Medical tourism in Germany

Top destinations for medical and health tourism in 2019

Among the directions of medical tourism, Germany is firmly entrenched in the position of the absolute leader. Concepts such as "German reliability" and "German quality" can be justly applied to her medicine. The exemplary high level of healthcare in the country annually provides it with a steady flow of medical tourists who choose local clinics to solve a variety of health problems - from removing moles and correcting vision to treating serious illnesses and subsequent rehabilitation.

Medical tourism in Germany is extremely in demand due to the high professionalism and unshakable authority of German doctors, the availability of the most modern diagnostic and treatment equipment, access to the latest technologies and innovative medicines, flexible pricing policy and first-class service. Not the last argument when choosing Germany as a country for treatment is the fact that there is a competently built legislative support for foreign patients, which serves as insurance against medical error.

Leading clinics abroad

What is most often treated in Germany by medical tourists

German clinics and medical centers are engaged in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of diseases. Nevertheless, there are types of pathologies, for the fight against which citizens of other countries are most often sent on medical tours to Germany. These include:

  • cardiovascular diseases. German cardiac surgeons are famous all over the world as specialists who know their business well, constantly introduce new medical techniques and have the skills to work with cutting-edge technology. Therefore, they are entrusted with such complex and risky interventions as coronary artery bypass grafting, balloon angioplasty, stenting of the heart arteries, prosthetics and replacement of damaged heart valves.

With the help of advanced minimally invasive techniques, they also treat congenital and acquired heart defects in children and adults, fight various types of arrhythmias, atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular pathologies.

  • oncological diseases. Many foreign patients choosing medical tourism in Germany come here to treat benign and malignant tumors of varying degrees of aggressiveness and localization. The reason for this is the high rate of recovery for all types of cancer among patients in German clinics. It is achieved through the use of a voluminous arsenal of advanced therapeutic techniques, high-precision molecular diagnostics, sparing surgical techniques and new-generation anticancer drugs, which are selected individually for each patient on the basis of genetic tests.

It is also attractive that German oncologists strive not only to save a person from dangerous education and minimize the risk of relapse, but also to preserve his acceptable quality of life. Therefore, when choosing a therapeutic method, preference is given to the most gentle.

  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Orthopedics is one of the three most demanded medical fields in Germany. Here arthritis and arthrosis are effectively treated, with the help of minimally invasive interventions, intervertebral hernias are removed, damaged or destroyed vertebrae are replaced, and joint replacement is performed.
  • diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system. German medical centers are rightly considered one of the best in the treatment and rehabilitation of people with Parkinson's syndrome, Alzheimer's disease, epilepsy, degenerative diseases of the spine, head injuries, etc.
  • reproductive disorders. Medical tours to Germany are popular among people suffering from infertility. Here this problem is effectively solved using modern reproductive technologies. In terms of the number of successfully performed in vitro fertilization procedures that ended in pregnancy and childbirth, German clinics occupy one of the leading places in Europe.

Benefits of German Medicine

The opinions of people who have chosen medical tourism in Germany indicate that one of the key factors in making a decision for them was confidence in the high qualifications and professional responsibility of German doctors. Local medical institutions impose strict requirements on specialists: each of them undergoes a rigorous selection process that determines the level of their competence, professional skills and knowledge. As a result of this approach, only professionals are allowed to work in German clinics.

The Khabarovsk Territory makes a great contribution to the development of medical tourism in the country and in many positions occupies a leading position in the Far East. The region's capabilities in the field of medicine were recently presented in Moscow, where a plenary session "Development of the export of medical services in the regions of the Russian Federation" took place.

Today, the medical infrastructure of the region is represented by a large number of specialized organizations. These are, first of all, state, federal and private healthcare institutions.

Education is the foundation of everything

Any profession begins with training. Maximum conditions have been created for the training of medical personnel in the Khabarovsk Territory. Future doctors receive a powerful educational base in various fields at the Far Eastern State Medical University. Much attention is paid to the nursing staff who are taught at the Khabarovsk Medical College.

“We also have the Institute for Advanced Studies of Healthcare Professionals, which is engaged in retraining and advanced training of both doctors and nurses,” says the Minister of Health of the Khabarovsk Territory, Alexander Vitko. “All our educational institutions have a good material and technical base, they use modern educational and advanced medical technologies in their work”.

From influenza to cancer

Large state medical organizations work in the Khabarovsk Territory today, which specialize in the treatment of almost the entire spectrum of socially significant diseases.

“This is an oncology, which is treated by specialists of the Regional Clinical Center of Oncology, cardiovascular diseases, and doctors of the Federal Center of Cardiovascular Surgery are fighting them,” continues Alexander Vitko. - Neurosurgery, traumatology and orthopedics on the basis of the Regional Clinical Hospital No. 2, gynecology, infertility treatment in the Perinatal Center, dermato-venereology.

The laboratory and diagnostic facilities are well developed in regional hospitals and centers. Provides specialized, high-tech, medical care.

International cooperation

Recently, medical tourism has become not a luxury, but an investment in one's own health. How to choose a country that you can entrust your life to?

Mud baths in Tel Aviv have quite a few positive properties. © Dead Sea mud

Do you want to go on vacation abroad and at the same time improve your health, or simply do not trust Russian healthcare? Then medical tourism is what you need! The best specialists, modern treatment methods, comfortable clinics and an individual approach to the client will help not only get rid of ailments, but, possibly, also save money! It is incredible, but in terms of price/quality ratio, foreign medicine sometimes turns out to be much more profitable than Russian one. And the saved money will be so pleasant to spend on vacation, which will be the final chord on your healing journey. Let's quickly figure out what medical tourism is and where to look for it!

Medical tourism in Israel

Israel is the first direction that we remember when thinking about treatment abroad. The main trump card of this country is the use of the most advanced technologies, many of which were created here, in the Holy Land. An important feature of Israeli medicine is the close collaboration of research centers with clinics, where the latest advances in diagnosis and treatment are instantly put into practice.

However, Israel is famous not only for its bright minds, but also for its unique natural resources, the most important of which is the Dead Sea. The minerals contained in its water can literally work wonders, curing many skin ailments, diseases of the joints and spine, and the salty air helps to get rid of respiratory problems. In addition to the Dead Sea, a vacation on the Red Sea in Eilat is also able to perfectly restore strength and energy.

Specialization in the following areas:

  • oncology
  • dermatology
  • infertility and artificial insemination
  • cardiology
  • plastic surgery
  • orthopedics and joint replacement
  • neurology

Expensive treatment: 5/5

Language of communication with the client: almost always Russian, in extreme cases - English

Where to go for treatment? The main centers of medical tourism are concentrated in the Tel Aviv region, in Haifa and the Dead Sea.

Recommended hotels: Sun City hotel (Tel Aviv) and Oasis Dead Sea (Dead Sea)

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