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Treatment in Israel and Germany with the best doctors at clinic prices

AMedTour Company is an international medical coordination center with experience in the field of medical tourism and treatment abroad. for all questions: Tel. 8 (495) 664 60 79 (from 10 am to 6 pm) E-mail: info @ amedtour. om Address: Moscow Website: amedtour. om Facebook: . om/amedtour. uVKontakte: . om/amedtour

AMedTour company offers you ready-made solutions to medical problems from the best doctors from leading clinics in Israel, Germany, Greece, Turkey and other countries. We will be offered an individual treatment program, help in choosing a doctor, in preparing documentation and organizing a trip for treatment.

We started this LJ page for quick and useful communication. The employees of our agency will answer all your questions, help you choose the best clinic in Israel, Germany, Greece and other countries. We will meet you ourselves, accommodate you in a hotel or in the private sector, and provide any support. Ask questions, share your impressions of our work, tell your stories of treatment abroad.

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Depending on the purpose of your trip, the consular services of foreign embassies issue a permit to enter the country, the so-called "Visa". In the case of a medical purpose of travel, you must request the consulate for the exact type of visa that corresponds to your purpose of travel. Otherwise, if the fact of a discrepancy between the data in the previously filled out questionnaire (section - "purpose of the trip") and the actual purpose of the trip is revealed, you are guaranteed trouble, up to the impossibility of a subsequent visit to the country (if a Schengen visa was issued, then the entire Schengen space). Remember, in the case of a medical trip, we do not always predict the result of the trip, therefore, various situations may arise. If you have contacted a domestic medical company that guarantees you the registration of your travel documents, ask the manager of the medical company to show the "Type of visa" column in the visa and explain what the abbreviation indicated in this column means. When organizing a trip for complex surgical operations, this is an extremely important step! Take care of yourself and take care of your health

Welcome to Health & Tourism Full Service Medical Tourism Agency

Medical tourism in Latvia is a popular destination for tourists from Europe and the CIS. And all thanks to the combination of affordable prices and high quality services.

Our agency assumes all obligations for organizing your trip in Latvia, starting from the choice of the date and length of stay to booking the hotel and coordination with the treatment, rehabilitation and SPA centers.

Our medical tourism agency guarantees a comfortable stay in Latvia and the provision of services of the highest quality.

President of Health & Tourism





Latvia is one of the three Baltic states that left the Soviet Union in 1991 and became a member of the European Union in 2004. Latvia is a small country, but it has a rich historical and cultural heritage. The capital of Latvia - Riga is famous for its unique architecture of different styles. Favorable climate, convenient location, stable economic situation make Latvia a profitable center for medical tourism, both for cosmetic surgery and rehabilitation, as well as for orthopedic, dental and other procedures. Thanks to the funds of the European Union, Latvia is adopting not only the unique experience of other European countries, but is also equipped with the latest technologies and equipment.

Currently, the range of medical services in Latvia is very wide. Orthopedic ones are the most common. The field of plastic surgery and dentistry in Latvia is appreciated by our clients not only for the high quality of services, but also for their cost. Vein treatment in Latvia has become widespread among medical tourists. Also, in the past few years, a large number of tourists are interested in reproductive medicine. Patients turn to our specialists in order to receive world-class medical treatment at reasonable prices.

Our role as a medical tourism agency: responsibility and our services.

The medical tourist is not just a traveler looking for new places of relaxation, fun or cultural experience. A medical tourist is a person for whom the priority is the best medical service away from home, and, if possible, combining it with a pleasant vacation in new places.

Therefore, a professional and responsible agency knows that the main needs of this kind of traveler are not limited to just a flight ticket or sightseeing recommendations. Professionals understand that people who travel to another country for treatment, first of all, should be aware of the accreditation of hospitals and clinics; if the language is not the patient's native language, then the coordinator must be fully proficient in the medical translation. The patient should know all this before his arrival in the country. The whole process of working with a medical agency is a perfectly adjusted scheme with an accurate understanding of the needs of each client.

At Medical Avenue, we have divided the work process into 4 parts, in order to provide not only first-class service to our clients, but also inform what the service should be in this area:


Research: We study the client's medical data and find the best solution in this matter. The patient's medical history, images and analyzes are essential for the most accurate answer. Cost: After having listened to and studied at least two opinions on the proposed treatment and budget from medical institutions (partners), we offer our clients the program that would be most suitable for the client's budget. Monitoring the quality of medical care: We constantly ask our clients and other related partners to send their opinions and assessments of the medical institution, in order to monitor the quality of each hospital and clinic with which we work.

2. Tourism/Concierge Services

Tourism/Concierge Services

Translators: At Medical Avenue we offer free translation services during all medical events and consultations. At the request of the client, we also provide translators for non-medical programs at an hourly or daily cost. Individual service: Each client is a uniquely individual approach and service. Indeed, not only the medical request, budget and duration of stay have their own differences, but the difference in taste and specific needs of the patient has its own characteristics. Therefore, we work One-to-One, individually with each individual client. Tourism and other preparations: If possible, the medical tourist also wants to get to know the city, see and experience the local culture, cuisine and attractions. We always have programs and tours - pre-booked for guests.


Legal documents: When traveling abroad, there are always lists of documents and procedures for entering a particular country. At Medical Avenue, we advise on the fast and efficient collection of documents. Personal records: Personal information protection is a rule for us. As a connecting link between the hospital and the medical tourist, we maintain confidentiality between the parties. Complaints and reimbursement: We work for customers. Therefore, we are always on the side of the client to assist in filing a complaint, if any.

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