Medical tourism: countries where you can improve your health

On the issue of training personnel for the health resort business at the present stage

In a broad sense, medical tourism is the departure of a person abroad for treatment - for the sake of quality service, savings, or in case of urgent need.

There are many types of medical tourism - the number depends on the needs of the patient. Let's take a closer look at the popular ones.

Dental tourism

The main goal of dental tourism is to save money. Complex complex tasks in dentistry (dental treatment and prosthetics) are too expensive - and in different countries (and even cities) the price difference can be very large.

The quality of services is the same or even higher. It is not surprising that a person is willing to spend time for treatment away from home.

Dental tourism first appeared in the USA and Western Europe, but today it has become widespread in Russia. Popular directions of dental tourism with us are Switzerland, Germany, Latvia, Hungary, Turkey, Thailand. For a trip, you need to take care of the entry documents into the country, tickets, accommodation and, if necessary, translate medical documents (presented to the doctors at the place of treatment). You can order a high-quality translation at the Lingvomed bureau. All questions about ordering translations can be asked on the website, using the "Send us a message" form in the lower right corner, or by phone: 8 800 200-76-05 or +7 (499) 350-24-25.

Plastic tourism

The Russian plastic surgery market is not able to offer a decent price-quality ratio of services in a number of procedures.

The classic Hollywood appearance or complete rejuvenation of the body is prohibitively expensive, and ultramodern procedures in Russian clinics are not yet available in principle. And you can give preference to budget options only at your own peril and risk - everyone knows.

Top quality plastic surgery at attractive prices is available abroad today. And you don't have to go to Europe or the USA for this.

In Taiwan, South Korea, Czech Republic or Hungary, doctors annually give beauty and youth to thousands and tens of thousands of visitors from all over the world. These are recognized specialists who use only the newest, most effective and safe methods of plastic surgery. Facelifts, rhinoplasty, weight loss with plastic surgery, hair transplant, implantation - everything is for you.

Oncology treatment abroad

Traveling abroad for cancer treatment is also an extremely relevant direction in Russia. There is an objective reason for this. Today world science has made a noticeable step forward in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. The patient has more chances of a successful outcome, but for this it is necessary to undergo treatment of the appropriate level.

Medical tourism is developing at a rapid pace not only due to the difference in the cost of procedures, but also due to the lack of queues for operations, more modern treatment technologies and the level of patient service. Today it is a fully formed sector of the economy, which has its own recognized leaders - the countries to which Russians prefer to travel most often.


Israel is perhaps the most popular place for treatment among Russians. Health care in this country is given great state attention, impressive investments are directed here, so the medical business here achieves really impressive results. The quality of diagnostics and healing is not inferior to Germany or the USA, and the cost of services is much lower. Our compatriots are attracted not only by the prices, but also by the special friendly atmosphere. In clinics, almost all staff speaks Russian, although, of course, translation of medical reports and other documents is still necessary for an accurate understanding of the picture of the disease.

What is being treated in Israel? Probably, it would be easier to say that there is no cure. The most frequent visits to Israeli clinics are registered in connection with oncology, severe injuries and disorders of musculoskeletal functions, the need for cardiac surgery. Cerebral palsy, infertility, dermatological and cosmetic problems - all this can be cured in Israel. The most popular clinics in Israel: Hadassah, Top Ichilov, David Oncology Center, Sheba, Schneider Children's Hospital, Assuta Clinic and others.


Germany is a constant leader in the ranking of countries receiving medical tourists. Regardless of the political situation, crisis and sanctions, Russians always show a high level of interest in German clinics. Thousands of Russian tourists are treated in clinics in Munich, Hamburg, Dresden, Potsdam and Berlin, providing 30-50% of total income from foreign patients.

German clinics are equipped with innovative equipment and materials, there is no problem of narrow specialists - German healthcare personnel diagnose and cure almost all diseases known to science. Neurosurgery, cardiology, gastroenterology and especially oncology - here Germany has established itself as an expert, German doctors accept those who were abandoned at home and even in Israel. Large Unikliniks (hospitals at universities), of which there are more than 30, have proven themselves well. The most popular are the Charite Clinic (Berlin), the University clinics of Dusseldorf, Bonn, Essen, Dortmund, the Karlsruhe Cardiac Surgery Clinic, the International Cancer Center Baden-Württemberg, etc.


Hungary attracts medical tourists from Russia, USA, Great Britain, Scandinavia, first of all, with affordable prices for treatment. This is especially true of dentistry, cosmetology and plastic surgery - these areas can be called a specialty of Hungary. Recently, ophthalmology, orthopedics, and endoprosthetics have been developing.

The Hungarian healthcare system is very similar to the British one - the same strict regulations, numerous regulatory bodies, and as a result - the high quality of treatment. Suffice it to say that a plastic surgeon has been studying for 13 years to get a license.

Children's Clinic "Betishda", National Institute of Cardiology named after Györda, Balatonfüred cardio resort, Uzhoki clinic, Semmelweis Medical University, Asclepius Dental Dental Center, Aesthetica International Medical Center - these are the most popular medical centers in Hungary. The thermal springs and therapeutic mud, for which the resorts of Heviz and Eger are famous, are a good help for doctors.

Czech Republic

Before covering the proposed topic, it is necessary to figure out what personnel are required in the spa business, what they should do, and then decide what educational institutions and according to what program will train specialists for this industry.

The Government of the Russian Federation, by Resolution No. 153 of April 6, 2004, established (in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of March 9, 2004 No. No. 314 "On the system and structure of federal executive bodies") that "The Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation (MHSD RF) carries out the functions of developing state policy and legal regulation in the field of health care, social development, labor, physical culture, sports, tourism and consumer protection ”.

The Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation carries out legal regulation and develops draft laws and acts of the President and the Government of the Russian Federation, among others, on health issues (including the organization of medical prevention and medical care), resort business, and tourism. The Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation, along with others, is in charge of the Federal Service for Supervision in Healthcare and Social Development, the Federal Agency for Healthcare and Social Development and the Federal Agency for Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism.

The sanatorium business occupies a borderline place between health care and tourism: both medical spa specialists and specialists in the field of tourism are involved in it, whose activities are regulated by standards developed for the tourism industry. The protracted debate over whether resorts are tourism related only reflects the incompetence of contentious opponents, both from the health and tourism side. Therefore, let me begin with the terminology approved by the UN international conferences in 1945 and 1963. and given in the "Explanatory Dictionary of Tourism Terms" (I. Zorin, V. Kvartalnov. Moscow - Athens 1994):

Tourism is a type of travel made for recreation, education, business, amateur or specialized purposes;

Specialized tourism is a tourism activity designed to fulfill the specific needs of people during a trip, visiting an object. Private types of specialized tourism - balneological, school, family, etc .;

A tourist is a person traveling for any purpose other than seeking earnings for a period of more than 24 hours. By this definition, tourists also include those who travel for the purpose of recreation, treatment and entertainment. Therefore, persons who go to health resorts are, according to international statistics, tourists.

At present, the leading balneologists of the country (A. Razumov, V. Kazanov, N. Storozhenko) are no longer afraid to pronounce the phrase "medical tourism" in their speeches and publications.

Tourism activity is multifaceted, and its industry is distinguished by a variety of technologies and resources used, depending on the main function of a particular tourism destination. Medical tourism has its own specifics, 4 main functions are inherent in it: therapeutic and prophylactic, rehabilitation, preventive-valeological and animation-recreational.

The first three are dominated by medical (curative) services based on the use of natural medicinal resources; in the latter - leisure and entertainment with the inclusion of cultural, educational and sports programs. Each of the functions requires a specialized material base and appropriate specialists.

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