows that within a year after the drug appears on the market, it will be included in the free "drug basket", therefore, the latest drugs are actively used in the treatment of cancer patients, when they appear on the international market.

The price of an operation using a gamma knife in Israel is from 15,000 dollars, in Russia - from 8,500 to 12,000 dollars. Our patients who come to Israel after treatment in Russia give us an idea of ​​how much the treatment costs cancer in their home country, and you can be sure that the prices for many procedures, with the exception of surgery, are comparable.

The difference in the cost of surgery in Israel and Russia is significant. The cheapest oncological operations in Israel are operations for breast cancer, melanoma and testicular cancer. Operations on the brain, gastrointestinal tract and sarcomas are the most expensive, i.e. the duration of such operations is quite long, and the rehabilitation period in the hospital can be a week or more. It is clear that for our doctors the ideal scenario would be if the patient underwent treatment in our country completely, in this case, the chances of recovery are identical with those of local citizens, but unfortunately, not all foreign citizens who come can afford this practice. to us for treatment.

How much does cancer treatment cost in Israel: testimonial of a patient from Russia:

My mother, who is 63 years old, started to hurt her back, in Moscow they said she had neuralgia and prescribed rubbing with ointments, but the pain did not go away, and after the tomography it turned out that it was carcinoma. The Institute of Radiology said that the quota had to be waited for three months, so we had to go to Israel, the doctors themselves said - if possible, go abroad.

In Israel, after the sixth chemotherapy, the tumor went away. It cost us 13 thousand dollars, plus the costs of flights, housing and food, a total of almost 15,000 dollars. It would have cost a little more in Germany, but they also need a visa there. We were met at the airport, taken, and accommodated. Medicines are cheaper than in Russia; many buy them in Israel and go home for treatment. No extortion or hints of bribes. And there are no these attendants shouting something about shoe covers. Now mom is with you again, she is undergoing examination.

In recent years, Russian citizens have increasingly sought to undergo diagnostics and treatment of diseases abroad, and Israeli clinics are especially popular. A well-developed medical field, successful treatment of even the most complex diseases, including cancer treatment, a minimal likelihood of language problems, a great opportunity to combine treatment and rest, quite affordable prices are the main reasons why many are so eager to get treatment in Israel from Russia.

And it must be said that the reputation that Israel's medical tourism has earned is quite true and well-founded. But the organization of a trip for treatment to Israeli hospitals is associated with a lot of difficulties, despite the numerous and not always reliable information presented on the Internet. Let's figure out the main points.

Who is the organizer?

Let's start with the main thing - how to get treatment in Israel from Russia? In theory, there are 3 ways:

  • independent travel organization;
  • cooperation with medical tourism departments at the clinic;
  • contacting intermediary agencies.

In practice, organizing a medical tour to Israel is so difficult that only experienced agencies can successfully cope with it. To understand this, let's compare the service of intermediary organizations and the services provided by medical tourism departments.

The agency helps with the registration of passports, including urgently. If necessary, representatives of the agency decide the issue of a visa (a visa for Russians is not needed, provided that the period of stay in Israel does not exceed 90 days). Searching for suitable accommodation, organizing leisure activities - the agency also deals with all this. In addition, intermediary firms, as a rule, provide a curator who also performs the functions of a translator, which means that any troubles associated with a language barrier are excluded. Also, intermediary firms select the most suitable clinic (or several), negotiate with doctors, etc. You can read more about all the nuances in the article on intermediaries on our portal.

But the departments of medical tourism at the clinic do not do all of the above. In addition, such a department, for obvious reasons, is tied to one medical institution, and this does not always have a positive effect on the effectiveness of treatment and diagnostics.

Self-organization of the trip is not even worth adding to the comparison - all the disadvantages of this method are quite obvious.

At first glance, it may seem that cooperation with intermediaries is unprofitable from an economic point of view, because such an organization implies payment for its services. But this is not the case either. Experienced brokers have many options to keep travel times to a minimum. As a result, the total amount may be even lower than in cooperation with medical tourism departments.

The only thing left to do is to find a responsible intermediary. You can do this right now by filling out a special form on our service, because this is what it was created for. By the way, almost all agencies can be contacted by telephone for free, including by ordering a call back.

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