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5 reasons to become a representative of the Turkish Medical Tourism Association THTC

Medical tourism in Russian regions is a new and promising topic for development. The Smolensk Region became one of the pioneers here: they began to promote medical tourism in the format of public-private partnership. We are talking about a new project that can become an example for other regions of Russia.


The Smolensk Region is not casually betting on attracting medical tourists from neighboring regions: Smolensk itself is a city with a good medical history and medical facilities. Local doctors have a good school with centuries-old traditions: Smolensk State Medical University celebrated its centenary in April this year, and students from abroad are taught in this educational institution.

In recent years, a number of modern medical centers have opened in the city, for example, dialysis and endoprosthetics, trauma, perinatal. There are dozens of both public and private, including network, clinics with modern equipment and qualified doctors.

Therefore, residents of the neighboring regions of the Russian Federation, especially Muscovites, who have the same dentistry here can cost up to 5 times cheaper than in the capital, have been going to the region for a long time "by gravity" and "by acquaintance". But they are not the only ones: according to local clinics, Smolensk also enjoys a reputation among the residents of Belarus as a city where cheap and high-quality treatment is provided.

Such a favorable location "between the two capitals" led the specialists of the Department of Investment Development of the Smolensk Region to the idea of ​​making medical tourism in the region more organized and convenient, bringing together the leading clinics of the region and tour operators and purposefully attracting the flow of high-quality medical tourists from others regions of Russia.


“We monitored the state of affairs with medical tourism in neighboring regions, and found out that we have a chance to become the first to launch such a project with state support. There are separate clinics that organize advertising campaigns aimed at nonresident patients, but no one has yet a centralized portal-marketplace, where the patient will have access to medical and travel services, collected at will in various types of packages, ”says the head of the tourism department of the Department investment development of the Smolensk region Yulia Nikiforova.

Such a portal in the Smolensk region was created jointly by the "My Business" center, the tourism department of the Investment Development Department, interested clinics and a host tour operator who "manages" the entire process from an organizational point of view.

The medical tourism marketplace portal operated by the tour operator Smolensk Travel has already started working, and an online advertising campaign targeted at residents of neighboring regions will be launched in mid-July and will be funded for clinics by the My Business center ...

“After marketing research (polling regular customers, analyzing requests on the Internet), our specialists concluded that this type of tourism is in demand, as medical. This topic, in our opinion, especially with state support, should shoot. In this project, we act as a kind of tourist "assistance" for a person who has come for the purpose of treatment. For convenience, several standard options for medical tour packages have been developed, ”says Elena Krichal, General Director of Smolensk Travel, the project operator.

Turkish Medical Tourism Association TNTS invites travel agents to cooperate. Become her representative and get a commission! Find out more about the association and health tourism news in Turkey at OTM: Summer 2020.

This year, you will find all the news and novelties of the summer season abroad at the online exhibition for professionals of the travel industry OTM: Summer 2020. Throughout February, representatives of tour operators, tourism offices, host companies, hotels and airlines will share new tourism products and plans for the season.

As part of the OTM: Summer 2020 exhibition, experts from the Turkish Healthcare Travel Council will conduct two webinars.

Topic: “Advantages and features of spa treatment and SPA & Wellness with the Turkish Medical Tourism Association TNTS. Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation Programs in Turkey ”.

Moderator: Khalida Sadykova, Director for CIS countries of the Turkish Medical Tourism Association TNTS.

Topic: "Turkish Medical Tourism Association TNTS: types of activities, the basis for cooperation with agents and solving the problems of medical tourism."

When: February 20, 14:00 (Moscow time).

Moderator: Khalida Sadykova, Director for CIS countries of the Turkish Medical Tourism Association TNTS.

About medical tourism in Turkey

Every year about 1 million people from all over the world come to Turkey for diagnosis and treatment. And this is not surprising, because Turkey is not inferior to the leading countries in the quality of medical services. Many doctors of Turkish clinics have been trained and trained in Europe and the USA. Moreover, the cost of medical services there is much lower than in Western Europe, America or Israel.

Benefits of participating in the TNTS affiliate program

About Turkish Healthcare Travel Council (THTC)

The Turkish Medical Tourism Association THTC was founded in 2005 with the aim of developing international medical tourism in Turkey and helping to provide qualified assistance to foreign patients.

Despite the closed borders of most European countries, Russians have the opportunity to travel to Switzerland for examination and treatment. What is needed for this, and how much such a medical tour will cost for Russian citizens, tour operators said.


To travel to Switzerland for medical purposes, you need a justification, as well as an invitation from a local clinic or health resort for examination or surgery.

According to the experts of the tour operator PAC Group, you can apply to certified clinics in Switzerland for an initial basic examination (check-up). The clinics provide their clients with invitations and take care of all questions regarding the necessary documentation.

Also, a visit to Switzerland is possible for the purpose of consulting a doctor or surgery and further treatment in the presence of serious medical indications. In this case, all documents are requested from the patient: the doctor gets acquainted with them, who makes a decision on the need to visit the country.

As the specialists of the BSI Group tour operator add, in any case, good reasons are needed to go to Switzerland for treatment.

“The Swiss Consulate in Moscow will authorize only those invitations in which the clinic indicates that the client needs urgent examination or planned urgent treatment,” emphasize the BSI Group.


A visa is required to travel to Switzerland for medical purposes. In the current conditions, it is desirable that the tourist has a valid Schengen visa. According to experts, this is the best option in which you can plan a tour to Switzerland both for examination and for more serious operations.

“If there is no Schengen visa or it has expired, then it must be issued along with the invitation. We help to fill out an application form for the Swiss consulate, but the tourist submits his documents to the consulate on his own. The term for issuing a visa together with an invitation is about 7-10 working days, ”the BSI Group said.


In the proposals of tour operators there are several clinics and other medical institutions, where you can choose an examination or treatment, based on your own wishes and state of health.

“Each client and the purpose of his trip are individual for us. We work promptly and process everyone's request as quickly as possible and give recommendations on which clinic in Switzerland and for what purposes it is better to visit, ”the PAC Group noted.

International Exhibition "Treatment Abroad" - the medical tourism conference provides an opportunity for many people and organizations to meet and discuss the topic of organizing treatment abroad. At the exhibition, participants express their points of view and discuss the general concept and perspectives of the field of medical tourism. Tel Aviv CLINIC presents to the attention of the conference participants innovative ideas of fruitful cooperation on a mutually beneficial basis, which reflects the partnership program for regional representatives.

The International Exhibition TREATMENT ABROAD is a significant event, where the results of market research are presented and the main directions of its development are discussed. Experts discuss new trends and opportunities related to business on a larger scale.

The Medical Tourism Exhibition serves as a powerful tool for exchanging thoughts and opinions on a topic, both qualitatively and commercially. For the effective work of the medical tourism exhibition, there is a thorough planning in advance, which is based on a clear understanding of the purpose of the event and clearly defined the scope of its budget.

Registration forms are sent to participants to receive a confirmed list of the number of representatives. The program of the international exhibition "Treatment Abroad" determines the order of activities, schedule, list of speakers and other organizational issues. One of the main goals of the medical tourism conference is to find new partners for medical institutions abroad, which are of interest to operators and agencies in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries.

The Medical Tourism Exhibition and Conference develops and strengthens networking between stakeholders and expands global health investment opportunities around the world. Nowadays, an increasing number of agents of health insurance companies, international hospitals, medical travel companies and agencies are looking at medical tourism as a reliable tool for resolving the health crisis.

The International Medical Exhibition seeks to provide a platform where international organizations in medical tourism can identify business prospects and new opportunities to find quality medical services for their patients. All interested parties from all over the world who want to expand their market are participating.

Exhibition TREATMENT ABROAD and medical tourism

Medical Tourism Conference, Exhibition "Treatment Abroad" explores and proposes solutions and strategies for building work towards higher quality treatment abroad at an affordable price, since cost is one of the main arguments for a patient who is going to be treated abroad.

The exhibition is unique in its ability to combine honey. consultants, healthcare professionals and corporate community members. The international exhibition TREATMENT ABROAD in Moscow is a unique professional event that creates and strengthens strong ties between agents and providers of medical services for patients in Russia, the CIS and Eastern Europe.

According to statistics, every year more than 3,000,000 Russian citizens travel abroad for treatment, and 72% of the population believes that this is the best way to solve health problems. Russia and the CIS countries are a unique region, from which more and more patients seek treatment abroad. The aim of the international exhibition "Treatment Abroad" is the integration of Russia and the CIS into the global health care system and the improvement of communication methods in a single information network of medical tourism.

Given the importance of Russia and the CIS in shaping the global consumer market for medical services, the Moscow International Treatment Abroad Exhibition is a unique platform for discovering new opportunities for improving infrastructure to expand the sales network.

In this article, you will learn about the peculiarities of treatment abroad. We obtained statistical data on the development of medical tourism in this country from such authoritative sources as the World Health Organization (WHO), official websites of the Ministries of Health of different countries, the International Journal of Medical Tourism (IMTJ), etc. Information about clinics and the cost of procedures is provided by them directly. Other data is collected from our experience with over 245,000 patients around the world. We took into account their feedback, preferences in choosing clinics in different medical areas, our internal statistics on the quality of treatment in 28 countries of the world, with whose clinics we cooperate.

According to researchers, the idea of ​​health travel emerged more than 5 thousand years ago. Then the wealthiest people went to other countries to improve their health on the healing springs. Nowadays, trips for treatment are no longer uncommon. More than 14 million people travel annually to receive medical services, according to the Medical Tourism Association. What is medical tourism and what makes people go abroad, we will figure it out in our article.

What is medical tourism

Medical tourism is travel abroad to obtain medical care, as defined by the World Health Organization. According to international studies, patients choose treatment abroad for the following reasons:

  • 40% of travelers are looking for advanced high-tech procedures performed by qualified doctors;
  • 32% of people want a more attentive and humane attitude of medical personnel;
  • 15% of patients travel abroad seeking immediate medical attention without long waiting times;
  • 13% want to save money.

During its work, Bookimed has helped more than 380 thousand patients undergo treatment abroad. Based on their experience, our coordinating doctors additionally highlight the following reasons for medical tourism:

  • The level of the required direction of medicine abroad is higher than in the home country.
  • Necessary procedures, medications, or doctors with the necessary experience are not available at home.
  • There is a need to get a second medical opinion if the diagnosis is controversial or the prescribed treatment regimen does not help.
  • A high level of service and comfort that can be obtained in clinics abroad.

Types of medical tourism

Specialists of the World Tourism Organization divide international medical tourism into 4 main groups:

  • diagnostics ;
  • treatment ;
  • rehabilitation ;
  • prevention.


Most of Bookimed patients travel abroad precisely to diagnose the disease. So they can get it better and more accurate or faster than at home. For example, a cancer diagnostic method - PET-CT - is available in almost all clinics in Israel, Germany or Turkey, so a patient can be examined immediately upon arrival. To get a PET-CT scan in the CIS countries, you need to register in the queue, since there are few machines. Sometimes the waiting time can take up to 3-4 weeks.

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