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Founded in 1913, the German Heart Center in Munich is today one of the most advanced medical institutions in Germany, which treats all types of cardiovascular pathologies in patients of any age, including newborns.

The patients of the cardiology center are offered spacious, laconically designed wards equipped with a system of comprehensive monitoring of the patient's condition, as well as a staff call system.

Little patients of the Clinic for Congenital Heart Diseases and Pediatric Cardiology receive special care at the Center. More than 550 heart surgeries are performed here every year for children and adolescents, 200 of which are for newborns and infants.

The center has unique equipment. So that little patients are not afraid and remain motionless during imaging studies (for example, an MRI of the heart), special glasses are put on them before the procedure, which allows children to watch a movie while the study is underway. The center collaborates with Disney, thanks to which children are invited to watch about 200 films.

German Heart Center Munich at the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and Arts

The German Heart Center Munich is a specialized hospital for cardiovascular diseases, which is directly subordinate to the Bavarian State Ministry for Science and Art.

The main idea of ​​the center is to bring together the various disciplines required for the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases under one roof in order to optimally care for patients in constant, close interdisciplinary collaboration.

mitral valve correction procedures per year

Peripheral interventions per year

aortic valve replacement surgery annually

One of the best clinics in Germany offers effective diagnostic programs aimed at identifying certain diseases, with further lifestyle correction and the appointment of appropriate treatment.

Basic Check-up in Germany

  • Initial consultation of the professor.
  • Clarification of complaints and collection of anamnesis (medical history, family history).
  • Physical examination.
  • Laboratory tests:
    • general blood test (extended),
    • biochemical blood test,
    • blood coagulation system - fibrinogen and other indicators, <
    • tumor markers,
    • general urine analysis,
    • feces analysis (hemocult test).
  • Resting ECG.
  • ECG with stress tests.
  • Color Doppler echocardiography.
  • Ultrasound of precerebral vessels.
  • Thyroid ultrasound.
  • Ultrasound of the abdominal organs.
  • Bioimpedansometry - determination of the ratio of bone, adipose and muscle tissues in the body.
  • Diagnosis in Munich ends with a second consultation with a doctor with a final diagnosis and recommendations for lifestyle and treatment.

Fitness Check-up Germany

Duration: about 3 hours.

The program is designed for those who regularly go in for sports. Rationally planning a training program based on your physical capabilities means getting the most of the health benefits from physical activity. Diagnostics in Munich according to the Fitness Check-up program allows you to find out endurance and other indicators of the body.

  • Initial consultation with a doctor. Finding out the anamnesis and examination.
  • Fitness analysis of blood lactate content.
  • Measurement of blood pressure and heart rate at rest and during exercise.
  • ECG at rest and during exercise.
  • Final consultation with a doctor. Getting advice on lifestyle.

Buisness Check-up in Germany

Duration: about 6 hours.

Stress is a constant companion of a business person. Psycho-emotional stress can have a negative effect on the body. Experienced specialists from leading German clinics will help to assess the state of health and take the necessary measures in a timely manner.

  • Initial consultation with a doctor.
  • ECG at rest and with stress tests.
  • Study of respiratory function.
  • Ultrasound of the abdominal organs.
  • Thyroid ultrasound.
  • Color duplex examination of brachiocephalic vessels (assessment of the risk of stroke).
  • MRI of the whole body.
  • Laboratory research.
  • Final consultation explaining the information received and prescribing treatment (if necessary).

Lindwurmstraße 122d, Munich, Germany

Russian speaking lawyer in Munich


Lawyer Eduard Schaaf

Sonnenstraße 1, Munich, Germany

Russian speaking lawyer in Munich

  • criminal law;
  • social law;
  • labor law;
  • traffic law;
  • the right to purchase real estate;
  • rental right.

Alla Lipp - sworn translator

Georg-Hager-Straße 6, Munich, Deutschland

Certified translations from Ukrainian and Russian into German.

Alla Lipp is a sworn translator.

Under the conditions of modern globalization, great prospects are opening up for students, but at the same time, the level of competition in the labor market is growing rapidly. Therefore, the more quality education is received, the more chances are to find a decent high-paying job in the future. Taking this into account, it is worth paying attention to one of the largest German universities - Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. It is the leading educational and research center in Europe, rightfully awarded the title of an elite educational institution.

History of the founding of Ludwig-Maximilian University

The University was founded more than half a century ago - back in 1472. It was originally located in Ingolstadt, but in 1800 it was moved by Elector Maximilian Joseph IV to Landshut due to the threat of an attack on Ingolstadt from France.

In 1826, by order of King Ludwig I, the educational institution again moved, this time finally, to Munich and was renamed from Ingolstadt University to Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich - Ludwig Maximilians Universität München, abbreviated LMU.

The list of disciplines studied in this educational institution is gradually expanding, and to the four existing faculties:

  • arts ,
  • medicine ,
  • jurisprudence,
  • theology,

new ones are added:

  • exact sciences,
  • veterinary medicine.

In 1901, the first scientist from the University of Munich, Wilhelm Roentgen, received the Nobel Prize. The list of Nobel laureates from among the university employees does not end there, and by 2007 there are already 13.

Faculties of Ludwig-Maximilians University: List and Placement

The University of Munich currently has the following faculties:

  • Catholic Theology.
  • Protestant theology.
  • Legal.
  • Business Administration.
  • Economic.
  • Medical.
  • Veterinary.
  • History and art.
  • Philosophical.
  • Pedagogy and psychology.
  • Cultural studies.
  • Linguistics and literary studies.
  • Social Sciences.
  • Computer science and mathematics.
  • Physics.
  • Chemical.
  • Biological.
  • Earth Sciences.

They are located on the territory of the LMU as follows:

  • Central University Town (Campus) with the main building in the historic center of Munich. It houses the faculties of social sciences and humanities, as well as the university library.
  • High-tech campus in the Martinsried district (15 km west of Munich city center), where the faculties of natural sciences are concentrated.
  • Branches and clinics of the Veterinary Faculty are located in the Oberschleissheim district in the north of Munich.
  • Branches and laboratories of the Faculty of Physics - just east of Oberschleissheim, in Garching bei München.

LMU has an excellent base for innovative research in various fields of science and all the conditions for providing high-quality education in a wide range of specialties, of which there are currently no less than 190 titles.

How to apply to Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

Today, treatment in Germany is not only very popular among patients from different countries, but may also be the last chance for many patients. In Germany, there are a large number of clinics and hospitals that keep up with the times, purchase the latest equipment, and are constantly working to improve the treatment process and increase the knowledge and skills of the staff.

★ Reviews of these clinics are always the best. Due to the large number of visitors to the clinics, in recent years the municipality of Munich has even singled out treatment as a separate type of tourism.

Online service for finding the desired clinic

The high demand for treatment in Munich prompted the Germans to create an online resource (. lacidway. om/search-city/Germany , Munich /), which will help to find the right clinic based on history illnesses of the future patient. The service is also equipped with a convenient filter that allows you to see only those clinics that offer treatment for a particular disease. Such a site will help not to use the services of intermediaries who take their percentage for finding clinics.

General overview of clinics

► Institute of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Dr. Christian Lenz

► Eye Center Clinical Alliance

► Clinical Alliance "M1 Health Care Center"

► Profile Center Munich, Clinic Munich-Bogenhausen

► Urology Hospital Munich-Planegg

► Villa Bella Plastic Surgery Center

► RINECKER Proton Therapy Center

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