Medical tourism in Israel: why Americans and Russians come here for treatment

Medical tourism in Israel: why Americans and Russians come here for treatment

Israel has long been a world leader in high-tech medicine that helps many people recover. The country has some of the highest healthcare standards in the world, available to both Israelis and overseas patients. This has led to a phenomenon known as medical tourism, which is becoming a huge part of the healthcare industry in Israel.

Last year, thousands of Americans and Russian-speaking patients came to Israel for treatment as medical tourists. For those without health insurance, treatment abroad is often the only way to get the treatment they need.

Medical Tours to Israel offers foreign visitors some of the very best medical services available in any Western country at a cost of about 65 percent less than the United States. In addition, many Israeli doctors and other medical professionals have been trained in the United States and are recognized as world names in their field, with innovative treatments and a high level of quality.

Known for its unique landmarks, Israel has thousands of years of history, religion, archeology and culture, a unique climate, nature and beautiful landscapes. In addition, the high level of comfort in hotels, shopping centers, hospitals and clinics contributes to the development of medical tourism and attracts hundreds of patients from all over the world for treatment to Israel.

Israeli clinics have created the Medical Tour Israel program, which employs professional, Russian-speaking staff. The services offered are comprehensive and include all areas of medicine: orthopedics, oncology, cardiology, urology, plastic surgery and trauma rehabilitation, as well as for the treatment of obesity and infertility.

In addition, the Israeli medical community is a world leader in developing the latest advances in cancer treatments, stem cell therapies, genetic research and the use of minimally invasive surgical procedures. More and more Russians began to travel abroad not only for rest, but also for treatment.

The dynamic development of medical tourism has led to the emergence of specialized medical travel agencies. Russians trust foreign specialists more. Most often, they go abroad to radically improve their appearance, give birth to a child, and also carry out a complex operation.

Medical tourism in Israel

International project Medical Tour Israel - treatment by the best medical specialists in Israel for patients from abroad. The medical tour covers all aspects of the client's stay and treatment in Israel: flights, visas, accommodation, day tours, attendants and any other types of logistical and medical assistance that may be required.

Clear medical and financial benefits - ensuring that medical tour in Israel is the preferred option for patients from abroad. Israel is rightfully the leader in the field of international health care.

The value for money makes medical tours to Israel more and more attractive. Every third patient in plastic surgery clinics is a foreigner. The most demanded services are nose, breast correction, liposuction.

Comparatively low prices for heart surgery and tumor removal, plastic surgery services, artificial insemination and gynecology. Medical tourism is quite developed in Israel: when going on vacation, people are increasingly combining vacation with treatment in Israel.

To draw up a preliminary program of diagnostics and treatment in our clinic, as well as estimate the approximate cost, please fill out the contact form and send us an extract of the medical history.

Doctors carry out treatment according to modern international protocols. All types of diagnostic procedures and operations are available to patients in Israeli clinics. Doctors use progressive therapies. For example, targeted therapy is used to accurately target a tumor. Doctors inject the patient with a drug that "blocks" pathological cells from accessing nutrients.

Patients from America and Eastern Europe

Medical tourists from the United States are attracted to holiday in health centers. Also, they are in demand for dental services and plastic surgery. The cost of these procedures in Israel is lower than in the United States, and the quality of treatment is at a high level.

Patients from the CIS countries come for diagnostics, comprehensive examination and treatment of oncological, neurological and other serious diseases.

Accuracy of diagnosis in Israeli clinics

Medical Center. Sourasky is a presenter in Israel. According to the hospital, a third of the diagnoses of patients from the CIS are incorrect. The main reason for such statistics is the insufficient equipment of domestic hospitals and laboratories.

There are differences even in such a study as MRI. Medical institutions in Russia and Ukraine are often equipped with low-power devices. Pictures taken with their help are not clear. In Israeli clinics, high-precision MRI machines are used, with the help of which high-quality images are obtained. Based on them, doctors select the most appropriate treatment.

Patients from the CIS countries should be prepared for the fact that upon arrival at the clinic they will need to undergo research and take tests. Israeli doctors will consider the data of domestic clinics, but the treatment will be prescribed based on additional research. Diagnostics will take 2-3 days. Its accuracy is 98%. This is how the doctors will select the most effective treatment.

Treatment in Israel

In Israel, foreign patients are accepted by both private and public clinics. In the latter, the prices for treatment are controlled by the country's Ministry of Health. One of the largest public hospitals is the medical center named after I. Sourasky. The clinic receives 220,000 patients from all over the world annually. The American magazine Newsweek included the hospital in the TOP-10 popular clinics for medical tourism.

Neurosurgeons perform operations, the success of which is 98%. This is one of the highest rates in the world. Also, the doctors of the clinic have achieved 90% efficiency in the treatment of cancer.

The data of Bookimed, a service for the selection of medical solutions around the world, confirms the high efficiency of treatment at the clinic. Sourasky. More information about the hospital can be found at bookimed. om/clinic/medicinskij-center-im-suraski.

Medical tourism in Israel is very popular with patients around the world. People come here to make an accurate diagnosis and provide high-quality treatment of diseases. Many patients find salvation here after they have been completely abandoned in all other clinics.

System and main directions of medical tourism in Israel

Israel's medical tourism is very popular all over the world. Medical centers in this country are famous for their good reputation and high quality patient care. Many of the procedures that are carried out here are not available in other countries due to the lack of conditions. And the prices here are quite moderate compared to other developed countries.

They successfully treat oncological diseases, orthopedic disorders, neurosurgical operations, fight infertility and carry out IVF.

There is no doubt that Israel is the leader in healthcare in many areas of medicine. Medical care is provided here at the highest level. Israeli clinics are equipped with the best and most modern devices for the diagnosis of diseases and their treatment. The medical staff is well trained, each doctor values ​​his reputation. There are a lot of medical clinics in Israel, which in itself creates competition, so each institution tries to be at its best and provide the highest quality services. There are more doctors per patient here than in any other country, which allows treating patients with high quality and eliminating medical errors.

Certification and qualifications of doctors are under the control of the Ministry of Health, thanks to which each specialist is trained at the highest level. Young doctors are trained by the leading luminaries of Israel's medicine, and the most capable are sent to clinics in other countries to learn the best skills in their specialty. Many local doctors have been trained in institutions in Europe and America and received certificates with high marks of quality.

Even after obtaining licenses, Israeli doctors are constantly improving their qualifications, trying to keep up with the times. All the best novelties in the world in the treatment of complex diseases are discussed at conferences and included in the training program. Not only young specialists are constantly studying, but also doctors with great experience. They learn new techniques, apply them in practice and teach everything to the next generation of doctors. Every week, all specialists are tested for knowledge in their field. Those who fail are weeded out. Thanks to this approach, teams of doctors work in the clinics who work harmoniously and accurately, creating a favorable atmosphere around them, which gives patients a reason to trust doctors and not doubt the successful outcome of treatment.

The most popular area of ​​medical tourism in Israel is the treatment of cancer. First of all, the ability to make an accurate diagnosis is appreciated. It is not enough to know that cancer is present for successful treatment. You also need to know all the information about it, because each type of cancer is treated differently.

Israel's medical tourism is famous not only for oncology treatment. Great strides are being made here in other areas as well:

  • Neurosurgery operations. With the help of high-precision equipment, it is possible to build a 3D model of the patient's brain. This allows performing complex operations on the brain and spinal cord, as well as treating pathologies of peripheral nerves.
  • Cardiac surgery. The departments of cardiology successfully carry out heart transplants, prosthetics and the installation of artificial parts of the cardiovascular system. In this area, Israeli medicine shows very good results with minimal complications.
  • Minimally invasive and conventional surgery. Experienced surgeons perform surgical interventions with minimal damage to healthy tissues, so that patients recover from surgery much faster than before. And with extensive interventions, clinics have everything you need to prevent infection from entering the incision and avoid complications. Many operations are performed by mechanical methods using a Da Vinci robot. In this case, the surgeon only monitors the progress of the operation, the robot does the rest for him.
  • IVF. In this area, Israel is the leader in the number of successful artificial inseminations.
  • Treatment of orthopedic diseases. They successfully cope with pathologies on the spine, joints, tendons and muscles, including oncological ones.

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