Medical tourism

Medical tourism

Medical tourism is one of the areas of tourism, the main purpose of which is the treatment of citizens in other countries.

The reasons people are forced to receive medical services abroad are very different. Many participants in such tours cannot receive timely qualified medical care at home, and are forced to travel to other countries. In addition, someone needs specific types of treatment or needs to clarify the diagnosis and undergo additional examination. In order to receive such services, people are forced to seek cheaper medical services or high quality medical care.

For example, in economically developed countries, medical services are very expensive (USA, Canada, Great Britain), so patients have to look for such services in other countries that are “affordable” and of the same level. Another flow of patients from poor countries, where the level of medical care is low (CIS countries), for them this trip may be the only chance for recovery.

Medical services market or medical tourism

Today there is already a world market for medical services, with its own infrastructure. In the context of the current financial crisis, medical tourism continues to develop and influence the health care systems of other countries.

This type of medical tourism has contributed to the birth of a new concept of modern health care. Patients were given the opportunity to choose a country, clinic and doctor, where they can receive up-to-date examination and treatment.

The most popular areas in medical tourism are such areas as oncology, orthopedics, cardiac surgery, neurosurgery in Germany, Israel, Austria, Switzerland, France. Such medical service as arthroplasty is quite in demand. Most degenerative joint diseases are not complete without surgical intervention in order to restore human motor activity. A similar operation is arthroplasty, i.e. replacement of a joint with an artificial prosthesis.

Endoprosthetics in Israel

In the modern world, endoprosthetics abroad has become an ordinary orthopedic operation, despite the complex technology of its implementation. Israel's surgeons have extensive experience in this area. People with severe joint injuries apply to clinics in this country, and about 95% of patients after endoprosthetics are able to lead a full life.

In their work, the doctors of Israeli medical centers use the latest technologies that allow the preparation of implants for surgery in order to fully restore the work of the joint. Each clinic has a milling machine that is able to qualitatively process the surface of the bone interface, such a machine can replace, up to hundredths of a millimeter, defects in the elements of the skeleton, taking into account the individual characteristics of a person.

In addition to treatment in clinics, side effects are eliminated, which are identified based on a detailed analysis of the causes of inflammation. Having made an accurate diagnosis, side effects can be easily eliminated with anti-inflammatory or antibacterial drugs.

Endoprosthetics in Germany

Medicine in the field of prosthetics in Germany has stepped to a new level, which allows performing operations of any complexity to replace joints. Endoprosthetics performed in clinics in Germany also allows you to fully restore the functions of the joints (shoulder, knee, hip), forget about the pain that occurs with joint disease.

Traveling to another country for treatment is a global trend. According to the Medical Tourism Index (MTI), as well as reports from research corporations Oxford Economics and Visa, by 2025 the turnover in the medical tourism industry will reach more than $ 3 trillion in the world. Today the global medical tourism market is estimated at $ 439 billion annually. In the next 10 years, it will grow by at least 25% per year.

The top ten medical tourism destinations include Canada, United Kingdom, Israel, Singapore, India, Germany, France, South Korea, Italy and Colombia.

Potentially healthy

Our country is in 34th place. Its closest neighbors are Jordan (33rd), Oman (35th), Tunisia (36th) and Kuwait (37th). In total, 41 states were included in the rating. At the same time, according to the UNWTO World Tourism Organization, Russia ranks fifth in the world in terms of the attractiveness of medical and health tourism. But in realizing this potential, it is only 59th.

In order to rectify the situation and replenish the treasury, at the end of 2017, the government adopted a state program for the development of medical tourism in Russia. It is planned that by 2025 the number of foreign citizens who will receive treatment in our country will be 0.5 million people annually, which should bring an additional 13 billion rubles to the budget. Now the Ministry of Health is developing a program for the development of the industry. Target regions (Moscow, North-West and Novosibirsk) will be formed, a rating of medical institutions will be created, which will be assessed by the level of equipment, doctors' qualifications, and the number of services provided. But the main component of success in such cases is investment. It is not yet known whether the industry will have to cope on its own or the state will help it. Recall: in order to develop medical tourism in Turkey practically from scratch, its authorities have invested about $ 30 billion in the industry.

There are no official national statistics on medical tourism yet. But, according to the Russian Association of Medical Tourism (AOMMT), more than 110,000 foreigners visited Russia last year for medical purposes. Inbound medical tourism in Russia in 2015 increased by 21%, in 2016 - by 56%. And he brought Russia, respectively, 7-10 billion rubles and 10-15 billion rubles, according to the Expert and Analytical Center of the RANEPA.

Who are all these people

According to the AOMMT, wealthy citizens from the countries of the former CIS go to Russia for treatment, where it is difficult to get high-level medical care. They can pay considerable, by the standards of their countries, money for IVF, oncological operations, and coronary artery bypass grafting. Experts note that the number of medical tourists from China has doubled over the past year. Patients from Japan and Vietnam also come to Russia. They actively visit the cities of the Siberian Federal District. In general, residents of Central and Southeast Asia make up more than 60% of medical tourists. The demand for Russian medicine is also observed among citizens of Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Germany and Israel. As a rule, these are our former citizens and their family members.

The most demanded medical industry is dentistry (44% of patients). This is followed by gynecology and urology (about 25% in total), plastic surgery (10%), ophthalmology (10%) and cardiology (5%). As a rule, foreigners come to Russia for treatment that does not have insurance coverage (or it is insufficient) in their home country. And also in case of long queues for some types of free treatment. The relatively low ruble exchange rate allows foreigners to save up to 40-80% on medical services.

Experts are already expressing fears that the influx of wealthy patients from abroad will raise prices for paid medical services in Russia and make them inaccessible to most Russians. These fears are premature. In order for medicine in Russia to become truly attractive to foreigners, it will have to urgently solve the following tasks: improve the level of service for both patients and accompanying persons, teach doctors and nurses English, and bring the level of rehabilitation to the world level. So far, only four clinics in Russia have been certified by the Joint Commission International (JCI). For comparison: in Israel there are 31 such hospitals, in South Korea - 27.

Walls don't help at home

Medical tourism in Russia Results of the year

Medical tourism continues to gain popularity around the world. Patients arriving in another country need an official representative, an organization that will provide them with service and medical services at the highest level. The "Russian Doctor" team is constantly working to expand the range of services, providing our patients-tourists with the most comfortable conditions.

Medical tourism is a relatively new, but gaining popularity in Russia, direction of medical services, which includes the organization of diagnostics and treatment, as well as staying outside the place of permanent residence of clients.

Such popularity is due to a simple factor - patients do not always have the opportunity to use high-quality medical services in their city and even country. For high-precision diagnostics, effective treatment, high-quality rehabilitation in a short time, patients tend to turn to the best specialists in leading clinics.

Every year, about 8 million people in the world become participants in medical tourism.

For a long time, medical tourism in Russia was outbound, that is, it worked to send patients abroad, to countries with a high level of medical care; South Korea and others

However, due to the growth in the level of healthcare in Russia and medicine in general, an increasing number of foreign guests are striving to get an appointment with our domestic doctors and get a quick, high-precision examination in the clinics of our country.

About us

Russian Doctor LLC is the largest company in Russia in the organization of inbound medical tourism, which laid the foundation for the world standards of medical care for foreign patients. A systematic approach and daily striving to improve the quality of service have led to significant results. Over the 3 years of the company's existence, more than 1,500 patients have entrusted their health to us.

Patients not only from the CIS countries, but also from China, Vietnam, Japan, Sweden, Denmark, Serbia, Ireland and other countries come to Russian clinics for treatment.

What steps should be taken when planning treatment and recovery abroad? Medical tourism costs and planning.

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Medical tourism has had a great market development for a long time. However, what makes thousands of patients undergo treatment abroad?

Reasons for medical tourism

Instantly the reasons why patients travel abroad to receive treatment are found.

Good quality

Many Western European countries are known for their excellent medical services. Countries like Germany and Switzerland have top class medicine and work with the most modern medical technology. Many modern medical research was founded in these countries and developed there. With specialized interventions in areas such as cardiac surgery, musculoskeletal surgery and orthopedics, these countries are particularly favorable for treatment. In countries such as Hungary, the Czech Republic and Poland, the level of qualifications is increasing. Of course, the skill level from clinic to clinic and from doctor to doctor can be different. Therefore, be well informed about the preparation of the upcoming treatment. Do not limit yourself to information about a doctor or clinic from the pages of the site, but also resolve all issues with the Representative himself. Here you will also find instructions on choosing a doctor, qualifications of other doctors abroad.

Good service

In countries such as Germany or Switzerland, clinics, medical and spa facilities are specialized for the treatment of foreign patients. There is an appropriate service from an interpreter to a full service at the place of treatment. Agencies will help you plan your trip.


Often you don't want your family, loved ones or at work to know about the upcoming medical intervention. This is especially true for cosmetic operations, where tact is emphasized. Where, no matter how abroad, it is better to do it, and, above all, associate it with a trip on vacation.

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