Medical tourism in Israel

Medical tourism in Israel

Medical tourism is a comprehensive service that includes a program of examination and treatment abroad, accommodation and accompaniment of a patient in a clinic, hotel, solution of all everyday problems of the patient during his stay on treatment.

Medical tourism in Israel has several directions: medical - if a foreign patient goes for a specific treatment, having a diagnosis on hand, wellness - to improve overall well-being and diagnostic, when the patient doubts the diagnosis and needs help qualified doctors abroad. Modern medical tourism is a developing branch of modern medicine.

Medical tourism has become very popular due to the lack of high-quality medical care in developing countries or the extremely high cost of treatment in developed countries. Israeli medical tourism is a fairly popular direction as it has an ideal ratio of price and quality of treatment.

No wonder medical tourism in Israel is so popular. These are safety, reliability, comfort and health restoration. Unlike Russian medicine, Israeli doctors take full responsibility for the patient's health. Currently, medical tourism covers almost all types of examination, diagnostics, outpatient treatment, hospitalization and rehabilitation that modern medicine offers.

Medical tourism in Israel over the past years has noted a steady increase in the flow of patients from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and the CIS countries who come to us for treatment. The quality of medical services in our center meets the level of world standards, and the prices for treatment are quite affordable for patients from the CIS countries. Tel Aviv CLINIC speaks Russian, which absolutely eliminates the discomfort usually associated with treatment abroad.

Medical tourism in Israel is examination and treatment by world-renowned specialists in the treatment of oncology, cardiology, infertility, urology, gynecology and many other areas of medicine. Medical tourism is developing even despite the global economic crisis, having a significant impact on the development of the world health care system. Due to global competition in the market, medicine is rapidly developing by using the latest medical technologies and improving the quality of patient care.

Medical Tourism in Israel Reviews

Foreign patients come to us for treatment in order to recover: to undergo a detailed examination with the correct diagnosis, to perform complex surgical operations, to discuss their problems with world-class professors. People go to Israel for international standard medicine. Medical tourism is the absence of a language barrier. For patients from Ukraine and Russia to Israel, a visa is not required.

Medical tourism in our person makes the treatment of foreign patients in Israel effective and efficient. The diagnosis and treatment process at Tel Aviv CLINIC requires preliminary preparation and extensive logistics.

The program of organizing treatment in Israel includes everything necessary to resolve all these issues even before the patient arrives at Tel Aviv CLINIC. The schedule of all necessary diagnostic procedures and consultations is drawn up in advance, in addition, taking into account the peculiarities of the treatment, issues of transport, housing and other everyday problems are resolved. There is an opportunity to relax with treatments at the Dead Sea, including excursions to holy places in Jerusalem and other cities.

Changes are possible in the preliminary treatment plan after the diagnosis is made. Medical tourism provides all possible options with the most effective collaboration between patient and doctor. This function is performed by our medical coordinator of the international department, who accompanies the patient in the hospital and fully supervises the treatment process. A patient, not being a specialist, sometimes cannot give the doctor a complete picture of his disease and understand the recommendations offered to him.

The work of an accompanying person who discusses the patient's problems with doctors in a professional language increases the effectiveness of consultation and treatment by an order of magnitude. In addition, it is very difficult for a patient who is not familiar with the healthcare system and still feels unwell to navigate the structure of a modern Israeli clinic. The accompaniment of our representative ensures and guarantees the patient protection from unnecessary medical services.

treatment in Israel

Why do patients from CIS countries choose NewMed Center?

We have earned the trust of patients and are proud of it!

Our certificates and licenses:

Only from provider NewMed Center:

Medical branches in China, India and Russia

Combined treatment in different states (for example: severe cardio, ortho, neurosurgical operations in Israel, and then the continuation of rehabilitation in China using traditional medicine)

State license for the right to operate in the field of medicine in China and India

The official right to represent several medical centers at once outside the State of Israel

The lowest cost of a medical service (if the patient has an official offer from another organization)

We are recommended by the most prestigious private medical institution in Israel - Assuta clinic: NewMed Center has Gold status among its official representatives

Why do patients choose us again and again?

In recent years, medical tourism in Israel has become the standard of accessibility and quality of medical services for many residents of the post-Soviet space. This is confirmed by objective indicators.

In addition to one of the highest life expectancy rates in the world, Israeli medicine has many other advantages and statistical gains, including the lowest cancer mortality in the world and the second lowest mortality rate from cardiovascular diseases.

Why choose treatment in Israel:

Get the treatment program and the exact price

Another significant factor that is fundamental in the formation of comfortable living conditions is the familiar language environment. A person with medical problems is more vulnerable to the effects of unfavorable external factors, and if he still has to spend time and nerves on explanations with doctors, hotel staff, a shop assistant, this may not have the best effect on his morale, and therefore on his success. treatment. In Israel, for obvious reasons, this problem is not as acute as in other foreign countries.

To Top Ichilov, starting from the immediate arrival of the patient in Israel, and literally to the plane's ramp, he is accompanied not just by an interpreter, but by a professional honey. coordinator.

Another advantage of Israel over other world centers of honey. urism, like Germany or France - the opportunity to soak up the beach in one of the warmest seas of the World Ocean - the Mediterranean (by the way, the Ichilov (Sourasky) clinic is located just 5 minutes' drive from the sea coast).

If a "window" has formed in the intense process of treatment, one simply cannot fail to visit the Holy Places, which magnetically attract hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Another attraction of Israel - the Dead Sea - is the world's best natural "physiotherapy room", healing no worse than a certified doctor.

Thus, the pleasure of being at the resort will become that tangible rehabilitation bonus that the patient will receive, together with therapeutic and diagnostic measures.

Facts about treatment in Israel

It is no secret that it is difficult to determine a competent specialist who has the necessary knowledge base and, no less importantly, the necessary experience to solve a complex medical problem, often associated with individual accompanying health problems.

It is important for Amsalem Medical to convey to the patient the essence of the fact that Israel is a leading country in the field of medical treatment.

The guaranteed result of the treatment depends on the people

We do not want to repeat unfoundedly that Israeli doctors are better and technology is more progressive. It's not that people are better here than in other countries. Everything is much simpler and justified by reality. Israel's medical education system provides a different foundation from other countries. And, accordingly, the results.

A high percentage of treatment success in the field of oncology in Israel comes, firstly, from the selection of a specific narrow specialist who will carry out the process of medical accurate diagnostics, which in turn will allow the specialist to choose the most effective and modern treatment.

The system of practice of medical specialists in Israel is essentially based on deepening into one narrow niche, a subcategory. And this is the key to modern competent, high-quality and effective medicine.

Choosing a Doctor

You can find some of them in our lists:

Adult Doctors

Doctors for Children

The invaluable experience of doctors

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