Medical tourism in India

From Europe and Asia to receive medical treatment in Russia

Indian and Thai resorts, attractive to Russians, as it turned out, are not to the liking of all local residents. Citizens of Asian countries increasingly travel to Russian health resorts for medical treatment and recovery. A similar story is with Europe. While we look with envy at Israel and Germany, Europeans are staring at Russian medicine. Medical tourism is also developing within the country. Moscow, St. Petersburg and other large cities are popular. Whether this type of tourism will give a new impetus to the Russian economy and what pitfalls are there, FederalPress found out.

Unappreciated direction

Medical tourism is considered one of the most underestimated areas in the development of domestic health care. At the same time, as noted by Boris Mendelevich, a member of the State Duma Committee on Health Protection, no other country in the world has the same number and variety of climatic and balneological resorts, on the basis of which it is possible to build an infrastructure that attracts tourists. Among them are the North Caucasus and Crimea, Karelia and Kamchatka, Altai and Baikal, mineral springs of Tatarstan and other locations with unique existing natural conditions. “The development of medical tourism is also beneficial to absolutely everyone. First, international inbound tourism can provide an inflow of funds to the Russian economy. This money can be spent on the development of domestic health care. Secondly, we ourselves, entering the international market, strive for Western service standards and improve our competencies, ”Mendelevich said.

In addition, along with the service of medical services, the tourism sector is also developing, which gives the country additional jobs and business prospects.

Most often, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, residents of Asia (citizens of China, India, Thailand) come to Russia for medical assistance - 60% of them are medical tourists. 38% of foreign patients of our clinics and health resorts are from Europe. “Now, I believe, it is necessary to collect a portrait of a tourist who is coming to us specifically for medicine, and already aiming to work for all interested parties,” the deputy emphasized.

The Russian Ministry of Health was concerned about the development of the export of medical services a year ago. From January 1, 2019, within the framework of the national project "Health", the federal project "Development of the export of medical services" was launched. Its head is the Deputy Minister of Health Oleg Salagay.

180 million rubles are planned to be allocated from the federal budget over the five years of the program. Until December 31, 2024, it was decided to increase the volume of exports of medical services by at least four times compared to 2017, that is, up to $ 1 billion. And if in 2019 the number of foreign citizens treated in Russia was over 500 thousand people, then in five years this figure should grow to 1 million 200 thousand foreigners per year. The Ministry of Health is referring to patients from other countries who are treated in both public and private hospitals.

Major cities bet

Medical tourism is developing primarily in megacities. It is clear that the variety of services is greater, and the condition of hospitals is better in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan. But there are also traditional resorts where they go for health improvement (the Black Sea coast, the Caucasian Mineral Waters, mud baths, and so on). And this is also tourism.

Deputy Minister of Healthcare Oleg Salagay makes a big bet on the development of medical tourism in Russia. “A lot is being done in this direction. The number of people who turn to Russia for medical assistance has grown significantly. The average cost of a check is also growing. A lot of work is being done, including partnerships with various organizations in terms of informing people, "Oleg Salagay told FederalPress.

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Medicine in India is famous all over the world for its effectiveness and the use of natural remedies for healing various ailments. Its basis is Ayurveda (translated from Sanskrit "the science of life and longevity"). The treatises of the outstanding healers of Nakula, Shalihotra, Parashara have been preserved since antiquity.

Many residents of Moscow and all of Russia go to a distant country not only to relax in wonderful resorts, but also for treatment, healing from various diseases. Ayurveda studies the fundamentals of human nature, the natural state of the body and the causes of imbalances. To solve health problems, whole complexes of procedures have been developed. The ancient teaching in India is now experiencing a real renaissance, is actively supported by the government and is generally recognized in the world.

Indian Medical Centers

There are many world-class clinics and medical centers in the country, in particular:

  • Rajah Clinic Network
  • Somatheeram
  • Dr. Franklin
  • Kalari Kovilak et al.

Features of medical tourism

Traditional healing is based on the five universal elements. Ayurveda, like official medicine, adheres to the fact that a person has five senses through which he perceives the world. Enzymatic action leads to disruption in the work of these elements. You can restore balance and health through natural medicines and special treatments. First, diagnostics are performed, on the basis of which a course is selected for each patient individually.

Treatment is carried out by:

  • Therapies (treatment with water, massages, natural medicines).
  • Diets (lifestyle and diet).
  • Prevention (a set of procedures for body care, for strengthening and cleansing).

Great importance is attached to the pulse, its changes and fluctuations. Based on the old methods of measuring the pulse and its interpretation, you can get as much information as with tomograms in Western clinics.

Ayurvedic approach to treatment and life is to learn to "hear" your body, to take into account its needs. Only in this way will it be possible to maintain emotional balance, improve spiritually and morally.

Basic Ayurveda Treatments

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