Medical tourism in Turkey - an opportunity to gain health and not go broke

Serious medicine - where and what to treat abroad

Medical tours abroad should in no way be confused with simple medical and health trips, although they may include rest in sanatoriums or resort centers as one of the elements. The term "medical tour" implies serious, full-fledged treatment abroad, often including surgical intervention. Of course, such trips are organized not by ordinary "mass" tour operators, but by special companies, which in their profile and staff are much closer to medicine than to tourism.

Medical tourists are patients of all ages who, for whatever reason, do not have the opportunity (or desire) to be treated in their homeland, and treatment abroad is the best choice for them. We will not analyze these reasons now (not about that article), but rather note that in addition to medical tourism itself - trips for specific types of treatment, there is also diagnostic tourism - travel for the purpose of examination and clarification of the diagnosis.

Despite the fact that medical tourism as an industry has appeared relatively recently, thousands of patients have already used its services. And there are many reasons for this growth. World-renowned specialists, medical centers, the technical equipment of which allows for accurate diagnostics to determine the further course of treatment, a high level of service, comfortable wards and caring medical personnel. all these are the advantages of foreign medicine.

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Where to go for health

Fifteen or twenty years ago, Turkey was associated only with excellent resorts and rich history. However, in the last decade, the situation has begun to change, now a significant part of those who come to this country are aimed at receiving medical services. Turkey has managed in a relatively short time to become an important center for medical tourism, whose clinics offer high-quality and modern treatment, which was previously available only in Europe, Israel and the United States. In hospitals, doctors who have undergone training in the best clinics in the world work, new medical technologies in various fields of medicine, including oncology, are available.

In addition to treating complex diseases, health tourism is also developed here; there are centers in Turkey that offer wellness treatments. The favorable climate of the country helps to improve health, improve immunity and recover from illnesses.

Why is it worth being treated in Turkey

Having set as its goal the development of the country's international tourism, the state of Turkey is investing heavily in the technical equipment of clinics and in the advanced training of doctors. In addition, significant amounts are invested in the development of this industry, including from abroad. On the market of medical services, both public and private clinics are represented, there are hospitals that are branches of the most famous medical centers in the world, such as Johns Hopkins Medicine and Harvard Medical School. Here are just a few facts indicating that being treated in Turkey is a really good choice.

  • 700,000 - this is how many foreigners visited Turkey to undergo treatment in 2017. Most of them are citizens of Germany, Ukraine, Romania, Russia, Bulgaria, the Netherlands and Arab countries.
  • 48 clinics - this number of medical centers received the JCI certificate of conformity from the Joint International Commission. This certificate is given only to those clinics, the level of quality of medicine and service in which meets international standards.
  • $ 30 billion has already been invested in the development of Turkish medicine.
  • 35% of Turkish doctors were trained or trained in Western Europe.
  • 317 hospitals and medical centers - TNTS - Turkey Medical Tourism Association. It is the world's largest association of institutions that are involved in organizing the provision of medical services to foreigners.
  • 1300 - the number of medical institutions in the country. Of these, 60% are state-owned.
  • Over the past thirty years, the state has invested about $ 30 billion in the development of medical tourism.

The best clinics in Turkey

It can be said that the most concentrated medical tourism in Istanbul, however, in other cities of the country there are high-level clinics that accept foreign patients.

Liv Hospital is the flagship of Turkish medicine, consisting of two large divisions in Ankara and Istanbul. The clinic was founded only in 2013, becoming the most technologically advanced medical institution in Turkey. It is a multidisciplinary medical center providing a variety of medical and diagnostic services in the field of surgery, oncology, obstetrics and gynecology, orthopedics, traumatology, neurosurgery, urology and other medical fields.

Medipol Clinic is a multidisciplinary university hospital that meets the highest international standards. The medical institution is known far beyond the borders of Turkey for its ultra-modern equipment and specialists who successfully cope with serious illnesses.

Memorial Medical Center is a huge complex of eight large specialized clinics. The most complex medical procedures in the field of oncology, transplantation, artificial insemination, cardiac surgery, genetic research and other diseases are performed here. The clinic has been operating for over 15 years, and during this time it has managed to become one of the leaders in the field of medical services in Turkey.

Medical Park. The largest network of clinics in Turkey with branches in seventeen cities of the country. The Center for Genetic Diagnostics, the Center for the Surgical Treatment of Parkinson's Disease, and the Center for Organ Transplantation are especially famous.

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