Medical tourism in South Korea: mistakes of Kazakhstanis

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DOI: 10.1045/2071-5021-2020-66-5-11

1 Baymenova A., 1 Zhakenova S., 2 Aidaraliev A.. Non-profit Joint Stock Company "Medical University of Karaganda", Kazakhstan 2 International University of Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Lack of highly qualified specialists or modern medical equipment, lack of financial resources, waiting in line in their own country encourages the majority of citizens to seek timely and high-quality medical care in another country. All conditions have been created in Kazakhstan to provide such assistance to foreign citizens. However, there are gaps in marketing strategies to promote medical tourism.

The purpose of this study was to conduct a cluster analysis of the CIS countries on the organization of health care and morbidity for the subsequent determination of marketing policy in attracting potential patients to medical tourism in Kazakhstan.

Poor dental treatment abroad leads to disability Today, installing cheap implants quickly means ordering a false jaw tomorrow

Who of us, in all honesty, loves domestic medicine? Most of those Kazakhstanis who can afford it receive medical treatment abroad. More and more often one can hear the opinion: "I won't even give myself an injection here!", And, unfortunately, there are grounds for such an attitude. It is not surprising that medical tourism in our country is flourishing, and everything would be fine if we always knew what we are changing our specialists for. "How could it be worse than in Kazakhstan?" - once asked a doctor. And he said, "Maybe!" The fact of the matter is that it can. As much as you can!

Doctors speak

"A patient came to me with indications for implantation. It was necessary to install 8 implants. I said that it would take about a year, after which the patient left and did not appear for three months. After three months he came to me again and proudly declared that he went to Turkey and perfectly installed all the necessary implants in just three weeks: they say, learn how to work. When he opened his mouth, I made an examination and from what he saw literally went numb. The patient was very pleased. But I I understood - several years will pass, and all this will come into complete disrepair. And the worst thing is that this work will not be able to somehow alter or change - most likely, you just have to make a denture. , and he is disabled, "- said the Almaty dentist, who wished to remain anonymous.

"Patients are not professionals in dentistry. If the patient were a pro, he might not have gone to dentists," believes Dmitry Pivovarov, an orthodontist, owner of the Da Vinci private clinic in Almaty. the quality of our work, this is the problem. If everyone looks at the Faberge egg and is ready to admire, then no one can understand the beauty, accuracy and correctness of our work. We work at the table. No one will understand this perfection. And then only the inner self-esteem of ourselves as a professional and conscience can keep a doctor from stepping into the abyss of bad work - after all, no one will notice! But conscience at all times was a scarce commodity, it is not enough even now. "

What is dental tourism?

Dental tourism is the travel of people in need of complex dental treatment to cities or countries that provide dental services on more favorable terms than in their hometown. Such trips are usually called "dental tours", and the travelers themselves are called "dental tourists".

This phenomenon originated in Europe and America and has existed there for a long time. Americans traditionally travel to Mexico, Costa Rica and Peru for dental treatment, Europeans - to Hungary, Slovakia and Poland. The practice of such tourism began to spread rapidly around the world, travel companies began to appear everywhere, organizing such tours, and Turkey, China and Thailand were added to the list of popular dental destinations.

But if, for example, an Englishman from London who goes to Poland to treat teeth, his trip is economically justified and the difference in dental filling can really be up to 70%, then in the case of a Kazakhstani who wants to save on his teeth , it's not that simple.

Is it a savings?

Our people are used to adopting a tradition from abroad, not figuring out whether this tradition suits us, is it justified? Never mind. Western people do this - and we need to! But in its pure form, in order to save money, the practice of dental tourism does not suit us at all. The fact is that our prices for dental services, even luxury ones, are simply incomparable with the prices of the same class in England or the USA. Here it costs ten times cheaper. And now imagine that we want to go somewhere to make it even cheaper. What will happen? It is inevitable that we will choose the cheapest services from the "worse than ever" category, that is, the lowest-quality services in terms of materials and medical qualifications.

South Korea is one of the most popular destinations in the field of medical tourism in Kazakhstan. But over the past few years, Kazakhstanis have developed a negative opinion about the treatment in the country of morning freshness. And that's why it happened.

Invalid operator

If you want to receive high-quality medical care, then choosing the right operator in Kazakhstan is the primary task of everyone. Often, Kazakhstanis make one of the most common mistakes - they turn to non-professionals. As a result, dubious agencies send applications to clinics in South Korea and send their client to the hospital where the answer came first, without waiting for others. Thus, unscrupulous organizations are trying to make money faster. Of course, such medical tourism to South Korea will not only leave a negative impression, but can cost precious time and health.

Hurry to choose a clinic

Smoothly follows from the previous error with the wrong operator. Haste is rarely a good companion when making a decision. Especially when it comes to health. Some Kazakhstanis prefer to do everything themselves. When planning treatment in Korea and reading reviews about a particular hospital, they may not pay attention to details. For example, does their chosen clinic or professor really specialize in the problem the patient is facing? You should not be guided only by advertising and public information.

Not enough information

When contacting a company that organizes treatment in South Korea, you should try to get as much information from employees as possible. If questions remain unanswered, and this happens in unreliable agencies, then you should think about changing the organization to one that will provide complete information: from the conditions of the flight to choosing a suitable place for housing and an interpreter. You can fly only if there are no doubts and questions left.

It is worth noting that the main problem that Kazakhstanis face when choosing medical tourism is organizational difficulties, which often leave much to be desired. As a result, a person is faced with the fact that, once in another country, he is left without any support - with the difficulties of translation, moving around the city and the clash of different mentalities. For example, the fact that an appointment with a Korean doctor does not last longer than fifteen minutes becomes a shock revelation for our compatriots.

That is why you need to carefully approach the choice of an agency that organizes medical tourism. And best of all, if it is the official representative of foreign clinics in the country, who will organize the entire trip from start to finish.

One of such representatives in Kazakhstan is the South Korean company WOWVOS. For maximum safety and high comfort of its clients, the agency not only fully advises and accompanies its clients, but also keeps in touch with them around the clock during their stay in South Korea 24/7.

Upon confirmation of the diagnosis, WOWVOS provides a free consultation with a South Korean professor, and guarantees an exclusive 20 percent discount on Air Astana when flying to Seoul.

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