Medical tourism: the best countries for medical treatment abroad

10 best Turkish medical centers for patients from abroad

Why are Turkish clinics so popular

Over the past few years, Turkey has become a mecca for medical tourism. Hundreds of thousands of patients fly to this country to receive highly qualified treatment for their diseases or to undergo plastic surgery. The state actively supports this area, so there are many clinics and medical centers. Sometimes it is difficult for patients to decide which clinic to come to for treatment, how to choose from a wide variety, whom to entrust their health to.

We present to your attention the rating of medical centers in Turkey, which we have compiled for your convenience. If any Turkish clinic is not included in this rating, this does not mean that we do not recommend it. All clinics that are collected on our website have the most honorable JCI accreditation in the world. This means that you can be sure of the quality of treatment according to international protocols. Each has its own advantages and features. Go.

The rating is based solely on our experience and feedback from our patients

TOP-best clinics by price

In this rating, we compared the fixed prices for typical services: doctor's appointments, examinations, surgery costs, ward cost per day, etc.

Multifunctional hospital in Istanbul, which has a separate large infrastructure on its territory. The hospital's pricing policy is to be available to patients from different countries. Prices are 10-20% lower than in similar medical centers in Istanbul. The management is trying to meet its patients in terms of pricing policy. Tariffs for the most popular surgeries and examinations are kept as affordable as possible. The medical center has its own guest house. Apartments are provided free of charge to patients and their accompanying persons, subject to long-term treatment.

Estethica is a plastic surgery clinic in Istanbul with the most affordable prices for operations of varying complexity. The specificity of pricing lies in the fact that the clinic's management constantly makes various price offers to its patients. There is always a 50% discount for every second or third operation. This has made the clinic very popular among patients who wish to receive a comprehensive transformation of their appearance. After him they fly to Istanbul. Additionally, the clinic provides its patients with various detox programs where they can recover from surgeries for free. It is this combination of factors and price proposals that makes it possible for Estethica clinic to take a solid 2nd place in our TOP-3

3. Bashkent University

University Hospital in Istanbul and Ankara. Popular with Turkish patients for the fact that the stellar faculty is concentrated in one place and at reasonable prices. The hospital has only recently started accepting foreign citizens for treatment. The infrastructure was created. Therefore, the pricing policy is very democratic and conducive to the arrival of patients from all over the world for treatment.

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Nowadays medical tourism is very widespread, since the possibility of treatment abroad allows Russians to receive high-quality medical assistance in curing diseases that, unfortunately, are poorly treated in our country. States with developed medicine give foreigners the opportunity to receive treatment under special conditions, thanks to which they actively replenish their treasury.

Every year the international medical market. services are being replenished with new clinics that can provide their patients with quality treatment.

Our country is not distinguished by good quality of medical care and the most modern equipment, so many people go abroad for treatment to countries in Europe and Asia. According to statistics, half of Russian citizens who were admitted for treatment to a foreign clinic after long attempts to recover at home had an incorrect diagnosis.

Cancer, cardiovascular, ophthalmic diseases are most often treated abroad, neurosurgery, transplantology and plastic surgery are also at a high level in Europe. Among the main advantages of foreign treatment is not only the high quality of the medical service itself, but also the provision of accommodation to foreigners in hotels, transportation, translation and everything necessary for a comfortable stay in the country during the treatment.

Top Medical Tourism Countries

A feature of this country is the high level of development of medicine, namely: cancer treatment in Israel - oncology, ophthalmology, neurosurgery, cardiac surgery and so on. Couples from all over the world come here to treat infertility, as it has the most modern reproductive technologies. Another feature is the presence of many Russian-speaking doctors.

The high qualifications of German doctors are beyond doubt. In this country, cancer, neurological diseases and other diseases that are considered incurable in Russia are effectively treated. But in addition to medical services, Germany also offers its visitors a sanatorium-resort recovery, which is rightfully considered one of the best in the world.

The advantage of US medicine lies in innovative technologies and state-of-the-art equipment. But Russians rarely visit this country for treatment because of the high prices for medical services.

In just a few decades, Turkey has developed into a country with a well-developed medical field. Here you can get high quality honey. services at an acceptable cost. Every year more and more clinics in this country are accredited by the JCI.

Although this country is not considered a world medical leader, but still this area is striding by leaps and bounds and now even the most complex diseases are treated here. In addition, it is in South Korea that the most modern medical equipment is produced.

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