Medical tourism - the best countries and resorts of 2018

Russian sanatoriums in the second action with cashback are capable of more

Tour operators and representatives of health resorts appreciated the results of the tourist cashback program in the segment of sanatorium recreation. Experts said whether the continuation of the action will help to "warm up" the interest in health and medical tours.


According to a survey by the Association of Health Tourism and Corporate Health (AOT), more than 80% of health resorts announced the positive effect of the cashback campaign. According to the estimates of representatives of sanatorium and resort institutions, the program has attracted a completely new audience, which had never previously considered health tourism as a holiday. In some cases, almost 90% of new guests who bought vouchers for the promotion reached almost 90% against those who choose a sanatorium vacation all the time.

Most representatives of tour operators are also relatively satisfied with the results of promotional sales of the sanatorium product.

The National Tour Operator ALEAN had 63% of the total sales of the cashback promotion on the share of health tours.

For example, for the National Tour Operator ALEAN, the share of health tours accounted for 63% of the total sales volume for the action with cashback. The tour operator "VEDI GROUP" had 45% of sales of the sanatorium product of all reservations for the promotion, the tour operator ANEX Tour - 36%.

The press service of the Intourist tour operator reported that the share of sales of sanatoriums with a cashback in the total sales in different regions varied from 20% to 95%.

The Kavminvod resorts have become the leader in bookings within the cashback program among the wellness destinations. Thus, KMV tops the rating of bookings with tour operators ALEAN, Multitour, ANEX Tour and VEDI GROUP.

Kavminvody are also in the TOP-5 of the total cashback sales of the tour operator TUI Russia. Experts associate the demand for Kavminvod resorts with the possibility of year-round recreation, a wide medical base and the presence of unique mineral springs.

The first five directions, the health resorts of which were most of all booked by cashback, also included the sanatoriums of the Krasnodar Territory, Crimea, the Urals and Siberia. So, the tour operator "Intourist" was in demand for the health resorts of the Crimea. Reservation of such objects for the promotion amounted to almost 80%.


According to representatives of the tour operator community, the volume of bookings for a sanatorium product within the framework of the cashback campaign could have been higher, if not for a number of factors.

So, according to the general director of the tour operator "Dolphin" Sergei Romashkin, the health resorts themselves had few technological opportunities to participate in the action.

The human body is a machine that can do a lot, but any engine requires rest. Sometimes we need a vacation not only to get a tan, but also to restore the body and heal it. And, be that as it may, Ukrainian medicine cannot give us everything we need, therefore, in such cases, medical tourism comes to the rescue.

What is medical tourism

The concept of medical tourism has a broader meaning than trivial treatment. Of course, the main goal is to improve your health and put your body in order. But in addition to this, you are offered a wide range of excursion, educational and entertainment programs.

Thus, you can combine two important elements - rest and treatment. See a new country, breathe fresh air and get expert advice from the world's leading experts. With the right choice of the place of treatment, help will not be long in coming.

Rest and treatment in Turkey

Turkish medicine is one of the strongest and popular among foreign patients. Every year half a million people come here to get advice and certain medical assistance. The main pride of Turkish healthcare is oncology and neurosurgery. It is these areas that are most often in demand among tourists. More than a thousand clinics and almost fifty, of which are accredited by the Joint International Commission. In addition to the above areas, bone marrow transplants are successfully carried out in Turkey and are treated for Parkinson's disease as well as epilepsy. The largest hospital is Anadolu, where tens of thousands of cancer patients come every year, 90% of whom get the desired result in the shortest possible time.

In addition, Turkey is a warm, mild and climate-friendly region. Lots of attractions, lots of sun, delicious cuisine and the most developed tourism industry.

Austrian health tourism

Health tourism is represented here not only by good clinics and qualified doctors, in this case nature itself comes to the rescue. In Austria, there are a lot of mineral springs, the waters of which help with various diseases, and the country is also famous for its mud. People suffering from neurological disorders and diseases feel especially well here.

In addition, in Austria, doctors are quite successful in dealing with the problems of the musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular and reproductive systems. They are active in the fields of gastroenterology and dermatology. The most important resorts are Baden, Geinberg and Bad Loipersdorf.

Health Tourism in Advanced Israel

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