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Today dentistry is one of the most popular areas for treatment abroad. A beautiful and healthy smile is the dream of many people. Patients even from countries with developed medicine, such as Spain, Germany, Switzerland, the USA and Canada, travel abroad to treat their teeth. First of all, this is due to the rather high prices at home for the simplest dental services - and if serious treatment is needed, going to the dentist can hit your pocket hard.

Why do patients travel abroad for dental treatment?

As for patients from the CIS countries, many choose foreign clinics because of the opportunity to receive highly qualified modern care - foreign dentists use high-quality consumables and provide impeccable service, which is also distinguished by high efficiency.

A person does not need to be in a foreign country for a long period of time and wait for the end of treatment - as a rule, the patient's arrival is planned in advance and all terms are specified.

The most popular dental procedures are surgical, aesthetic and orthodontic.

Topping the list are dental implants, veneers, prosthetics and bite correction surgery (orthognathic surgery).

Installation of dental implants

One of the most common reasons for contacting foreign dental clinics is the need to perform high-quality dental implantation. Installation of implants is a serious intervention that requires high-quality consumables and a sufficient qualification of the doctor.

Treatment takes place in two stages.

First, the patient is examined, the chronic foci of infection in the oral cavity are sanitized. The soft tissues of the gums and bone are prepared for the implantation. At the end, antibiotic therapy is carried out and the stitches are removed. A temporary crown is placed on the patient. The duration of the first stage is about 7-10 days.

The second stage implies the installation of a permanent ceramic crown. Duration - usually no more than 5 days.

Between the first and second stages of treatment, at least 3 months usually pass, approximately this period of time is necessary for the engraftment of the implant placed in the bone. The price for implantation is formed from several main criteria: the cost of the implant and consumables, as well as the price tag for the doctor's work.

The branded implant is made of high-quality, hypoallergenic materials that have safety certificates and are clinically tested. These implants have a long lifespan and minimal risk of rejection.

The dental profession is inherently international. Teeth hurt the same way that the British, the Germans, and the Russians. Are you a graduate dentist with a dream to radically change your life?

Dentist Emigration

Let's try to assess your chances of leaving. We will name several countries that, to one degree or another, are ready to accept doctors of your profile, and immediately indicate the conditions of employment.

Czech Republic

Perhaps the best option for you. In this country, a very favorable law has been adopted for emigrant dentists: after passing the established certification procedure, a visiting specialist has the right to work independently in the country's health care system. If you have a vague idea about this system, read the article on Czech medicine.

What does certification mean?

  • language courses lasting about 4 months;
  • passing an approbation exam (you can pre-take target courses);
  • five-month internship with a minimum remuneration for labor (salary 600-1000 euros).

Of course, you will need to go through obtaining a long-term Schengen visa with a residence permit and a diploma nostrification procedure.

Nostrification is a confirmation of a qualification document. The diploma will need to be translated into Czech, certified by a notary and transferred to an educational institution authorized to conduct accreditation.

There are programs to help applicants find a dentist position in the country and complete the required accreditation procedures.

The programs are implemented by partners of the Institute of Pre-Graduate Education, which operates under the Czech Ministry of Health. Participation, of course, is not free, but it avoids a lot of hassle in a new place.

Dental tourism in St. Petersburg is developing rapidly. Doctors of the Northern capital provide high-quality dental care at fairly reasonable prices not only for citizens, but also for tourists from different cities and countries. In the city on the Neva, there are two modern equipped clinics of the European level Dental House.

The head of the clinic Elchin Aleskerov told why dental treatment in St. Petersburg is becoming more and more profitable, as well as what will help improve the quality of dental tours.

All resources should be used

Nadezhda Plakhova: The popularity of medical tourism is growing every day. What do you think will help improve the quality of dental tours?

Elchin Aleskerov: It is necessary to use all resources, develop a strategy for this type of tourism at the state level. This can attract a lot of capital, both to St. Petersburg and to other regions of the country. Russia is very large - in the east it borders on the United States, Japan and China, in the west - on the countries of the European Union. St. Petersburg is closest to the Scandinavian countries, and it is with them that we are most often compared. So, Russian prices in the field of dentistry are 2-3 times lower, and the quality of treatment is not worse than in Scandinavian or German clinics, and in some ways even better.

The development of medical tourism opens up new prospects for our city. This is an opportunity to create additional jobs, both in the medical and tourism sectors. This is raising capital.

This is another touch to the portrait of the Northern Capital - a city of European level, high culture, and the latest technologies. With the right organization, St. Petersburg can become the capital of medical tourism not only for Russia, but for the whole of Europe - we have enough medical institutions, many attractions, theaters and museums that will help people who have come for treatment to spend their leisure time with pleasure.

- What needs to be done for this?

- First of all, educational work is needed. We must pay maximum attention to the organization of international dental congresses and forums, seminars and conferences.

It is necessary to organize and develop advertising of dental tourism at the state level, using European and Asian sites in different countries. This will increase the visibility and flow of medical tourists. We can offer them not only clinics equipped at the highest level, but also an extensive cultural program and true Petersburg hospitality. I am sure that investments in promoting the advantages of medical tourism in St. Petersburg will return with great returns and will have a beneficial effect on the development of related industries - in general the travel industry, the hotel business, the service sector, passenger transport, logistics, advertising, etc., will contribute to the growth of employment and income of the population.

- Many tourists fear that dental treatment while traveling to the city on the Neva will be too expensive.

- If we compare Russia and abroad, dental services in our country are cheaper. And St. Petersburg at the cost of dental treatment is more profitable than Moscow. The cost of services in the northern capital is more acceptable. This comes as a pleasant surprise for many patients.

Features of insurance with dentistry

For most insurers, dental treatment is included in the basic policy for traveling to another country. However, there is a small caveat - a limited budget. When purchasing a standard package, you should not rely on planned teeth renewal at the expense of an insurance company. Only 100-200 dollars or euros are allocated for dental care. This amount is not enough for a full treatment at the dentist. Primary X-ray diagnostics and acute pain relief are available within the budget. Emergency assistance is also understood as:

  • Use of pain relievers;
  • Filling or tooth extraction as indicated in acute pain;
  • Anesthesia.

Some insurance companies offer travel insurance without dentistry abroad. This option allows you to save a small amount. Do not refuse the option - in case of toothache, the bills from the clinic will be several (or even 10!) Times higher than the price of the policy. To understand the pricing policy of dental clinics, we present the minimum prices for treatment in Italy. Free therapy for foreign citizens who do not have a policy is not eligible. The cost of the procedure is indicated in euros:

Dental treatment abroad

Such a direction of dentistry as dental treatment abroad is in great demand among our fellow citizens. For some compatriots, this is a matter of prestige, for others - reliability and profitability. What needs to be considered in order to make the right choice in favor of a domestic or foreign clinic? First of all, you need to pay attention to the quality of the treatment provided. Regardless of whether you are performing treatment for gum disease or any other problem.

  • On the one hand, treatment abroad does not automatically guarantee the ideal quality of the dental services provided. Foreign clinics and doctors can be of different classes, as in our country.
  • On the other hand, large domestic dental clinics have sufficient funds to purchase the latest foreign technologies, medicines and materials, and to improve the qualifications of their personnel.

To make an informed choice of a dental clinic or a specialist, it is advisable to study the information on the clinic's website, forums and blogs. There you can find out about the qualifications of doctors, current prices, patient feedback on treatment and much more. Now it is becoming very fashionable to treat teeth in a dream.

What you need to know when choosing a dental clinic

Only when enough data has been collected can you be sure of the correctness of your choice.

Foreign dentistry - pros and cons

When the trend towards dental treatment abroad only began to emerge decades ago, it did not inspire the confidence of sane people. First of all, the quality of dental services was questionable, since communication with the attending physician was difficult. In addition, medical tourism had just begun to develop and was inaccessible to our fellow citizens. The situation has now changed dramatically. The treatment of a diseased tooth is performed at a high level.

Procedure for the provision of dental care under compulsory health insurance

To treat teeth free of charge in non-commercial dental clinics, you need to present your passport, SNILS and compulsory medical insurance policy at the registry.

To make an appointment with the dentist you need:

If the reason is only in the price, then there is always an alternative

Let's list what alternatives are possible.

Getting services in a public clinic instead of a private one

As you know, it is expensive to treat teeth in Russia or any other country in the world only in those dentistry that is private. But if the price is a matter of principle for you, then you can legally get the service for free at a state clinic. All that is needed for this is to have a compulsory medical insurance policy with you.

Note! In a public medical institution, they do not practice an integrated approach, as they do in private clinics. There is no high level of comfort, advanced technologies, innovative equipment and imported materials, and doctors will have to make an appointment long before the date of the visit. However, the listed disadvantages are not an obstacle to free treatment under the compulsory medical insurance policy.

Choice of inexpensive materials, prostheses and implants

Remember that good dentistry should offer you at least several solutions to your problem. For example, if this is prosthetics with crowns, then to reduce the cost, you can choose those that are created from inexpensive metal-plastic or metal composite.

To correct bite pathologies, it is not necessary to choose expensive aligners, but you can limit yourself to budget and effective metal braces. If you do not have teeth, then the most budgetary option would be to install removable dentures made of acrylic or nylon. When implanting, you can give preference to inexpensive brands of implants of Korean and Israeli manufacturers, the main thing is that they are installed by a professional doctor and they are used according to the treatment protocols for which they are suitable.

Choosing a budget option is better than staying idle and aggravating dental problems.

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