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Foreign patients

Every year, more and more patients from different countries choose Israeli clinics for diagnosis, treatment, recovery. At the same time, all questions regarding the choice of a clinic, the organization of the flight and the actual treatment process, patients trust reliable medical tourism agencies that are located in Israel. Israel Express Medical is a company that helps foreign patients to get quality medical care without any problems.

General information about Israel Express Medical

Israel Express Medical is a large medical holding specializing in the organization of treatment for foreign patients in leading Israeli hospitals, which it officially represents. The company's specialists accept and provide treatment for patients with different diagnoses, as well as organize the diagnosis of hidden pathologies. During the work of the company, about 7000 patients from different countries, including Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, etc., have already applied to it.

What services does Israel Express Medical provide?

Each patient seeks to receive high-quality medical services, since the health and life of patients depends on the level of their provision, on the professionalism of doctors, the qualifications of medical staff and their responsible attitude to the performance of their duties.

Israel Express Medical works to provide a high level of service to all medical tourists who turn to them. Every year Israeli doctors, in collaboration with the best specialists from other countries, save the lives of thousands of sick people. All doctors are trained in the United States and European countries, adopting the experience of the best specialists in the world.

The company helps foreign patients in organizing diagnostics and treatment abroad in the following areas:

  • Oncology;
  • Cardiology;
  • Surgery ;
  • Hepatology;
  • Neurology ;
  • gastroenterology;
  • urology;
  • nephrology;
  • gynecology;
  • psychiatry;
  • dermatology and other fields of medicine.

Today, cancer treatment in Israel is especially in demand. Israeli clinics have all the conditions for an effective fight against oncological pathologies at all stages of their development. Israel is focused on conducting active research work, during which specialists improve already proven methods and develop completely new algorithms for detecting and combating diseases. Much attention is paid to the implementation of the most complex surgical interventions, including minimally invasive methods, as well as measures to prevent dangerous diseases that must be stopped at early stages of development. In all cases, patients can count on the affordable cost of cancer treatment in Israel.

Israel Express Medical is popular in Israel and abroad due to the professional and well-coordinated work of the medical staff, the ability to use the latest equipment and unique medicines. The company's specialists practice a modular approach to the provision of medical services - patients have the opportunity to undergo diagnostic and treatment procedures at several hospitals.

All necessary documentation is prepared by the center managers. This allows patients not to waste time and effort on organizational issues. All they have to do is to arrive in Israel and undergo quality treatment.

Medicine in Israel is at the level of the most developed countries of the world, and in some areas is ahead of the countries of Europe and the United States. The country's government is actively funding research in the most pressing areas of medical science, and the quality of treatment in Israeli clinics is under the vigilant control of the Ministry of Health and the public. The influx of a large number of patients who come to Israel for treatment from abroad also contributes to the accumulation of vast experience by local hospitals and doctors in various fields of medicine. These and other factors bring Israeli medicine to the first place among other developed countries.

The medical profession is one of the most prestigious in Israel - the competition for medical faculties reaches seven hundred people per place. The study period is six years, and including the period of internship and specialization - up to twelve years. In the future, all doctors continuously improve their qualifications, every week attending special courses and seminars that allow them to keep abreast of the latest trends in medicine. In addition, each doctor undergoes training abroad, in medical centers in Europe or the United States. This determines the high level of training and qualifications of Israeli doctors. Medicine in Israel is insurance. All residents are members of one of the "health insurance funds" that collect contributions and, if necessary, pay for treatment. More than 8% of the GNP is spent on financing medicine in Israel. The organization of medicine in Israel is focused on the creation of large multidisciplinary hospitals. Therefore, there are not so many medical institutions here as in some other countries, but each of them is staffed with doctors of all specialties, equipped with modern expensive equipment, is a clinical base for medical schools, conducts research and testing of new treatment methods. Medical care is provided by both private and public institutions. The country has eleven public general hospitals, five public geriatric centers and eight psychiatric clinics. A number of hospitals are owned by health insurance funds - for example, the Clalit ticket office maintains fourteen hospitals. Also, hospitals are owned by Zionist and missionary organizations. In private clinics, in contrast to state ones, the patient has the right to choose which doctor he or she is treated with. A total of 259 private and public clinics and other medical institutions operate in Israel. Among them - Assuta Medical Center, founded as the first private clinic back in 1934, and now - the largest network of private clinics in Israel, MC Ichilov, one of the ten world leaders in medical tourism, Asaf Ha Rofe clinic - the third largest among public hospitals , other.

Achievements of Israeli medicine

Areas of Israeli medicine

The most promising areas of Israeli medicine today are oncology, orthopedics, ophthalmology, cardiovascular surgery, gynecology, treatment of infertility by in vitro fertilization, transplantology. Also, unique local techniques are used in treatment at the Dead Sea - balneology, climatotherapy, medicines and cosmetic products based on salts and minerals, and other options for using the healing properties of this natural attraction.

Israeli surgeons perform complex operations in a minimally invasive way that does not leave noticeable scars on the human body and does not create problems with postoperative rehabilitation. In this case, the muscles are not cut, but moved apart, surgical instruments are inserted into the body through small incisions and tubes inserted into them, and the doctor can follow the progress of the operation on the screen. Surgical robots are used that allow ultra-precise operations in hard-to-reach places without the risk of damaging neighboring organs, such as the da Vinci robot. The successes of Israeli specialists in the field of maxillofacial surgery are widely known. IVF in Israel is characterized by the highest percentage of successful fertilization. In the treatment of oncological diseases, in addition to traditional methods, hormone therapy, immune therapy, radioactive iodine treatment, cryotherapy, bone marrow transplantation for oncohematological diseases, and other newest methods are used. The country's orthopedists practice such complex surgeries and procedures as repairing torn tendons, transplanting cartilage grown from table cells, injecting artificial lubricant for cartilage in the joints to treat arthrosis, and restoring walking skills to people with leg paralysis using an external exoskeleton. The experience and qualifications of Israeli doctors make it possible to treat children with cerebral palsy and other diseases that are considered hopeless in other countries. Comprehensive treatment at the Dead Sea allows you to achieve long-term remission in patients with psoriasis, which is still considered incurable.

On the advantages of treatment in Israel in comparison with Russia.

Hundreds of thousands of foreigners visit Israel annually for treatment and recovery. The most significant flow is made up of US citizens who have extremely expensive medical services in the country and citizens of the CIS countries who are not satisfied with the level of medicine in their homeland. The high level of medical science and medical care in Israel attracts many foreign patients who have not been able to receive sufficiently qualified treatment at home. One of the advantages of Israeli "medical tourism" is the price of treatment, which is 10-20% lower than in clinics in developed countries of Europe and America. In addition, tourists from Russia and the CIS in Israel do not encounter a language barrier, since almost all clinics today have medical staff from among the natives of these countries. The development of medical tourism in Israel is facilitated by a visa-free regime between many European countries, including with some post-Soviet states. According to local law, medical tourists have the same rights and are served on the same grounds as Israeli citizens.

Today, doctors and hospitals in Israel are provided with everything necessary to provide highly qualified assistance in the treatment of diseases of any profile.

According to experts, medical tourism in Israel in the next decade will remain one of the main directions of international medical tourism.

Can I come to the Hadassah clinic for treatment?

Yes. Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, Hadassah has been constantly accepting foreign patients from Russia and the CIS.

For more details, please call:.

“Today everyone rushed to fight COVID-19, but remember that the rest of the medicine has not gone anywhere. We work as usual, our hospital is fully operational. ”

(Prof. Polina Stepensky, Head of the Department of BMT and Immunotherapy in Children and Adults at the Hadassah Clinic)

The staff of the international department of the Hadassah clinic will make sure that the treatment of a foreign patient is fast and effective, and the stay in the country is as comfortable as possible.

Room at Ein Karem Hotel

  • providing complete medical information;
  • drawing up a detailed treatment plan;
  • scheduling consultations and procedures for the nearest time and for a convenient date for the patient and time;
  • booking a hotel room or private accommodation, including a comfortable hotel on the territory of the clinic.
  • transport services - transportation to and from the airport, ground medical transport and air ambulance;
  • individual support of a professional Russian-speaking curator during consultations and procedures;
  • accounting services , including registration of payment for consultations and procedures

Free online consultation

To find out the exact cost of procedures, choose the right doctor and learn about the benefits of Israeli medicine, you should not ask questions about treatment in Israel in various forums, contact the clinic directly. Our consultant will contact you within a few hours and provide comprehensive information on all your questions.

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