Medical tourism in Turkey: how to go and what to treat

What is medical tourism

A little more than thirty years ago, a new promising direction appeared in the tourism industry, which is becoming more and more in demand every year. We are talking about medical tourism.

However, many citizens, having heard this term, still believe that this type of recreation is intended only for people in dire need of qualified assistance from medical personnel. This is partly true, but in fact, the percentage of this category of people is only a small part of the main flow of all clients who prefer medical tourism.

To debunk all the myths associated with such an unusual type of recreation for most, it is enough to find out the answers to the following questions ...

What is medical tourism?

A tourist can go abroad, or have a great rest without leaving his native country, and at the same time undergo an examination in a first-class diagnostic center, receive advice from a narrow-profile specialist and all the services provided. In the end, everything costs him for a very reasonable price.

Where did this concept come from?

Of course, it is difficult to call such a vacation and treatment a completely new invention, and here it is worth remembering that in Russia, even under the tsar, the nobility loved to go “to the waters” to Germany, for example, to Baden-Baden or the Czech Republic.

An active impetus for the development of modern medical tourism was the increase in the cost of treatment in various countries of the world, and this cost continues to increase. It is natural that many people began to look for alternative options for places where they could receive qualified medical care without delay for a cost less than in institutions located in their places of residence.

Who most often chooses this vacation?

The most active tourists today, choosing this type of vacation, are, of course, residents of the United States and the EU - due to the high cost of health insurance.

What are the most popular medical tourism destinations?

No one can give an unequivocal answer, since firms specializing in this type of recreation offer a huge number of all kinds of options with different price ranges.

In this article, you will learn about the peculiarities of treatment in Turkey. We obtained statistical data on the development of medical tourism in this country from such authoritative sources as the World Health Organization (WHO), the official website of the Turkish Ministry of Health, the International Medical Tourism Journal (IMTJ), etc. Information about clinics and the cost of procedures is provided by them directly. Other data is collected from our experience with over 245,000 patients around the world. We took into account their feedback, preferences in choosing clinics in different medical areas, our internal statistics on the quality of treatment in 28 countries of the world, with whose clinics we cooperate.

In this article, you will find out why medical tourism in Turkey is in high demand among patients from all over the world. We will tell you about the most popular procedures, the best hospitals and doctors. We will explain how to organize diagnostics and treatment in a Turkish clinic.

Why do patients go to Turkey for treatment?

The reason for the popularity of Turkish hospitals among foreign patients is the high quality of medicine. It is confirmed by international certificates. There are 1,200 clinics in the country, 33 of which have received accreditation from the Joint Commission International (JCI). For comparison, in Israel there are 29 such hospitals, in South Korea - 12, and in Germany - 1 (according to data from 29.9.020).

JCI certification confirms the high level of equipment of the hospital, the safety of medical services, the qualifications of doctors, and the quality of service.

Turkey is constantly reforming its health care system. This attracts a large amount of investment. According to Medical Tourism Magazine, $ 30 billion has been invested in the development of Turkish medicine. The country's government funds the education of young professionals. Turkish doctors are trained and trained in Europe and the USA. They participate in international exhibitions and scientific conferences.

Popular Medical Tourism Destinations in Turkey


Oncology is one of the specialized areas of Turkish medicine. 40% of the country's foreign patients are people who came for cancer treatment.

Surgical removal of tumors in Turkey is carried out using low-traumatic methods through incisions up to 2 cm. For this, a Da Vinci robotic system or a laparoscope is used. Irradiation of neoplasms is performed using TrueBeam, Cyber- and Gamma-Knife devices. Turkish oncologists select chemotherapy according to the genotype of the tumor - this treatment is more gentle and effective.

Bone marrow transplant (BMT)

The price for BMT in Turkey ranges from $ 37,000 to $ 130,000 (depending on the type of transplant and clinic). For comparison, the cost of such a procedure in Germany is $ 209,500 - $ 290,900.

In addition, due to their extensive experience and high treatment success rates, Turkish hematologists are considered to be among the best in the world.

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